Saturday, February 25, 2012

A New Winter Coat

Woke up at 6;30 this morning  to the sound of the neighbor's snow blower, a sound not heard much this winter. I am strange, I love that kinda stuff. All snuggled in under the down comforter, the still of a snow blanketed world, then to hear the gruff, low rumble of a snow blower, mmmm. So I popped up out of bed to get some early morning pictures of what Mother Nature dropped off last night. Then I shuffled back inside to get that pot of coffee going. 

Enjoy the flurry of photos. :-)

A Stone's Throw with her new winter coat

Libby the Basset Hound in the snow

The side yard and orchard, love the silver-blue sky

The Barn and three pines



Thank you Darlin'


Peggy Lee said...

While I admit that these pictures are beautiful, I am just as happy to let you have it. I could very easily live where it doesn't snow at all.


Kimmie said...

I don't mind a few days of winter like that when school gets called off and we don't have the crazy mad dash out the door. Haven't had many of those days in Indiana either.

Shanda said...

Gorgeous!! So glad it is you and not me though!

marly said...

I absolutely hate snow, but your side yard and orchard photo hypnotized me. Just beautiful against that sky.

Catherine said...

Beautiful pictures! I love, love, love the one of your side yard with the fence and the sky!