Saturday, December 21, 2013



My brain feels like the slush on the road. I have been right out straight ( picked that up since moving to Maine:) since Thanksgiving. Well really before....

We have a Military Appreciation Committee at work that I am a member of and we have been planning a holiday open house party for the family and kids of a Army Guard unit that is currently deployed. For many of them it is the first time and over the holidays. Months of planning, with the week prior driving down to Augusta from Bangor three times for final preparation. It was an amazing experience seeing all the families and especially the kids having such a happy time; presents with Santa, lots of food and goodies, a corner for video messages to their soldiers, live music performed by a co-worker. It was invigorating, emotional, uplifting and exhausting (the good kind)!!! This is Christmas!

The good times rolled on the 14th; the week prior to the big event I had a vacation trip to Kansas with the Mister to celebrate our friends 35th anniversary. It was made even more special because the Navy Girl flew in to spend the week with us as well. I got plenty of hugs in.

I had a stitchy project to finish on the trip. The Navy Girl requested stockings for her friend and his new bride for Christmas. I was so thrilled to do these... And I used the chain stitch; my first time embroidering names with the chain stitch vs cross stitch. And I added the bells for a nice jingle touch.

In between all this I've been elfing away with packages to family; everything is mailed, nobody local.... Can't find my address book to save my life! So cards have been trickling out as others came in with return addresses, OY! Dog ate my page for HRH block bad I left the stitching closet open. I still got my CRAFT ON; I made close to a dozen garlands made from pages of an old dime store romance  (see opening picture) for friends and family. Finished....FINISHED on the sewing machine a little balsam pillow for a gift; I was so tired when I finished it I forgot to take a picture. It will ask the recipient to send me one. I have been terrified I would mangle the stitch work on the machine so I have always hand finished what few things I have sewn. I am so glad I faced that fear; no time at all I had it sewn, reversed, filled and stitched closed. Matter of fact finishing another exchange gift for my Hooking group the same way. Liberating!

Tuesday night drove into Ellsworth right after work from Bangor to pick up a condiment dispenser I was borrowing from my girlfriend for our holiday luncheon in our building. We were volun-told to bring a main dish so our department decided to do steamed red hot dogs. Inspired by nostalgia, a co-worker was reminiscing about going shopping in the small towns at Christmas and there was always a hot dog vender. Well my GF just so happens to have a steamer and the condiment dispenser. Another co-worker brought her steamer in, so I just borrowed the dispenser. It was predicted to start snowing Tuesday evening but I made it back home after a fun visit over dinner with out any significant precipitation. So yesterday was all about steamed hot dogs and the fixin's! It was a huge success; every loved the set up. Know what's funny... Another department did steamed hot dogs too. What are the chances of two departments coming up with the idea to do hot dogs. It had never been done before and we were so excited to do something very different. We had some fun with a friendly Best Red Hot Dog challenge. Considering that two departments provided dogs; we made 130, they made 80, they were a Red Hot item because we both had just about a dozen left. There is rough 180 peeps in the building. That's a lot of hot dogs!

The bosses party was canceled for last night due to the freezing rain...which did not amount to too much, but I was kinda glad. I am beat! Predicted ice storm tonight into tomorrow so I have a bit of running to do right in town and then I am hunkering down in front of the fire for some stitching and a much desired NAP. I know it 5:45 AM and I am already planning a nap. :)

I will post more pictures in the next post.

Wishing everyone a safe and joyous holiday with friends and family.


P.S. I have a couple of Pay It Forwards to get off in the mail; I really did not forget about them, they just haven't gotten done. I am terrible! But they will happen. Wont it be a real surprise when they arrive. :-)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Time for Giving...

Let us remember that, as much has been given us, much will be expected from us, and that true homage comes from the heart as well as from the lips, and shows itself in deeds.
 ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cozy stitching

When we returned home from An Evening With Molly Ringwald jazz concert we were without heat. That dang furnace is acting up again. We usually have an issue the first of every season... That already happened. The furnace guy will be here first thing tomorrow morning. We've had the fire place going since last night so we are all cozy in spite of the bitter, howling wind.

We did lose power for about two hours this afternoon.

We boiled pots of water to have our warm baths tonight so we are clean too. :)

If you didn't know, because I didn't...Molly Ringwald of the Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink fame sings jazz. She along with her quartet were amazing. Truly smooth jazz!! She really brought it home with that classic, smooth voice; pulled out a Billie Holiday song like nobody's business. If you get a chance to see her in concert so worth it. Check her album, Except Sometimes, out! Sorry didn't mean to run a mini promo there, but dang she is good.

So today was spent in my flannel PJs stitching by the fire.
I am working on a quick freebie stitch, for an exchange, from Sampler Girl, Christmas Eve.

Quick for me is not quick...I really do believe I have an attention span issue. That is for another time... I did get over half done so far; plan on finishing the last star before bed.

I'm not the only one enjoying the fire.

Missed a photo op of the hound in similar position earlier...they take turns.

Keep warm and stitch on.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Stitches of all kinds...

