Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Attitude adjustment...

...for my IPad.

Ever since the most recent upgrade to my pad it has been cranky and uncooperative. Pages do not load completely and it has been a challenge just read and comment on your blogs much less for me to post. It has put me in a sour mood as this is supposed to be fun and relaxing; instead it has been very frustrating.

I have been keeping busy with work, snow and riding the sled but I have been making progress on my Siren, Granny Square afghan and the Basset rug.

And getting ready for our daughter 's visit this week! She was to arrive this afternoon but her flight was canceled yesterday. She was able to get her flight rescheduled for tomorrow so all is good. Things happen for a reason....I was hit with a terrible sinus headache yesterday that just took me out. I spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch. I tried napping it off before I finally broke down and took some sinus decongestant. Why do I do that to myself, you would think I enjoy pain. I still feel off today but my head no longer feels like it is in a vice grip. So it's a good thing I have an extra day before she gets here because I never made it to the grocery store and I need to vacuum and shine the wood floors (which will last about a minute, this time of year).

I planned to stop by the Winterport Hookers on Saturday, as I need to pick something up, so I want to introduce Sydney to these wonderful ladies and show her their lovely projects. She really digs the rug hooking; something she says she could imagine herself doing someday. She never took to cross stitching. She tried it but it just didn't grab her. I think it would be awesome if she found an interest in this creative handwork. I will have to be sure to let her pull some loops on the Basset Rug while she is here.

We have several yummy meals planned and movies to watch snuggled in front of the fire; some serious mother daughter cozy time is on the agenda. Hubby has a couple of sledding outings planned for her. She is really excited about going out on the snowmobile; her first time too!

So I am still out here and trying to keep up with your posts. I see I have a couple more new followers; welcome to Porcupine Needle. Sorry to disappoint with a lack of posting of late. I have had some cool snow pictures and scrumptious meals that I wanted to share but my sanity was a priority. Hehehe.

Keep on stitching and hooking.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Hooking turned Stitching weekend.

I was supposed to be attending a Hook In on Saturday. I signed up for this event in October, received two confirmation emails and paid my registration fee before the deadline....but due to unclear communications I found out last week that I was only on the alternate list. I was quite surprised and disappointed when I got the LIST email from the hostess and my name was alllllll the wayyyyyy at the bottom as the fourth alternate. I sent a very polite email to express my surprise and provided the chain of confirmation emails from the administrator that said nothing about being on the alternate list. Know what really burned my biscuits.....there were folks on this list that had not yet paid the registration fee and it was past the deadline. I received a polite apology for the misunderstanding and a promise to let me know should someone cancel. Come Wednesday I asked to be removed from the list as at this point in the week I had made other plans. I was just disappointed as I was going with the Winterport ladies I hook with. Oh well. I will see them this Saturday!

Sooooo, I spent the weekend with my GF stitchin' and 'you know what'. 
I worked on my lovely siren from Plum Street Sampler. 
Hope to get a few more stitches in today.

I hit the road early on Sunday to head home to be ahead of the nasty freezing rain predicted for our area. I was home just before 9AM and had convinced the hubby to go sledding. Its a good thing we did; the blowing rain last night washed most of the snow away!! He had gone out with his buddy on Saturday. We headed out for breakfast and where ever the trail took us. We had a gas station breakfast in Dexter and decided to keep going. We hit Dover by lunch time and turned around to head home. We had some freezing rain on the return ride and the trail was starting to get choppy. It was so much fun; I really enjoyed it.

Dexter, Maine

Ice fishing on Lake Wassookeag, Dexter

Headed North after stopping for breakfast and gas

Snowmobiles across Lake Wassoogkeag

Trail in Dover heads to Greenville

Pit Stop in Dover before heading home

Sebasticook Lake, Newport, Maine

We made it home by 1:30; in time to put Hamburger Soup in the crockpot, 
start a fire and snuggle in for the game. 

I was rooting for Green Bay but was impressed with the Seahawks turn around and win.
Congrats to the Seahawks fans!

Today I plan to get some things organized along with my regular puttering around and WILL get some stitches in. Maybe I should stitch for an hour and then putter. Yea, that sounds like a plan.

May this day remind us that each day we should strive for peace among us all.

"Peace is not merely a distant goal we seek, 
but a means by which we arrive at that goal." 
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Gone sleddin'

Ok I am a bit giddy! I really enjoyed our first ride out. We got suited up; staying warm number one priority!

  With the ITS trail just behind the house it has been something we've wanted to do since we moved to Maine. The timing was right and we bought a 2007 Bombardier Ski-Do in November. Kind of partial to the brand as the Hubby used to work for Bombardier - Learjet (aircraft manufacturing) in Kansas.

It's taking some getting used to wearing a helmet. But it sure does keep the head warm! 
Once I located the switch to turn on the hand warmers....even better!

