Sunday, December 23, 2012

Peace on Earth....Goodwill to Men


I want to share something with you that really warmed my heart. I had read an article in the local paper of a theft that occurred at a veteran's home up north in the state. My workplace had organized a Christmas card signing by all the employees for thousands of cards to be sent to deployed soldiers, employees' family members stationed away from home and to the veteran's homes around the state. I sent the article to one of the senior managers on the committee who coordinated this event, wishing we could help with a donation. Well the team effort that went into action to make this happen was a gift in itself...

The group of employees who delivered the cards and a holiday flower arrangement now also had a decent size donation as an additional surprise. I wish I could have been there to experience the joy first hand, but the weather was a bit dicey for the 3 hour drive, but the folks who went shared pictures and stories with me. The veterans were so thrilled and tickled to receive this visit and the cards. The employees were moved by the pride these veterans showed in having served their country and enjoyed hearing the stories they shared. Hearing the stories moved me to tears, something so simple could bring such joy. The donation was for the residents fund to be used for personal necessities or fun for the veterans; from simple things like a hair cut to having a holiday party. I learned that a group of those veterans were going on a trip to the mall this past Friday so they could pick up a few gifts. This experience was a gift for all of us; those who helped make this happen, those who delivered and received the cards and holiday cheer. Goes to show how much value is in a smile and a handshake. May we all find a bit of joy this holiday, simple joy.

Wishing you all a very joyful holiday with your friends and family.


Here is a finish of a freebie I picked up over at Plum Street Samplers. I filled this with balsm to send to the Navy Girl. She said she has it tucked under her pillow. Although Maine is not her favorite place she does love the smell of the Balsms when we are in the woods. Made with love.

A progress report on a PS Snowman with Birds from Book No 157 - Holly Days
A little bit of stitching is better than nothing.

Plan to finish this one into a balsm pillow as well. Mmmmmm.



Peace, Love, Joy

Keep on stitching, P.J.


Faye said...

What a beautiful post my friend....... Sharing and caring are the best gifts ever.... Merry Christmas to you and yours..... Faye

Catherine said...

What a fantastic feeling you all should have!
Love the gift you made for your daughter ~ so sweet!
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Margaret said...

What a wonderful story of a wonderful gesture made by you all. That is truly what Christmas is about. Love the pillow you made for your DD. And the snowman as well. Love the smell of balsam! Happy happy Christmas to you!

Mii Stitch said...

What a cute little snowman!