Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Stitching room

January will make one year since the Navy Girl left the home port. I wanted to wait to make over her room until after her first visit back home since joining. She came home in October for a short but fun and love filled visit. I asked for paint and this gorgeous rug from Pier 1 Imports for Christmas for the make over.

I originally wanted khaki for the wall color; I've had black drapes in mind for over two years(yeah I've been planning for a while). We bought the drapes and sheers on clearance this past summer. I asked my husband for his thoughts on the wall color. He did not care for the khaki/ tan idea and neither did the Navy Girl. When you see the before color you will understand...she likes color.
Carolina Parakeet

Several years ago hubby and I picked up a certain creamer as an inspiration to the color we wanted in our dining room (yet to be remodeled); well he brought it in from the hutch and said you should paint it this color. I immediately loved the idea.

We took it to the store to match it, I choose something with a bit more blue than green in it and he picked the trim color to match. So with a gallon each of Georgetown Blue Ivy and Cream Ware we set to painting last night and finished this morning.


I am in love with this room!!
I already took a bit of time to stitch in there tonight. Just need to hang things on the walls and wait for the rug to arrive next week.
Finale pictures will be posted along with a peak in the cupboard.
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year; cheers to 2013!

Keep on Stitching!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

*#* Nor'easter on it's way *#*

We are in for a wallop of a storm today. I am hunkered down to work from home today. They are predicting 10-18 inches in our region. Looks like I should get a fire started in the fireplace with the possibility of power outages. Safe travels to those whonare traveling today.

Finished my PS snowman on Christmas day; just in time for the snow!


I found this fabulous fabric at the Goodwill; a yard and a half of this for ONLY $1.99. At the time I was not sure what I would use it for but knew I was not passing up that bargain. It will make a great backing for my PS Snowman balsam pillow. The dark brown matches his hat perfectly!

Now I need to eat my breakfast and head upstairs to work. Have a terrific Thursday.

I will be posting soon on something fun we are going to try at A Stone's may have seen it out on the net.

Keep on stitching! P.J.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Peace on Earth....Goodwill to Men


I want to share something with you that really warmed my heart. I had read an article in the local paper of a theft that occurred at a veteran's home up north in the state. My workplace had organized a Christmas card signing by all the employees for thousands of cards to be sent to deployed soldiers, employees' family members stationed away from home and to the veteran's homes around the state. I sent the article to one of the senior managers on the committee who coordinated this event, wishing we could help with a donation. Well the team effort that went into action to make this happen was a gift in itself...

The group of employees who delivered the cards and a holiday flower arrangement now also had a decent size donation as an additional surprise. I wish I could have been there to experience the joy first hand, but the weather was a bit dicey for the 3 hour drive, but the folks who went shared pictures and stories with me. The veterans were so thrilled and tickled to receive this visit and the cards. The employees were moved by the pride these veterans showed in having served their country and enjoyed hearing the stories they shared. Hearing the stories moved me to tears, something so simple could bring such joy. The donation was for the residents fund to be used for personal necessities or fun for the veterans; from simple things like a hair cut to having a holiday party. I learned that a group of those veterans were going on a trip to the mall this past Friday so they could pick up a few gifts. This experience was a gift for all of us; those who helped make this happen, those who delivered and received the cards and holiday cheer. Goes to show how much value is in a smile and a handshake. May we all find a bit of joy this holiday, simple joy.

Wishing you all a very joyful holiday with your friends and family.


Here is a finish of a freebie I picked up over at Plum Street Samplers. I filled this with balsm to send to the Navy Girl. She said she has it tucked under her pillow. Although Maine is not her favorite place she does love the smell of the Balsms when we are in the woods. Made with love.

A progress report on a PS Snowman with Birds from Book No 157 - Holly Days
A little bit of stitching is better than nothing.

Plan to finish this one into a balsm pillow as well. Mmmmmm.



Peace, Love, Joy

Keep on stitching, P.J.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

While the merry bells keep ringing...

I am a sentimental gal. I love the classic Christmas songs sung by; Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Ertha Kitt, Judy Garland, Andy name a few. You can keep the corny stuff, with only a FEW exceptions.

So, Happy Holidaaaays....HAPPYYY HOLIdays....While the merry bells keep ringing...May your every wish come TRUUUUE!

Not much going on with the stitching business, extremely busy at work, weekends loaded with holiday happenings, etc, etc, etc. We did find time to get our first real tree in over 20 years. I wanted to add a little something special to our Christmas this year, being it is our first without our daughter at home. She will be heading up to my Aunt's in Maryland for a weekend before Christmas to enjoy some family festivities. Doing one of our favorite things; driving all over kingdom come looking at Christmas lights. She will have soooo much fun. My Aunt already has the BIG ONE checked out.

Here are some pictures of our tree-venture and a decorations around our humble abode.

On the hunt

for a tree


O' Tannenbaum
Entry Table


Holiday glow
Psst... Santa's coming to town!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Home again, home again jiggity jig...

