Monday, May 26, 2014


Not only have I been smokin' on the grill...My needle has been smokin' on this patriotic stitch.

I had planned to do my BBQ yesterday but got carried away in my yard.

Apple wood smoked butt for pulled pork. 


The apple wood smoke has made my mouth water all day. 
I sampled a piece this is apple-solutely delicious!!

I am enjoying this chunky stitch. 

I will be making a color change as the drab green called for makes this piece too dark for me. I have some DMC wool in an off white that I think will give me the patriotic finish I am looking for. 
Can't wait to see how it turns out.

We planted the garden today; look at that Rhubarb! 

Ready to cut.

While I was on a walk with the hound I saw our neighbors new totem pole; he carved it himself.

I say neighbors... they live on the lake about a mile down the road from us. 
This is the fork in the road that leads to the family camps on either side. 

Check out their view!

Thanks for stopping by; keep on stitching.

Off to wash this apple smoke out of my hair. ;)



Anonymous said...

Your photos make me want to move to Maine. LOL

Your little stitched piece is looking good. I love those little patriotic pieces.

Barb said...

Hope the day turned out great! What a interesting pole. I am a bit surprised to see it in Maine. They are part of the NW Native heritage, maybe the NE too. Can't wait to see how the patriotic stitch turns out.

Krista said...

Hi P.J.! Great photos! That flowering tree is so pretty and the lake view too. The pulled pork sounds delicious!! Sweet patriotic stitch:)

Mii Stitch said...

Yum!!! Your bbqed pork looks so yummy & the rhubarb!!! Wow!! Plenty of jam & tarts for you... my favourite :)

Annette-California said...

Beautiful new stitch! Whats the name of the chart and designer please?
Yes incredible view and what a great garden you have.
love Annette

KimM said...

Love your garden and view. Lovely stitching, as well.

Penny said...

It looks like you live in a lovely, peaceful area. Your stitching is coming along nicely! And I don't suppose you could send along a little sample of the pulled pork. :)

Cricket-bug Corner said...

love your pictures!!

Margaret said...

Nice stitching! Love the view from your neighbors'. Love that totem pole too -- so cool! Pulled pork -- yum!

Anne said...

Mmmm....I can smell it from here and my tummy is growling!! Love the patriotic piece! The garden looks great. What do you do with your rhubarb? Can it? Make jam? Pies...mmmmm!! I love rhubarb! What a great totem pole and view...lucky :D

Kaisievic said...

Love the totem pole!