Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas - New Chromebook

Merry Christmas to all, great and small! I am excited and hopeful to be blogging more frequently! I have been wanting a new device to blog vs using my phone, hence the less frequent posts. During the Hubby's Corporate Christmas party he won a door prize - a new Chromebook. We will see how this goes. Taking some getting used to, but typing is much faster than the phone. :-)

It has been an emotional adjustment without our sweet Libby for all of us, including Chewie. We've kept busy with hiking, 5K events and a trip to Providence for Halloween.

Upon our return from our trip to Rhode Island and New Hampshire; picking up debris in the yard after the big Halloween storm and looking for one of my garden flags the Hubby spied something in the bushes next to the house. He came into the house and said, "I know I am going to regret this but...grab some cat food and come here."

Hunkered down, next to the house was a little brownish kitten; I didn't see it at first, blending into the dusky shadows. Then it scurried across the yard. It came back when I called to it, a bit apprehensive and then it started weaving in and out of my legs. It was a little scrawny Tortoiseshell, covered in ticks.  A Money Cat found us; when we were still aching from the loss of Libby. It definitely has added good spirit to the house!!

Fast forward... she was a 4-month old full of worms from eating in the wild, cleared all other health tests and was spayed in mid December. Meet Ripley, the newest Laney-mal at A Stone's Throw.

Princess Chewie is still adjusting to a kitkat in her realm, but no serious skirmishes, just hisses when Ripley moves too fast in her direction. Ripley wants to play, play, play with her so bad. Chewie continues to be present when Ripley is around and shows interest. They may not ever be snugglely together but I think they will be good to each other. Good thing Ripley is so stinking cute!!

And Basil bird set the Alpha with Ripley soon after her clearance to roam when we were home. He rules the roost!

I was reignited to stitch with a baby gift for a co-worker. A very non-traditional baby gift. She was born in November and I just got it to the framers this past weekend. Took me longer than expected, being over-one and lots of other things and stress going on! Her mother and I hiked Mt. Katahdin together along with a few other hikes, her father is from Millenocket; to keep her inspired to always explore... Adventure Awaits!

And I did pull some loops on my Libby Rug during December's gathering with the Winterport Hookers. My goal is to finish her in January. So grateful I finished the image of her before she passed, only need to finish the sky. And then binding. She will always have a special place in my heart and my breath still catches and tears well up for both Hubby and I. She was such a good hound.

Wishing everyone bright spirits and happiness into the new year.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Lady Liberty Bell- Libby 2004 - 2019

Our Lady Liberty Bell; Libby, Sweat Pea, Pretty Puppy (P-P), Queen B, Boo Boo Bear left us on August 13th.  Basil the bird may rule the roost, but you ruled our hearts. I am grateful that she had a fun filled hound weekend with my husband, as I was out of town; a ride to the dump, keeping watch in the yard while he mowed, full of spunk & spirit and a ride in the Jeep (against Mom's orders) for a Sunday Sundae. She usually only got two licks from mine but that Sunday she got the Doggy Dish with a treat on top. ♡

Was always on the watch...

Rubber nose

Where ever I was she was... loved my office mate when I worked from home or hung out in my stitching room.

Gonna miss my hound kisses. 
She loved me and I loved her. 

Downward dog... the best post run stretching partner

We loved our walks in the orchard, so much to smell.

A girl and her hound. Oh how you have a hold on my heart.

These two... waiting for me as I got ready for work.

Liberty Bell at the Wreaths Across America convoy event.

Such a beautiful hound inside and out. Everyone who met her fell in love. She was truly the Queen at doggy day care. Eight years... she loved going. So much so she pouted if we skipped her day and fussed at us if we took too long chatting during drop off. They loved her and she loved them. ♡♡♡

Those ears...

Sleeping in the cat bed; silly hound

When the humans weren't looking she would love the cat... Chewie loved her Libby

Sharing the sun patch, cat and hound

Someone left teeph marks in my icecream...  just a lick not a bite! I haven't been able to go for Sunday Sundaes since you've gone.

My favorite accidental photo!! The perfect Basset Silhouette. 

A special co-worker honored her with this sweet tribute. She truly has left paw prints on our hearts. 

Chewie giving a final head rub to bid farewell to her Libby.

You may have filled a hole in my heart when our Ichi Ban passed away, but nothing can fill your space in my heart. We were so lucky to have you in our lives. 

Eskimo Proverb - 
Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the live of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.

A message shared by my dearest friend. 

I miss you terribly Liberty Bell and my heart is tormented by not being there during your last moments.  But I know you know I loved you without a doubt. 

Thank you for 15 wonderful hound years filled with hound happiness, wiggly tails, flying ears and a melodious bark... I can still hear that joyful sound.

You are missed.
Love P.J., Derek, Sydney, Basil and Chewie.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Summer joys

Summer sky

A walk along the country road, fresh cut hay

Me and hubby got crafty; a Williamsburg bird bottle from mom for my birthday the other from our visit several years ago, an old snow door salvaged, a star and planters

Planted sunflowers, zinnia, Coleus, blackeye Susan's, and seeds from my grandpa's farm

New York skyline on our drive home from MD/NC vacation 

A few finds at a flea mall in NC and Antique Mall in VA. Over the moon about the dough bowl. Have always wanted one, this is a nice piece!!

Cousin's koi pond

My Aunt crocheting and I stitched. ♡♡
This truly was a gift to be doing handwork together.

Finally got started!!

Field trip to The Stitching Post in MD.

Picked up several of the patterns and ordered the rest for this patriotic project. ☆♡☆

Wanted to get the patterns for the sea creatures but they were out of stock. Will place order later

It was nice to visit a stitch store once again.

Atlantic Beach NC

Our place for rest, rejuvenation...serenity by the sea

Crystal Coast 

Honoring Maine's Fallen Heroes 
Cpl Andrew L Hutchins 


Rhubarb upside down cake 

Rhubarb pecan bread

Jeep rides

Sunsets and campfires

Took a short break from stitching to post. Back to my needle and thread with drapes drawn and fans full on... gonna be a steamy one up here in Maine. 

Keep on stitchin' ××♡××