Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stitching Closet

It has been a busy and a bit of an emotional weekend. I am thinking I need to cut back on my new age music, it tends to make me super sentimental and sometimes blue.

I packed up the rest of the Navy Girl's belongings that were in the closet so I could move my stitching closet from the guest room downstairs up to my stitching room. It took many trips up and down the stairs (good exercise) and some heavy lifting but it is all moved. We still need to add the new shelf across the top so that stuff is still downstairs; mostly my other craft stuffs like my loom loop pot holder supplies and scrapbooking stock.

I am very pleased with how it turned out.


Pears, peacock, a dove and a snowman...

I am thrilled with my progress on C@HRH block three.
The rich colors are delicious and the motifs are simple. SAWEET!

  My little funky dove is coming along. I did not stitch on it every day at lunch like I had hoped, but something is better than nothing.

I worked on the Snowman's scarf yesterday, in hopes to keep him warm.

It has been truly Artic cold here in Maine this past week. The lowest it reached here at A Stone's Throw was -14; this not wind chill folks, this is ambient! Wind chills were at 20-30 below. Yowza!! It feels like a heat wave now at 22 degrees and sunshine. I came home to a cold house Thursday night; 48 degrees inside. As soon as I got in the door I lit candles, started a fire in the fireplace and turned on the ovens to get a bit of heat going while I restarted the furnace. It took about an hour before the base boards started to radiate heat. Fortunately no frozen pipes, whew! Unbeknownst to me hubby was having to restart the furnace every few hours throughout the night and kept the fire stoked. He called the furnace man first thing in the morning; apparently the power valve sensor was going. All fixed and keeping warm. They say there are two seasons in Maine, winter and getting ready for winter. It is the truth!

At least this cold weather has afforded me some good stitching time by the fire. I did spend some quality time in my Stitching Room yesterday hooking and stitching.

Welcome to my newest followers, I hope you enjoy your visits to Porcupine Needle. Stay warm and keep on stitching.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hook-In Talent II

Continued talent....

The bag was Best Geometric

My personal favorite - Camp was Best Photograhic Design


Was this amazing piece by Mary (works w/ my GF)

Details - Woodpecker

Details - Loon

Surrounded by talented rug hook artists!

Spectacular day!
I hope I have not spoiled you with so many posts in a row. That took over an hour to add all those pictures, whew! It is currently -7 degrees at the house; that's warmed up from the -14 last night. Stay warm!!! Thank you for stopping by and leaving such wonderful comments. Keep on stitching. P.J.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hook-In Talent I

Let the pictures speak for themselves....

Some of the Swap Gifts

The Lambs were Best Animal

The Footprints were Best Real Life

I love this rug..

Looks like I need to post Hook-In Talent I & II

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hook-In and The Governor

Where to start and trying not to over load you. So here is what I will do; I will cover the Hook-In over two posts. Keeping you in suspense by showing you the absolutely gorgeous rugs made by talented, I tell you talented, ladies in the second post. My GF and I went to our first Hook-In held by the Downeast Chapter Two in Ellsworth, ME. This was their 5th Annual event and it was super. They were at a new location in the elementary school cafeteria and it was perfect. Roughly around 75 ladies were expected from across the State; with a snowy start to the day less than a dozen did not show. There were six vendors with all kinds of wares, one of which I purchased a granite handled hook from. Everyone was generous in bringing food, as this event included a breakfast and lunch meal. The food was amazing, we ate well.

Hooking with my BFF - she is working on a rabbit stair tread.

I am working on a snowman.
All the ladies were so pleasant and delightful to visit with. Everyone was willing to share tips, stories and encouragement. We even met a lady who works with my GF who is nothing less than an artist. Her piece received Best in Show! Neither knew the other hooked rugs. You learn something new everyday.

I met and chatted with Kathleen who offered an invitation to sit with their group in Winterport during their once a month gathering. I look forward to the chance to meet more talented ladies and learn more tips and techniques. It was a pleasure meeting her.
She is in the vest, looking out the window at the snowfall.

My GF and I intend on taking a class from Toni at The Keeping Room, in Hampden. Again another delightful lady; she has a bit of spunk to her. We picked up the cutest little snippet bags she made from wool scraps. We can't wait to visit her shop in the spring.

Cheryl from Hooked Treasures, out of Brunswick,
had this design she hooked on display. Beautiful work...
I picked up this pattern for myself.

As you can see she had some gorgeous wools; I picked up several small pieces for my Moose By Moonlight project. I will not be working that until I have a few classes and some more experience under my hook.
Cheryl has done it all, hooked, designed, instructed and runs a shop.
 If we are ever in her neck of the woods we will surely stop in.

