Monday, November 24, 2014

And the lucky elf is....

Samplings from Spring Creek!! 
 I will be putting together your package to send off. Crazy me doing this during all the holiday mailings, but oh what fun it is to send off a package during this festive time. :) 
 Congratulations Betty. 
 And to all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Is Stash-er one of Santa's Reindeer?

She would fit right in there with Dasher and Donner, Prancer and Blitzen, Stasher and Cupid.... 
you get the picture... hehehe.

So on to this little reindeer's stash from my hooking retreat. 
You see it wasn't all about rug hooking; Camp Wool also carries several designers of cross stitch and while perusing the wool and antiques we came across the cross stitch nook.

Found two PS Christmas patterns in the discount bin and the other PS I picked up at the Retreat fundraising "yard sale"; all proceeds went to the local food pantry. 

Some fun woolly things, including my first ever applique. 
The Gingerbread Man garland was too sweet to pass up, I picked this up at Attic Heirlooms 

along with the cast iron sheep and 
the ooooo, I am so excited mauve wools to add to my ship.

The lovely hand painted box and the wool under it was from a door prize at the retreat. We did not bring anything to participate as it was our first time; they drew our names and we declined since we did not bring something but several shops and ladies brought multiples to ensure everyone got something. So after everyone who had participated had drawn, the ladies insisted we pick something. What a nice group of folks.

And I picked up a few pieces of wool at Camp Wool to use on my Libby Hound rug.

And as always my GF had a few tricks in her bag.... 
She hooked us up with a cozy mug for java, tea or cocoa, 
which came in handy after that brisk walk Saturday morning. 

She is so good at putting these kind of things together.

In closing, I will show you my PS Seasons Greeting (over-one) that I put more stitches to last Tuesday. Those trees are beautiful but that's a WHOLE LOTTA GREEN.... I feel like I will never get done with them. And I still have the other side to do.

I am saving the little red cardinal for last; my little treat to complete.

Keep on Stitching and Hooking.

P.S. I will draw a winner for the give-a-way on Sunday; be sure to leave a comment on the previous post. ;)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


My 205th post will be to celebrate my 200th posting with a give-a-way.  A small token of  my appreciation for sticking around and sharing the ups and downs of the needle and sometimes life.

Three charming St Nick cards that include the pattern on the back. You can write a stitching friend and they will have a pattern to boot. Or you can use them for yourself to stitch up.

Keeping it simple as I am a simple girl. 
Just leave a comment to be included in the drawing.

Wishing everyone a terrific week and much merriment in the holidays ahead.

Keep on Stitching.

Check out the adorable snowman tray I picked up at the local thrift for a whopping $3.50. 
I had to buy just on principle alone...
the stitching is so nicely done and they used little seed beads for the buttons and eyes.

Too sweet to pass up.

Stash post soon. :-)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Retreat - Part II

On Saturday morning after breakfast we went on a little walk down cemetery lane. It was quiet BRISK out; almost bitter cold but it was a nice walk. Along the path were the stations of the cross as you make your way towards the Brother's cemetery and the Shaker's cemetery.

After lunch we stopped in over at the Shaker Museum and over to The Bakery for some goodies.

Fun facts:

In 1875, the Alfred Shaker Community (“Holy Land”) built the Shaker Wood, Lumber Storage, and Carriage House. This building, moved from its original site and refurbished, now houses the Alfred Shaker Museum. (“Holy Land” was one of the longest lasting Shaker communities: 1793-1931.)
In 1931, the Brothers of Christian Instruction purchased the property from the Shakers, and are still in residence. Today, eight original Shaker buildings and a beautifully maintained Shaker cemetery remain on Shaker Hill.

It was really neat to think about how long this village has been here and that I got to be among the buildings and grounds. 

On to what you really stopped by to see MORE rugs. Here are quite a few of the works in progress that the ladies and gentleman were so graciously willing to share.

We were have a funny moment with a headlamp.. isn't her laughing face just delightful!

Next post will include stitchy things, my goodies from retreat and 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Retreat - Part I

So as not to overwhelm the senses I will share my snaps of 
the Rug Hooking Retreat in Alfred,  Maine over two posts.

Our adventure began with two stops planned at Attic Heirlooms in Damariscotta and Camp Wool in Kennebunk.

Attic Heirlooms was a lovely shop in the quaint little town of Damariscotta. Wish I remember the name of the shop girl who cut my wool. She was so helpful and made me feel good as a novice that she is still learning new things after 40 years of hooking. I found two perfect pieces of mauve wool to use on my rescued ship. :)

We hit the road on route to Camp Wool....

We were thrilled to make this stop too.  
Can't I just tell you I fell in love with this shop, LeAnn Hodgson and her husband Mark. What a delightful pair! LeAnn was so helpful in sharing tips for finishing. I was just tickled to pick up a new frame...I was ready to put away my training wheels.

I settled right into this lovely with no trouble at all. Of course we bought WOOL! :) Even came back on Saturday to buy some more WOOL! Hehehe.

We met many sweet and interesting ladies and a gentleman at the retreat. There were several instructors and shop owners among the group that were there to get their hook on too.  There were a few ladies that were a little less than sociable and one instructor I was not too impressed by...but so many more that were fabulous! My GF and I were the only newbies this time. I made my way around early on Friday to get to know some of the ladies and several took to making sure we were having a good experience.

I do want to mention one of the instructors as I was impressed by her genuine kindness and spirit. First, let me note I GOT NO IDEA who any of these peeps are. I am just working the room getting to know the ladies and seeing their work; introducing myself, you know. I didn't learn that this person was an instructor until Sunday morning... I was just in-tuned to her demeanor when she was visiting with the other hookers and how she commented on their work.  I had admired the rug she was working on Friday night; a "ballroom" sized rug!!  HUGE in my eyes. What's not to admire. (I did not ask to take pictures in the smaller room of hookers... Just a feeling I got in the room). I wish I had asked her as it was so beautiful. She was making to go in the main room of their camp. How cozy that will be. Well, I was like a kid when the art teacher comes around and tells you how nice your work looks. She popped over to check out the hound dogs eye I was working on; I was humbled by her compliment and encouragement. It meant a lot to me as I was surrounded by sooooo many talented and creative folks. Thank you Martha Beals for making my day!!

I was very pleased with my progress I made at the retreat.

 And dang if I forgot to get my GF progress on her Moose rug. 
Just love her moon on that piece.
The wool she is using for the marsh...

 I did get a nice shot of Mary's progress on her Stone Bridge of Acadia. She just amazes me with her astonishing work. She is not a painter or much of a drawer...her words not mine.

But she sure can paint with her wool. I'll let you see for yourself.  I shared a picture of her wonderful mountain lake scenic rug last year from the Ellsworth Hook In in January.

I will close with the small showcase of finished work that was on display.

Next post will be of some of the fabulous works in progress that several hookers were so kind to allow me to snap pics of.  I am sure to always ask permission and will not take a picture if anyone prefers that I not.