Monday, May 26, 2014


Not only have I been smokin' on the grill...My needle has been smokin' on this patriotic stitch.

I had planned to do my BBQ yesterday but got carried away in my yard.

Apple wood smoked butt for pulled pork. 


The apple wood smoke has made my mouth water all day. 
I sampled a piece this is apple-solutely delicious!!

I am enjoying this chunky stitch. 

I will be making a color change as the drab green called for makes this piece too dark for me. I have some DMC wool in an off white that I think will give me the patriotic finish I am looking for. 
Can't wait to see how it turns out.

We planted the garden today; look at that Rhubarb! 

Ready to cut.

While I was on a walk with the hound I saw our neighbors new totem pole; he carved it himself.

I say neighbors... they live on the lake about a mile down the road from us. 
This is the fork in the road that leads to the family camps on either side. 

Check out their view!

Thanks for stopping by; keep on stitching.

Off to wash this apple smoke out of my hair. ;)


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Between the rain

We have had a couple days of good weather between the rain...tomorrow brings thunderstorms which don't occur often up here in Maine. It was one of the first things my family noticed when we moved here nine years ago this very weekend. My, how time flies.

Friday our Military Appreciation Group from work was invited to participate in a memorial event;
(*you can read more about it here). 
We were honored to participate in one leg of this amazing memorial project. 
The rain held off until the afternoon.

Major David Cote developed this honorable memorial project; stones are engraved with the name and dates of every Maine Soldier that has given the ultimate sacrifice since 9/11/01 in the conflicts overseas. Patriot Riders transported the stones from Portland to Baxter State Park were hikers will take over 30 of those stones to the summit of Mt. Katahdin and back down. The stones are displayed at the MEPS in Portland and can be checked out by anyone.

          Semper Memento  ***  Remember You Always

Saturday morning we left the house at 6AM to meet up with friends on our way South to Augusta.The weather was much more pleasant this year as we placed flags at the Maine Veterans Memorial Cemetery. The rain was a no show. :)

There was a wonderfully written article in the Bangor Daily News by Jim Evans. The following quote near the end of the story choked me up and overwhelmed me with tears.

 "Linwood Young, 84, of Smithfield, served 26 years in the Air Force 
and took his time walking through the cemetery.

“I figure I’ll be here someday,” he said. 
“This is nice to see the respect they give to the military.”"

 God Bless You, Linwood Young.
Thank you for your service.

After this moving memorial event we made our  in the other direction...headed North to The Forks to celebrate the union of some friends. They held a very sweet, simple ceremony on the deck of The Marshall's Inn. And later that evening the groom's band (he is the drummer) played a gig! It was a good ending to a great day. We made the drive back home and hit the bed around 1-ish.

Today was spent playing in the dirt sprucing up the flower beds, mowing, edging and prepping the garden.  I wanted to work in my flower beds early so I could plant my butt in my stitching seat....but after I showered from working in the yard I ended up taking my favorite type of nap...fresh from the shower, damp head on top of a made bed. It was a much needed cat nap.

I have been enjoying all of the patriotic patterns on everyone's posts so I went stash diving and pulled up a little kit given to me by one of my S-n-B sisters many moons ago.

I am enjoying the change in texture using the pearl cotton. 
I know, I got so many projects in the needle....

I was pleased to see that Chris from Tot Hill Farms enjoyed her give-away package. Here is a snap of my little finish and goodies she received.

Welcome to my newest followers; thank you for joining me. 

Wishing everyone a peaceful and relaxing remains to this memorial weekend.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Rain drops keep falling on my head... **edited**

 I am the rain gently patting the rooftop
 The drop sliding down your window
I glide past the glow of your lamp
Clinging to the warmth of your fingertips 
as they press against the glass
Losing grip
 I slip away
 Christy Ann Martine 

It was a steady rain all day Saturday...creating a nice, relaxing pause in this busy life. It heightens my awareness of the simple things... The glow of candles,

the sweet smell of wet dirt or fiddle heads boiling in the pot,

the pleasure of cooking and baking....
Beef ribs slow cooked on the grill

Raspberry cobbler from the oven.
My family pokes fun at me for posting my food pics on FB; I tell them I am just proud of my cooking skills that comes from a great lineage of women in my family. 
We CAN COOK... Mmm, mmm. 
If I do say so myself. ;)

Sunday have us a break in the morning. Chewie and I watched the birds, squirrels and chipmunks feeding and scurrying around the yard. 

Then the hubby and I took the hound for a walk before we headed out to place flags on the veterans graves at several town cemeteries. 

We feel honored to participate in this service.

A few nature snaps...

The rain brings life.....

I got ye olde sewing machine out to put the finishing touches on my giveaway piece.

 I am pleased with the final out come, as modest as it may be. Simple sometimes is the best. ;) I am saving the final reveal until Chris gets her package.

Home with a bit of the crud today...been fighting it since Friday but last night it kicked my butt! 
Hoping next post to share some other progress snaps with a few Caribbean cruise snaps randomly tossed in throughout many posts. Maybe a Caribbean snap at the end of each post to keep my vacation lasting through the next few months until we head to Williamsburg in the fall to hang out with the Navy Girl and the In-Laws. It will be a fabulous time.

In closing I want to share some exciting spring news....we have new neighbors!!

Looks like they are getting settled in. I hope they enjoy their stay. ;)

Keep on stitching and fighting the crud!

P.S. Need your input... I see lots of visitors but not many comments. Is this due to the robot monitor? And if so I have lost track of where to change that since the last update by blogger. I do appreciate your feedback. :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lady Luck...

Of the 35 views there were nine comments posted; thank you for celebrating with me!!

The dice were rolled and the winner is Chris of Tot Hill Farm Stitches. Dear Chris, please email me your snail mail address. I am working on the finish for the small... I won't reveal the finish until after you receive your package. :)

Now I need to do one up for's just too cute!

Keep on stitching and hooking.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

April showers bring May flowers

I was inspired by ALL the rain this spring to stitch up The Prairie Schooler's RAIN... For my give-away. This is the first time I've managed an actual stitched something or another for my give-away!!

I will save the final finish photo until after I choose a winner ... When I get it done. Haha.

And a few randomly selected flosses...I love these colors! 
 I had to write down the numbers so I can grab a few for me sometime. ;)

Speaking of May flowers we are actually seeing a few blooms up here in Maine!

And in closing look at this adorable; can I say it again ADORABLE... 
Playskool sewing box I picked up at a local antique mall.

Keep on Stitching!