Well we made it to Baltimore with great time and fun. We headed down on Thursday night after Sandy had made land. We took a more inland route but still saw major wind damage up close around Princeton and was prepared for limited access to gas. From NY to PA the pumps were closed. We saw hundreds of power company trucks heading north once we hit PA and MD. We spent a couple of days with my aunt and uncle, cousins and their kids. We made a visit to Grandma too. The Navy Girl made it back to VA Beach on her first big solo trip, all fine and well. Once I got back to Maine I turned around after a day home, to travel to FL for a conference for four days. Whew...I am glad to be home. No time for stitching, BUT I am headed to my GF's for a S-n-B weekend. Hope to get a few gifts stitched up. I will try to get some stitchy updates soon. Just plain frazzled from my travels and getting caught up with work. I have kept up with most of your updates. Hoping those still dealing with the fall out from Sandy are getting the help they need. Keep on stitching.... Take care, P.J. P.S. Yesterday was the 14th anniversary of the day hubby and I met. We met on Friday the 13th. We celebrate every month on the 13th. I know corny; we like to see who can wish a happy anniversary first on the 13th. He usually beats me... I remember all day on the 12th then I forget in the morning. I have been known to wake him up after midnight to get the first wish. :D

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Homecoming for Navy Girl

I am in full swing prep and excitement as our Navy Girl will be home tomorrow to visit for a short spell. Today she is running a 10k Wicked Run in Norfolk, Virginia. This evening she gets on a train to Baltimore to fly to Portland in the morning. Here is hoping that SANDY does not hinder her travels. Lots of special meals and visits planned; including a haunted school house on Halloween night! I am looking forward to a GOOD fright. Nothing like a good scare to put some starch in your britches! Be good little witches and enjoy your stitches; as I will be away lovin' on my Pumpkin. Keep on stitching! P.J. P.S. Our Navy Girl is now a Seaman! She made grade to E-3 on Monday. We are so proud of our girl.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Autumn around A Stone's Throw

 Splashes of splendid autumn colors around our place.

Here is to enjoying your Sunday.
Keep on Stitching!

Saturday, October 20, 2012



A great place for stitching, by the fire.
Here's what I've been able to accomplish on HRH this far. There is a whole lot of detail in this block, hope to be moving on to block three this weekend. Still behind, but making progress.
Enjoyed putting up the Halloween decorations in preparation of the Navy Girl coming home in less than 10 days! We are so excited.
 Can't wait to see my Pumpkin! We have food and movies planned and a whole lotta hugging. Libby the Basset is gonna go nuts when she sees her. I can't wait for that homecoming greeting.
Off to the hair salon and into work for a bit, before I settle in for crockpot Sunday and some serious stitching.
Keep on stitching. P.J.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

House #9

I was just over reading Stitch by Stitch post from today. She has posted her wonderful finish of Casting a Spell and she also posted pics of her WIP of Judith Kirby's Victorian House #9 and #15!
Be sure to check out her beautiful work!
 I stitched #9 back in 2000 and it is my favorite Halloween project.

When I found this pattern it was in the discontinued bucket at a LNS and I had no idea until two years ago that there was another house (#15) that has the cutest witch and superman trick or treaters.

 I can tell you right here, right now I will NOT be buying this pattern online for $60 some dollars!! That is crazy! Yes i just saw a closed auction for the two patterns for $63. Now if Ms. Kirby herself was selling it for that I would consider it, as she would be profiting from the increase in value of her design.

 I will continue in my hunt at used book stores and yard sales, that by chance I will find #15. Until then I will admire the works of others who have completed this adorable pair of houses.

Hope you are having a Spooktacular autumn season!

**Welcome to my newest followers **

Keep on stitching!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Frost is on the Pumpkin

This was completed in 2000, but it is that time of year!
Blackbirds, bluejay and squirrel OH MY!
I am so excited....I was the lucky winner of Lisa's blog giveaway over at Black Flies and Snow Flies. (BTW I inserted the link but its not showing.)
Along with the Halloween issue of Just Cross Stitch, which included that adorable Trick or Treat pattern with a sample of Sullivans floss, Lisa included floss in the perfect combo of fall colors. Chewie decided she should assist in arranging the stash for the photo shoot. :)
Gotta get it just right!
Among the DMC she added Gentle Arts, Autumn Leaves and from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe's hand dyed Pumpkin Swirl. Topped off with some hand dyed trim in a sherbet orange. PERFECT fall colors!!! I can't describe the warm feeling I have from receiving such a wonderful gift. Thank you Lisa and hope you and your hubby had a wonderful anniversary. When Chewie was done with the shoot, she went back on squirrel patrol. I spy a RED SQUIRREL.
So tempted to stitch up the trick or treat, but staying on top of my HRH. Speaking is a peak at my progress. Which included taking out the border on the right as I was two pickets short on my fence. But I am back on course and hope to have the three remaining peacocks/peafowl done today.
I have been working towards eating better in my effort to lose some more weight, but this time of year makes it tough. Check out the skillet apple pie I baked last week.
This was not the best way to start off, or maybe it was a GREAT way to end the high cal foods. Either way it was sinfully delicious. The candles are lit and my needle is loaded. Hope you are enjoying a beautiful fall day with some stitching in there somewhere. Keep on stitching! P.J. P.S. I seriously need to compose a user letter to Blogger. the change was supposed to make it more simple, yet they have removed some of the functions. Drat technology.