Wow, I've had all kinds of different needles working this weekend.

I spent Saturday hooking in Winterport. Lots of talented ladies...I think I am still star-struck being around these talented, wonderful ladies. I do enjoy my one Saturday a month with this group.

Here a couple of snaps of a few of the works on progress and  a finished piece.
This is Barbara's own design;
woke up one night and had to put pen to linen.
He is a jolly old sole; love the kitties in pursuit....

Deb is not only a neat hooker but a productive hooker. She pretty much started this one at the last get together in October and it is finished and bound; ready to be gifted to her great niece. How special!

Joan has made great progress on this delectable apple. Love those colors. This is meant for her granddaughter.

And here is my happy little whale...he is coming along.

I needed to cut more wool for him, so I called up my GF to see if I could pop on over (1 1/2 hr drive) to pick up the cutter. She suggested we meet for dinner in Bangor, halfway for both of us. So the girls and guys had a nice dinner and visit. Sweet bonus.

Today I got on the sewing machine to hem up the new curtains for the living room...

Love the warm feel of the orange...
inspired by our daughter's drapes we borrowed temporarily.

And patched up the cover for Basil's bird cage. He's picked a few decent holes in it over the last several years; he is an African Senegal; about 18 yrs old. I call him my turd bird. :)  And then I mended a couple of pants and a hoodie for my husband. I did put in a few x's before breakfast on an gift project and was hoping to put in a few more after dinner but I am pooped. Which means this probably won't get posted until Monday. ** Here it is Monday night. **

Here is what I got done on my HRH last weekend.

Finished the house had to frog the side wall....
then got the snow across the bridge top in.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing weekend; well everyone except the Midwest...not so relaxing. Hope all are safe and sound.

Like to mention a new blogger on the block... Kathy has started a blog about her cross stitching over at
 I got to know Kathy through my blog and those wonJudith Kirby Halloween houses. Please stop by and welcome her to the neighborhood.

Now I am going to go load this pics so I can post this tonight. Why put off tomorrow what I can do today. Hmmmm. ** Didn't make it. **

Keep on stitching.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Enjoyment of a day or two

I have been reveling in the enjoyment of an extra day off for this long weekend.  Got all my errands done on Friday so I could hunker down at home for three whole days. I did get my wool organized on Friday; not much there but every one has to start some where. Hehehe.

I had a helper...I spy cat eyes of green...

 Now just need to plan some stitching projects.

With apple scented candles lit, a fire going, mulled cider simmering on the stove and cheesy, cheery holiday movies on the Halmark channel I  nestled down on the couch to work on The Rose of Hope.


 I need to ponder how I want to mark the reverse side...

So I think I will work on my HRH while I am enjoying the holiday glee on T.V.  The calm of the day was broken up by the tribal cheers while watching the Alabama vs LSU game last night with the hubby....ROLL TIDE!

We had a light blanket of snow on the ground this morning. I could just tell by that certain glow in the morning light when I woke up that it was snowing. I jumped right out of bed and scurried to the window.

It was the perfect Sunday morning!

 The light of the day has been a silvery gray; that with the glow of candle light has set a cozy calm tone,  again.  So with the hound nosed up to me on one side and the kitty curled up warm and close I will continue to enjoy the simple pleasures of a day or two. The smell of baking cake wafting through the house as my husband prepares his infamous Kitty Litter cake for a company potluck tomorrow.  Dinner is in the crockpot.....there is more stitching to be done.

Hope everyone is enjoying the simple pleasures this long weekend. Remembering our veterans this holiday weekend; thankful to all who have served past and present.

P.S. That DARN Cat...but she sure is cute!
While home of Friday I caught someone up on the mantle...

...betting this is not the first time; she looks pretty comfortable.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Big plans....

Have a four day weekend and I got big be come an organized hooker. :)

I plan on organizing my small stash of wool by color. My logic is to get it organized now while it is manageable. I also plan to set up a list and basket with stitching projects I want to work on. I have so many things I want to work on. First and foremost I need to get cracking on my HRH.

Here is what little I've done on block six....and I was stoked about this block.

I have been in a bit of a slump lately. Need to increase my iron intake!!

I have gotten some hooking in; but seriously ladies.... you would think I would be done with this chair pad by NOW! I have been very methodical in the placement of my wool strips.

Like you can tell the difference ;)
Anal comes to mind....really I am a laxadaysical; a whatever kind of gal in so many things but I am learning as I mature that I have a little ART in me....Anal Retentive Temperment. Guess that is why there is a list over on the end table of all the things I want to get to this weekend and on what days I want to do them. *sigh*

I just got a bit of the holly, jolly goose bumps watching the Rockettes and the Rockefeller Center tree on the Today Show, as it makes it way to the square. With the season of Thanks and all things food and tinsel coming up I am getting giddy.

In closing I say farewell to the growing season with a wink and a smile. ;)

Queen Anne Lady Bug

P.S. Just for you Mommy.... I want to say that my last post...Spooktacular...has had some of the most views of my posts at a whopping 95!! Granted only 7 comments, but I know you are looking!! Mom I may need to start posting more of your projects. Hahaha.

