Saturday, January 19, 2019

Stacking wood and wool...

We have a monster of a Maine winter storm headed our way. I'm still not feeling a hundred percent, so I skipped going to our Winterport Rug Hookers gathering today.

Here are a few snapshots from our last two gatherings.

I believe I had  a  snapshot of Cynthia's beginnings of this rug, so that would be just about three years to complete her Sunflower Rug. 


As I was scrolling through my pics I came across this one below... I saw this newly hooked rug at an Antique Mall in Wichita while we were visiting friends. It was priced reasonably for the handwork. I was tempted! 

Getting back into the blog of things has reminded me how much I've missed this form of creative writing and a form of journaling. It was so good for my soul and spirit to share and challenge me to focus on all of the positivity around me.

Being knocked down by this nasty bug has been frustrating as I've been getting back into my yoga, workout, crafting groove. I guess I can look at this as a reset and be excited about craving to get back into these things that are good for me. ;)

Trying to get some extra energy this morning...finding my Gusto with some Italian caffe we picked up during our trip to Sicily.  With a side of cinnamon toast. :)

Motta Castle in Sicily; our Navy Girl's town

Just a few of the caffe s we enjoyed

A toast as we were leaving 
Naples back to Sicily...


But back to my title.... as we are expecting between 10 to 24 inches of snow, depending on which weather report you watch. So after getting the regular Saturday chores done, the hubby stacked the wood crib in the garage, I put a nice stack in the house to warm up; we will get a fire going this evening to burn right through Monday. Comfy cozy be the fire.

I got busy stacking my wool worms to finish the ground on the Libby Rug. I had hoped to hook on it last weekend but I really was down and out with this sinus cold.

The bright sun is deceiving to the eye as winter's bite is in the air.  The calm before the storm. Filled up the bird, squirrel, turkey feeders... hahaha.

Off to get some hooking in now that my belly is full from a bowl of hot soup.

 Ready for it to snow, snow, snow!!!
 Be safe, be warm, keep on hooking.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Sick Call at A Stone's Throw

Thank you for the wonderful comments on my first two posts after three years.  I really have missed blogging as I enjoy journaling and enjoy sharing experiences of other bloggers as well.

I had all intentions of finishing the ground on my Libby Rug this past weekend. My husband  was sick all last week. And I gave him a few teases about the Man Cold. Well I started feeling under the weather on Friday and got whacked with this nasty sinus cold that is kicking my arse! I even slept on the couch to avoid catching it. The germs found me anyway!

These first three pics are what got me sick... hahaha. I sent these to my Aunt, picking on my man and his cold... :/

 And Saturday found me down with the germs. I had a cuddle buddy all weekend. Chewie stayed right on top of me.

 I mean doesnt she look comfy and peaceful.
He was so sweet, brought me flowers after I came down with this nasty.

 There has been lots of tea and cinnamon toast. 
 And I've been enjoying the words of wisdom on my tea bags.... 

 ....teabag wisdom ♡

 Even using the essential oils but once these germs took hold it's been hard to shake.

My plate smiling at me when he brought me tomato soup and grilled cheese.

Hope to be back to feeling human soon.

Wishing everyone a healthy winter, keeping the germs at bay.

Hope to be hooking again soon.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Winter calm and comforts

 Having lived in Maine going on 14 years I really do enjoy winter. I love the calmness that comes with the blanket of snow. And it looks like it is finally here to stay after being washed away just before Christmas.  Winter brings a slower pace, a since of hibernation to recharge.

Cuddles under, on blankets, or a lap by a cozy fire and hearty, comfort meals.

Chewie is a snuggle kitty. ♡

A pone of cornbread and chili on a cold, windy winters night.

I've made decent progress on the ground. I'm really pleased with the three color combo I picked. I didn't want a flat one color look to it. Can't wait to work with the blues for the sky. Hopefully by next weekend.

Wishing everyone warmth and relaxation as the weekend winds down.

Thanks for the lovely comments on my return post. ;)

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Where, what... trying it again.

Hello Blog Land,

I've been away so long I feel like it's a restart, new beginnings on the New Year's Eve, eve. I've missed blogging and the bloggers. Life got crazy busy and stressful with endings of a job, new job...well same job different place. Caught the running bug participated in 5ks, a 10K and two half marathons; hiking mountains, yoga, traveled to Italy to visit our Navy Girl, turned FIFTY... did I mention stress of job and all kinds of life stuff we all have. So for the last two years hardly stitching or hooking. But I have been progressing slowly(4yrs now) on my Libby Rug. Our old girl is 14 yrs and 8 mths... trying to finish this!! I hope I am able to add pictures today. :)


Wishing everyone wellness, happiness and love in the New Year.