Saturday, December 13, 2014

Elfing around

I had a extra long weekend last weekend and 
it was FAB-U-LOUS!!! 
I was sewing, stitching, baking and cooking!

I put the finish on several smalls. 

I am super pleased that I finished these!!

Two of these I stitched in 2011... I am just getting my feet under me with finishing. I was so glad I found the perfect material for the backing at the Hooking Retreat in November.

I had great supervision through out the day.

Sharing my chair at the sewing table

Ummm, you spilled some.

SQUIRREL!!, seriously there was a squirrel.

I was stitching this piece when I went to visit my Grandma Pat before she passed; it is a good reminder of the love between her and my Grandpa Percy. 

The wool plaid is symbolic to the West Virginia country life..... It's perfect, perfect, perfect.

And thanks to Marly's timely post, about lining up her plaid, 
I was focused on keeping the plaid aligned for this piece. 

The September Sampler I chose to offset the plaid to mimic the variegation of the stitching.

A pin cushion for me...

... a pin cushion for an exchange. 

I painted and waxed the little box too. 8-)

I enjoyed every minute in the kitchen baking and cooking over this extra long weekend.
Christmas colors in the kitchen...

 I baked banana bread, pistachio cake (mini loaves) and a new recipe found by my husband, Sam Adams Winter Lager Sugar cookies. I also made a couple batches of a spiced tea mix for gifts.

Looking forward to getting some more elfing done this weekend. 

I've been enjoy the peaceful beauty of the Maine winter landscape...

but the recent rain makes things less attractive and messy.

Headed out this morning with the hubby to lay wreaths on Veteran's graves in Holden. The wreaths are donated from Wreaths Across American which is the organization that places the wreaths at Arlington Cemetery. The wreaths are made in Columbia Falls, Maine.  
Continuing to remember and honor. 
Speaking of such....our Military Appreciation Group coordinated a holiday party at the local Veteran's home with food, festivities, including a magician and an Elvis impersonator, and gifts! It was scheduled for this past Thursday but the FLU hit several quads of the home. 
So the gifts have been sent and the food and festivities are being rescheduled for New Year's Eve once the health dept gives the all clear. 

It has been my gift of joy for the season to be a part of this...
I really don't need anything more. 
Really. :)

Hope everyone is enjoying wonderful moments of joy this holiday season 
with family, friends and community.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Not much needling going on

Been in a bit of a fog of late; too tired at night after work to stitch or hook and too busy on the weekends to get any time in either.

We do have some holiday cheer spread throughout the house but keeping it simple. Wish I could find a simple style to stick with every year. I have always liked the colonial greenery. Anyway that is another lifetime....

Have an exchange project to finish for my hooking group and after that who knows. Might take a break.

Betty your package is going in the mail TODAY! YEAH!

Loving everyone's lovely stitching, hooking and holiday posts!

Be MERRY and Bright!