Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Attitude adjustment...

...for my IPad.

Ever since the most recent upgrade to my pad it has been cranky and uncooperative. Pages do not load completely and it has been a challenge just read and comment on your blogs much less for me to post. It has put me in a sour mood as this is supposed to be fun and relaxing; instead it has been very frustrating.

I have been keeping busy with work, snow and riding the sled but I have been making progress on my Siren, Granny Square afghan and the Basset rug.

And getting ready for our daughter 's visit this week! She was to arrive this afternoon but her flight was canceled yesterday. She was able to get her flight rescheduled for tomorrow so all is good. Things happen for a reason....I was hit with a terrible sinus headache yesterday that just took me out. I spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch. I tried napping it off before I finally broke down and took some sinus decongestant. Why do I do that to myself, you would think I enjoy pain. I still feel off today but my head no longer feels like it is in a vice grip. So it's a good thing I have an extra day before she gets here because I never made it to the grocery store and I need to vacuum and shine the wood floors (which will last about a minute, this time of year).

I planned to stop by the Winterport Hookers on Saturday, as I need to pick something up, so I want to introduce Sydney to these wonderful ladies and show her their lovely projects. She really digs the rug hooking; something she says she could imagine herself doing someday. She never took to cross stitching. She tried it but it just didn't grab her. I think it would be awesome if she found an interest in this creative handwork. I will have to be sure to let her pull some loops on the Basset Rug while she is here.

We have several yummy meals planned and movies to watch snuggled in front of the fire; some serious mother daughter cozy time is on the agenda. Hubby has a couple of sledding outings planned for her. She is really excited about going out on the snowmobile; her first time too!

So I am still out here and trying to keep up with your posts. I see I have a couple more new followers; welcome to Porcupine Needle. Sorry to disappoint with a lack of posting of late. I have had some cool snow pictures and scrumptious meals that I wanted to share but my sanity was a priority. Hehehe.

Keep on stitching and hooking.