This day will be going into my Jar O' Cheer. I always enjoy my visits with my GF; we both had a very, very enjoyable day with this group and got some good hooking in as well.

  And I am pleased and proud to show the Governor's Palace, as I have come to refer to Block Two of C@HRH is COMPLETE! FINIS! DONE! Yipee, Hurray and all that jazz.
Block Three should go a lot quicker, one it is less stitching and two, I feel like I am really in the groove right now. We shall see.

Keep on stitching.

P.S. I won't make you wait too long for the Hook-In part two. I already have it built and waiting. Here is a peak at one of the swap gifts... Isn't she cute.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Font this Blogger....

Well once again I feel like I am alligator wrastlin' with Blogger. Thanks for changing my FONT without regard to my readers. My apologies to all who have suffered through this fancy, curlyque font! This was not my doing. Need to drag out the lap top once again, because APPLE-IPAD does not allow me to scroll down the font lists or any list for that matter. Sorry for the rant; it just really annoys me. Keep it SIMPLE stupid! (Blogger) or stupid simple, which works for me. Hahahahaha. On a happy note I am heading to my GF's today for a stitching and hooking weekend!! Oh yeah! My husband is very excited about what I may learn from hanging out with 75 hookers. Hahaha. I am looking forward to the Hook-In tomorrow. I plan to finish block two of C@HRH this weekend. Oh my golly I hope block three moves a little faster. Of course I am making more time for stitching so that should help. Welcome to my newest followers; glad you are here and I hope you enjoy you stay. :-) Hope you all have a happy, stitchy weekend. Keep on Stitching. P.S. I am actively working on the font...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

*#* The Reveal *#*

I am so excited to show you the new rug I am dragging out the laptop vs stitching on my funky colored dove in Pray for Peace. I also said I would share a peak in the cupboard. So lets take a look see in there FIRST. hehehehe. Gonna make you wait until the end of the post to see the rug. Run to the bottom if you have too, it's okay. :-)

Top three shelves

 Bottom four shelves
If I do say so myself I love the red gingham shelf liner; $5 WALMART.
Gotta love a bargain. It really added some lightness to the inside, better to see the pretties.
Okay I am a mess with this bird. I was not feeling the red on the white Laguna; but the DMC 503 sub for the Seafoam does not even come close to the blue grey on the pattern; as seen above my progress. Mine is looking a bit green but going to forge ahead.
Over one on 25ct Laguna
As the snow is falling outside (up to 4 inches so far)
the snow is almost done at the Govenor's Palace, almost.
for the moment you and I have been waiting for
Here is Chewie on the rug
Libby the Hound,
 I wanted to make sure she made it in the photo shoot.
It is a rough wool loop, I love the way it feels.
And I have to say, I loved the picture of this rug on the website, but it is even more beautiful in person.
I just couldn't wait until Friday. :-)
Keep on stitching.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fair isle and Peace

The Fair Isle rug was waiting by the door last night when I got home. After dinner we ceremoniously opened the packaging and rolled out the rug. I know it's a teaser to not have pictures but I am pleased to say that it is perfect in the Stitching Room! I am off on Friday so I will post pictures of the room finally and I promised a peak in the cupboard. I had recently (12/30) seen Faye's rendition of Pray for Peace by Birds of a Feather and her gorgeous finish over at Caroline Stitcher. I loved it so much that I popped right online that very moment and ordered the pattern for myself. It also arrived yesterday! After rolling out the rug I went to work pulling thread and rummaging through the linens I have on hand, as I could not wait to start this one. I know, I know...I need another start like a hole in the head. But it is a little one. I found a 25ct Laguna in white that will do nicely. This is going to look so sweet over one. I don't often stitch over two, I so love the look of over one. As I had posted on Faye's blog I loved her change to the red bird; which I had planned to do the same. But once I started stitching on the bird last night I kept looking over at the 503 and 648 thinking those are strikingly different. I had one whole wing outlined in deep red when I decided to pull it and use the 503. I am liking this mucho grande! ** I just deleted a whole paragraph with my grumblings about the IPad and lack of ability to post pictures or use Compose vs HTML** Aren't I nice. :) I will not be neglecting HRH, I am so close to having all the snow in. I am hoping to have that finished this evening. I also pulled out my PS Seasons Greeting WIP. Part of my changes in the new year in getting my LIFE back in balance is to get back to stitching on my lunch hour again. It's been all work and no play too much these last two years, I need to give time back to myself. I am a happier girl for it, already!! I will save my baby project plans for my next post, I think I have an idea of what I am going to make for my friend at work. I am kind of tickled about it. Until next post... Keep on stitching! P.J.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

**UPDATED** Progress and bounty;with pics

I am thrilled to have completed another little gift project. Now how to FINISH it. I made this for my husband's cousin who is due any minute with her first baby, Ryder. Need to get this finished and on it's way to Alabama.