We headed to the gas station first to top her off and then back on the trail in the opposite direction towards Corrina for a great breakfast at Barb's Village Square restaurant.

I originally asked for home fries then changed it to corn beef hash; 
she brought me both.  

Hubby is not a big breakfast person...but I am. 
It was a hearty meal; this girl can eat.

We got there just as the breakfast crowd was thinning out. 
The place was filled when we got there. Haha.
Love all the patriotic tributes to the men and women who have served or are serving 
in the U.S. Armed Forces

A sweet New England view from our booth. 

And one from the parking lot looking up to the town hall.  

No pics on the ride folks...good way to fall off. Hope to have some good snaps from future rides when we stop here and there. It was fun to see some of the local eateries had posted signs along the trail to paths cut through the woods to their establishments. Already have a few further north on our Must Stop list. Some folks have already cleared snow on the lake and ponds for skating rinks. Definitely want to get some pictures of that on the next ride. Soon we will see the ice fishing shacks. It is a whole new world of exploration for us and it will definitely help to pass the long Maine winter months. Our daughter will be home in February for her birthday; we've planned two days for Hubby to take her out for a couple of good rides. Can't wait!

With a roast in the crockpot and a fire in the hearth we are cozy comfy back at A Stone's Throw.

I think I will do a little stitching before supper. 
The PSA Season's Greeting cabin is calling to me....well all those trees really!

Before I go here is a glimpse of new beginnings for me. With some yarn bought at Salvation Army I re-learned how to crochet via a tutorial on YouTube. 

After practicing several granny squares I picked up some fun colors 
to make my very first granny square afghan. 

Here is a peak of my squares so far.

Hope y'all have had an enjoyable weekend. 
Here's to a productive, stress free week. :)

Keep on stitching and hooking.


WOW!! I never thought I'd see the day....

A shout out to Ali at With Needle Thread and Basket for joining my blog. She hails from Scotland, another first for Porcupine Needle. It truly is a small world.

My blogging mojo is waning as I have to "wrastle" with three diffenent devices to post my pictures and to be honest it can be a pain in the tuckus!! I will get a few pics posted soon on the fun Granny Square afghan I am working on. Just something I've been wanting to do for awhile now. It has been a bit of a relaxing change to work on this after long days at work. Hard to stitch when your an exhausted noodle after work.

Looks like we make our inaugural ride this morning on the sled to get breakfast in the town over. I was so excited last night when I saw the trail groomer go by TWICE!!! Hope to have some fun trail pictures to post too.

Keep on Stitching and Hooking!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hello 2015

Another year has closed....can you believe it is 2015. WOW!! No real resolutions set this year. Always striving for improvements. The past year brought lessons of life, love and struggles but we managed through for the better of it. Many family members have said it was the worst year ever... I reflect differently on the passing of my loved ones; although my heart hurts I have taken this cycle of life to cherish all the wonderful memories of those lives. Oh, I have regrets...but I cannot not dwell on what I cannot change. But knowing they are at peace together gives me peace. There are several new lives among our family and friends and it brings joy to us as we watch these wee beings grow and make new memories to cherish.

My framer announced in December she is contiplating her retirement after the first of the year. I am  excited for her after 25 yrs in the business, 22 as an owner....but sad for myself as there is a special connection between us; as most of you stitcher's know and I hope you have that experience. When you take your lovely handwork in, there should be magic happening when finding the right mat and/ or frame for your piece. It is the final crown to bring it all to its wondrous glory. Well I've been fortunate to have that experience twice in my stitching life; first at Heart's Desire in Wichita, KS and the after trial and error searching, finding Polly Wright of FrameWright in Detroit, ME.

Not knowing this when I started my mermaid....filling in the background currently... The whole time I was stitching her I kept saying I can't wait to show this to Polly. I will be ringing her up to see if I can get this one last piece framed as I really am looking forward to her and I finding the right one for this piece. I have a tear in my eye thinking about not having that experience with her in the future.

I think I posted about her last year of how we hit it off like we had known each other for years. She is an amazing individual full of spirit and kindness. I look forward to seeing what her next adventure brings her. :) Bon chance mon ami!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to my newest followers!! There are a hand full that have popped in over the last several months, my faux pas for not giving you a proper greeting. Thank you JMyers, Wagapapa, Margie, Jessica and Prairie Patch Quilts for joining Porcupine Needle.

I will be sure to share some snaps of my latest handwork adventure. I have been wanting to crochet an afghan for almost two years now...my mother even sent me her instruction booklet from the 70's and a package of hooks. I'll share more on the inspiration and what really wowed me, learning from YouTube and my progress. It's been FUN!!!

Wishing everyone an adventurous, successful and happiest of New Year.

Keep on Stitching and Hooking.