P.S.S. I have to admit I have not been the best at leaving comments of folks are on fire with the awesome posts...I just can't keep up. Hahaha.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


^v^          ^v^         ^v^      ^v^

A surprise and a prize arrived in the mail yesterday!

It is easy to surprise me lately because I forget so easily. Hahaha. As soon as I saw it I remembered my mother telling me about it and even sending me an email.....sheesh.
My talented mummy made this Spooktacular runner!
 I love the material and especially the spooky scenes on the back.



She's so ghoul!

I also received the very sweet Rose of Hope pattern from Casa Pearl's give-a-way at Stitching in Lobster Land. She has had several give-a-ways for Breast Cancer Awareness. Check it out, I think she has a couple more.

Thank you CP; I plan to get started on this sweet little piece this weekend.
With the HOPE of a quick finish.

^v^    Keep on stitching.    ^v^


P.S. Welcome to my newest follower!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Winterport Rug Hookers

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny autumn day. It made the drive all the more enjoyable as I headed to Winterport for the Saturday session. I get so excited about spending time with this group. I find such inspiration from these very talented ladies. I was especially excited to bring my first show and tell; I brought my snowman and my very first piece, the blue berries. They are very encouraging as I continue to hone my skills.

Here are some show-n-tell pieces from the very talented Deb. I just admire how neat, NEAT her loops are. Practice, practice, practice I know. I love her bold color choices in her whimsical pieces. She is currently working on a fabulous, far out cat for her great-niece; from Whimsy Rugs. It is fun and funky!

Speaking of cats she finished this piece. Isn't it adorable.

Along with Santa and a sheep. Just zoom in to see those neat loops.
Deb, I have to tell you when I showed my husband this piece he really like it. That really surprised me; as I was not sure if he would dig the bold colors. I showed him some of her other designs and he likes this one because of the lake. I may be picking up this design in the near future.  This pattern is a recreation of the art work of Karla Gerard who is a local artist in the Waterville, ME area. She has got  some really cool, bold pieces.  Deb did an amazing job on this; I love the swirls in the trees and circles around the moon. And especially the dingy. ;)

The ladies present yesterday were all busy little hookers. And some of them get some serious hooking done. I hope I get to share some of their show-n-tell on my blog, when they are done. Just amazing.

I was pretty productive yesterday with my own hooking. I am working on a simple piece for more practice before I start The Moose project. I do need to finish up my color planning on him. This is Whale by Cherylyn Brubaker of Hooked Treasures in Brunswick, ME. I picked this up at the Ellsworth Hook-In in January.

I may work a little bit on it this morning, then it is off to clean house and get some stitching in while the crockpot simmers with our Sunday super.

Hope everyone is having a delightful weekend.

Keep on stitching and hooking.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Super SUR-Prise!!

Did not get any stitches laid or loops pulled this past weekend as I was thrown for a big loop when I walked through the door Thursday night after work and found these lovely people on my couch!!!
Our dear friends all the way from Kansas.

The sneaky Misters have been planning this since February for this weekend get-a-way! He even scheduled me to have Friday off and I had no idea! I was overwhelmed with emotions as it sunk in that they were really sitting in front of me...took me a minute. And then it was like, "OH CRAP!", I need to clean the house...hahaha. Good thing I got most of the big stuff on Sunday.

The weather was perfect for their Maine weekend getaway! I quickly came up with a game plan and our theme was lobster, wine & cheese and they brought the goodies for our popcorn and a movie tradition. I am just giddy that the guys thought and planned this all out. It was such a special

Dragonfly Winery


The Misters
 Morning around A Stone's Throw

Bar Harbor


On our way to Bar Harbor I asked the Hubby to make a surprise side stop on Verona Island at Searsport Rug Hooking; as Mrs B had voiced her interest in this handwork. She used to stitch many, many moons ago and thought this would be fun to try. I knew they would have some nice starter kits to choose from if she wanted to give it a go. She picked up a super cute Snowman kit and tried out a few hooks to find the right fit. Julie was very gracious in giving a quick tutorial and letting her give it a try on one of her works in progress. I am excited for her to get settled in, cozy by the fire, this winter and work this sweet little project.


We are headed out to their place in several weeks for their 35th anniversary celebration! Which has been planned for a few years. So we are making up for the three years past since we last got together. We all agreed three years is too long!

I feel very fortunate to have several very good, dear friends in our lives.
Good friends are a special gift.

Many things were in the back of my mind during their visit as I had learned of the news of Cathey's passing; whom I had met only through blogging. We shared several emails about her past travels to Maine and how she loved the fall in Maine. She has inspired me in such a personal way and I celebrated her privately while I carried on with our Autumn adventure. I have been chosen as the lucky recipient of Casa Pearls giveaway Rose of Hope. This will be sweet piece to stitch as a tribute to Cathey.

May we all cherish the special gifts in our lives.

Keep on stitching.