It has been snowing at the Governor's Palace (block2) on my Christmas at HRH. I am anxious to get to block 3 to get in some ice skating on the pond. BUT I have a couple more baby gifts to roll out. My third and FINAL Bent Creek Farm Book and a little something for my friend at work who just learned they are expecting a girl, due in May.

 My newest addition to my snippet jar/dish collection; I think this is my favorite!
 I got a very fun phone call yesterday while I was home nursing off that FUNKY feeling, which is feeling moe like a sinus infection vs the FLU! Thank goodness. Any way my GF called to see if I was free next weekend to attend a HOOK-IN on Saturday. I am so excited as this will be our first! There will be a handful of venders and about 75 hookers. I am looking forward to seeing everyone's projects and getting tips from the PROs.


So without further adieu.... Here is the wonderful bounty I received from Arizona Stitcher's blog give-a-way! I was thrilled to win Bringing Home The Tree, I've been eyeing this one to add to my stash. Believe it or not I have even opened the chocolate bar, DARK CHOCOLATE, my fav! Thank you Shelly for such a delightful package which included some fun holiday fabric and a finger towel, the linen for the pattern, ribbon and chenille trim, cute Santa tissues, a sweet journal and an adorable red bird pin cushion.

Speaking of give-a-ways I am looking forward to sending out the random, surprise packages to the few that responded to my last post. I still have room for one more if you would like to participate.

In closing I will share a picture of Jack the Barn Cat. We have come along way building trust...he now waits by the garage entry door and will come into the garage to eat. The last couple of times he has come in with me only 3 ft away, last night he came in while I was turning to back up to give him room. He will chat to me when I talk to him. His little meow is a bit of a squeak. So sweet.

Chewie likes to keep a close eye on him when he is eating. She seems very interested in him, without stress. One day at a time. If you all remember my cat-venture last summer when I captured a skunk twice, second time I was less fortunate and was sprayed. But all of that was in an attempt to catch Jack as he was injured with his front foot missing. I am happy to say he appears to have healed very well and has plumped up since I started seeing him again this summer. I truly believe he does not belong to anyone as I have watched him return to the barn after every visit AND he still has a full set, if ya know what I mean. We need to FIX that. More on Jack to come....

Going to work on the snow at the Governor's Palace while my head is not throbbing. Have a fabulous weekend, be it stitch filled or fun of any other kind.

+*+*+*+ Keep on Stitching. P.J. +*+*+*+
P.S. Blogger must be experienceing the flu bug; can't add pictures. I will update the aqua blocks with pics ASAP.  All this time and no pics, dang disappointing.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Spreading Kindness...paying it forward

#%^*#%^*#%^*#%^*#%^*#%^*#%^*#%^*#%^*#%^*#%^* I am taking part in the "Creative Pay It Forward" that Carol has posted on her blog, Colorado Stitcher; was also posted by Peggy Lee at Kentucky Sampler. What a wonderful idea; I am excited about participating in spreading kindness. To quote right from Peggy's post:  The first five of my friends to comment will receive a random gift from me sometime during the year...maybe something handcrafted, maybe a book, baked goodies, a surprise! Your gift will arrive whenever the mood strikes me without warning. Here's the only requirement: You have to post this on your blog as well and commit do doing the same for five of your friends. Please email me with your address if I don't already have it. The first five people who leave a comment saying you are interested in joining me and who also posts about it on their blog will get a random gift me from me sometime during the year.  I have been thinking on adding a give away sometime this year, besides my blogavesary; this could not have been timed any better. Keep on stitching. P.S. I will be posting about the giveaway I received from Arizona Stitcher and a small finished project. Stitching Room pictures pending the arrival of THE RUG.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Jar O' Cheer for the New Year

We are starting 2013 with this empty jar and will fill it with notes and snippets of good things that happen throughout the year. On New Year's Eve we will empty the jar and reflect on all the good things that have happened this year.

Things Simple or Supercalifragilisticexpialidosious will fill our Jar O' Cheer!

May your New Year be filled with happiness and peace. Thank you to all my followers and your wonderful comments throughout 2012, look forward to sharing with you in 2013.

Keep on stitching! P.J.