Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anchors Aweigh

Today is a big day at our house. Today we drive our daughter to Portland to begin the next chapter in her life. Tomorrow she flies out for Navy boot camp. We are so proud!!! This is going to be an exciting but tough day. Her boot camp, eight weeks of basic training is in Great Lakes, Illinois; she thought it was cold here in Maine!! Then she will head down to warm San Antonio, Texas for her A-School, for six months. Her college accomplishments earned her an upgrade in her rank, so she is going in as an E-2, a nice head start. She will be training for Master at Arms. She could be Security Police, Forensic, Investigations,or even work in the K-9 unit.

This will be the longest I've gone with out seeing her. She went to college in Southern Maine, so I saw her about once a month. I am not a gushy momma, but it's really starting to set in how much of a big change this is in our lives. Libby the Basset hound is going to really miss her "girl", she is really quite attached to Sydney. I am going to miss her terribly, but it is time for her to fly. I can't wait to see what this next chapter in her life brings her and look forward to being a part of her adult life and sharing that next level in our relationship.

Anchors Aweigh, my girl
Anchors Aweigh
Farewell to college joys
You sail at break of day, 'ay 'ay 'ay
Thou our last night ashore
Anchors Aweigh
Until we meet once more
Here's wishing you a happy voyage home!

We love you dear Sydney, you make us proud and bring us joy! This is such an important milestone in our lives.

Sorry for the non-stitchy post; just sharing a little more of me and some of the goings on, on this side of the screen. Welcome aboard to my three newest followers, Shanda, Choatic Crafter and Jane in Wisconsin. Can someone tell me why my Followers count says 25, but when I go to the list there are only 24? Do I have a ghost follower?

Keep on stitching.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Frogging I Will Go...

High ho the Derry-oh a frogging I will go! So my new year start on HRH Christmas has taken a serious frogging detour. Uggggg! I pulled a red instead of the burnt umber for the words,I saw the wrong number when I was reading the key. Then two on the symbols look TOO bleeping similar so I was stitching with avocado green where I should have been stitching very dark jade. So I spent an hour last night frogging. I have the words to do yet. I will get my frogging done today in hopes of putting some serious stitching time in tomorrow.

I was hopping to put stitch time in on some baby projects. I think I will at least put the projects together so I can stitch on my lunch hour.

Keep on stitching.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bells, Santa, Tree and a TUSAL

Well I am off to a decent start on my HRH Christmas. I have to be honest, this will be a daytime stitch, with Daylite and peepers. I so love my overone, but after a long day at work on the computer these eyeballs are tired.

Here was my New Year start....
lots of counting, recounting and counting some more.
 If the first block ain't right. Well you know.


And as of last night, gettin' along....

Here is an update on St. Nick; the cloud is done and more of the night sky starting to fill in.

And then there was a tree! I am working this one on my lunch hour (eat for 15min, stitch for 30min) and in the evenings during the week if I am not tired. I am getting anxious to stitch the birds. Then on to Part III. I am still thrilled with this piece even if the mystery is gone.
Ooo, the lighting not so good. Those Daylites are great to stitch by, taking pictures, not so much. Oh well you get the picture. Hehehe.

And really I never thought I would post a TUSAL on a full moon. But looky here! I found this little baby with it's mate at an antique store in Ellsworth, ME. They had brightly colored shredded paper in them. It took me a minute as I look at them and saying what could I do with those clear, glass candle stick holders. Hmmmmm. Then it HIT ME, what an awesome ort jar. So I bought the pair, one for me and one for my GF.

Keep on stitching. xxxXXxxx

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pushing the Needle or pin

A few posts back I had posted picks of the pin cushions my mother had made for me and my girlfriend. This gave me an idea to gather ALL the pin cushions I have been given or accumulated. I can only take credit for actually making one of them.

Just a little off the beaten path, but still relevant to our hobby. I would not consider this a "collection", just that I have a bunch of pin cushions.

The little silohette needle keep was found in an antique store in New Hampshire five years or so ago, during a soccer trip for the daughter. The woven basket pin cushion is Passamaquoddy dated 1990, found in Calias, ME.
The red velvet, jelly jar lid cushion was found at a JUNK store in Pittsfield, ME. The orange pin cushion/compact Niagra Falls souvenir was found in Pineville, NC, last year.

Bees & Strawberries, I picked this one up at The Stitchworks in Tulsa, OK during one of our S-N-B getaways, many moons ago.

We've all seen or had one of these. This is my daughters pin cushion from Home Ec class; she completed her project but never took to sewing or cross stitch. And that's alright.

I made this one!! Quaker Motif Sewing Box pattern by Samplers and Such. I have completed the sewing box pattern also, I just have not completed the finish. I was so excited when I was able to purchase the Shaker cushion and sewing box. Guess I should add that to my finish list. Good idea.

Some of my mother's handy work. Mom made me the red pin cushion years ago. It fits perfectly in a Plano tackle box; she is so clever. My dear old cat, Pokey used to steal mine from the coffee table when I was not looking, so Mom made him one of his own; sans pins & needles. He loved to roll with it on the floor. The brown one is what gave me the idea for this post.

A cherry pie! My mother can finish like nobody's business. I still can't find the begining/end of the crust. And you can see another glimps of my favorite pin cushion.

Saving the BEST for last. Porcupine pin cushion!
Some may say hedgehog, but I have always called this a porcupine. My mother made this over 30 years ago and I used this for my Home Ec class . And this in the inspiration for the name of my blog. Ain't he cute!

Funny too, one of my favorite childhood books was Little Richard and Prickles, about a rabbit and his porcupine friend. Hmmmm.

Not a riveting post that would keep you on pins and needles, but fun just the same.

Keep on stitching! P.J.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ambitious or afflicted...

So I took a few minutes this morning and made a list of all my WIPs. I believe I will change my statement from GOAL to AMBITION for 2012. Wow, I did not realize how many projects that I have partially worked. So as not to set myself up for disappointment or failure I will make an ambitious effort to whittle down my list of WIPs. I feel like a magpie attracted to a new shiny project, ooo look at those colors, love that designer, etc, etc.

Here is my WIP:

Brucella - Christmas Time (my St. Nick)
Teresa Wentzler - Fruit Bell Pull
Betsy Ross's house
Raise the Roof - Witchy Washy
Prairie Schooler - Village
Prairie Schooler - Merry Christmas cabin
Celebrations of Needlework class- The Pearl Sampler
Teresa Layman - The Bunny Run-Around
MB - Squirrel
My Winter House
Whitefish Bay
BoaF - 2011 mystery stitch

And now I have started the Hawk Run Hollow - Christmas

I know I have two baby samplers to complete by February/March and I need to start my 2nd cousin's Bent Creeks - Down on the Farm; count them, this will be my third farm book. But at least I have a year and a half to get that done, before he is old enough to enjoy it. And I believe there will be another wedding sampler in my future. Whose got time to blog, I need to get my needle in gear! But I know that what ever I get accomplished I will be enjoying my stitching time.

This year has a lot in store for us already, our daughter leaves for the Navy on January 23rd to basic training in Illinois and then on to A-school in San Antonio for 6 months. So I know we will be planning a trip to see her. My hubby turns 40 this year, so big plans there. His parents and grandmother are planning a visit in the fall, with an excursion to Quebec City for an overnight stay. Was hoping to get a stitching get away squeezed in there somewhere, probably a long weekend with Karri. I need to get a S-n-B trip in the works, it's been too long.

Alright enough blogging, got to get back to stitching and get some xxx done!

Keep on stitching. P.J.