Saturday, July 19, 2014

Rug Bug

As I mentioned in the previous post we were planning a kayak trip of some sorts... we managed to get the boats in the water last weekend. It was a splendid day to be on the water. Low humidity and perfect sky. We found our way to Douglas Pond in Pittsfield. It was fun going down the rugged country road to get to the drop in. Reminded me of the road to our cabin in West Virginia when I was a kid. We took it slow with the bumps and the ruts; thinking of what mom used to say... If you drive fast and hit one bump you can fly over a bunch more. Hahaha.

Look at that reflection!

Picnic on the water

Cozy cove

Hubby concentrating on a creative selfie...nicely done.

Proof I was there. :) I am the one always taking the pictures.

I have been bitten by the Rug Bug. No sooner did I finish the anniversary rug...

Did I mention I like the binding. :) 

Party in the back

Business in the front.

...did I want to dive into the wool for my Lady Liberty Bell hound rug. 

Granted the humidity was at an all time low; otherwise forget about it.

With close supervision I sat out on the back porch to cut my wool in the summer breeze. 


 Lillies  from around the yard 

match the wool I am cutting for the leaves in the hound rug.

Speaking of hound

Green feet.

Two posts in one day, WOW! Hope you have a fantastic and adventurous weekend. We are headed to Gulf Hagas to hike the Upper Loop; taking advantage of the splendid weather when we can.

Keep on stitching and hooking.

Birthday adventure

** Written on 7/10... just now getting around to posting. 
And may never get it posted with the help of Google/Blogger**

The oppressive heat/humidity has passed for the moment ....I feel alive again! I've not been in a bloggy frame of mind with the humidity weighing me down. I did want to share some snaps from our Caribou trip in June. It was a special weekend with my GF and her parents. Their anniversary is the same day as my birthday! I was a hooking fool the three and half hour ride up but as I said in my previous post I did not quite make the deadline....

 I am not right, I know...I enjoy the binding process. It has been slow going as I can't stand to mess with the wool stuff in the humidity. So I am usually doing a little bit when I am up in the morning when it is cooler.

 I have less than three inches left and would have it done this morning if I weren't blogging. :)

We had such a great time in Caribou with the Baileys; hanging out on the deck visiting, laughing, a few drinks, more laughing, going 4-wheelin' and dinner at the sportsman's club.

My BF and her dad


Miniature Horses


Sit a spell and visit

MOOSE! On the ATV trail....

Maine house boat

A perfect send off our last morning.

 Not much stitching or hooking for me; the weather is going to be perfect so I will be elbow deep in my flower beds (they need some attention) and we have a kayaking outing planned. YES!

Have a terrific weekend!