Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pears, peacock, a dove and a snowman...

I am thrilled with my progress on C@HRH block three.
The rich colors are delicious and the motifs are simple. SAWEET!

  My little funky dove is coming along. I did not stitch on it every day at lunch like I had hoped, but something is better than nothing.

I worked on the Snowman's scarf yesterday, in hopes to keep him warm.

It has been truly Artic cold here in Maine this past week. The lowest it reached here at A Stone's Throw was -14; this not wind chill folks, this is ambient! Wind chills were at 20-30 below. Yowza!! It feels like a heat wave now at 22 degrees and sunshine. I came home to a cold house Thursday night; 48 degrees inside. As soon as I got in the door I lit candles, started a fire in the fireplace and turned on the ovens to get a bit of heat going while I restarted the furnace. It took about an hour before the base boards started to radiate heat. Fortunately no frozen pipes, whew! Unbeknownst to me hubby was having to restart the furnace every few hours throughout the night and kept the fire stoked. He called the furnace man first thing in the morning; apparently the power valve sensor was going. All fixed and keeping warm. They say there are two seasons in Maine, winter and getting ready for winter. It is the truth!

At least this cold weather has afforded me some good stitching time by the fire. I did spend some quality time in my Stitching Room yesterday hooking and stitching.

Welcome to my newest followers, I hope you enjoy your visits to Porcupine Needle. Stay warm and keep on stitching.


Margaret said...

Your stitching is looking wonderful! Brrrr, you are really cold up there! I was in minus 19 degree weather once when I visited my dad in Kansas. But I was pregnant and that helped a lot. lolol! Glad you got that furnace fixed. Not the time to be broken. Brrrr!

Catherine said...

Oh wow! I thought our cold was cold!! Bbrrrr...hopefully you will thaw out sooner than later!
Great projects you are working on!

Mii Stitch said...

Great stitching sweetie! Hope you warm up soon :)

Siobhán said...

Your stitching looks great! It's cold and blustery here today--perfect stitching weather--thankfully not as cold as where you are, though! Yikes. Stay warm!

Casa Pearl said...

Great progress on your CHS piece - I think the block you are working on now was one of my favorites - so far anyway! Stay warm.