Saturday, July 6, 2019

Summer joys

Summer sky

A walk along the country road, fresh cut hay

Me and hubby got crafty; a Williamsburg bird bottle from mom for my birthday the other from our visit several years ago, an old snow door salvaged, a star and planters

Planted sunflowers, zinnia, Coleus, blackeye Susan's, and seeds from my grandpa's farm

New York skyline on our drive home from MD/NC vacation 

A few finds at a flea mall in NC and Antique Mall in VA. Over the moon about the dough bowl. Have always wanted one, this is a nice piece!!

Cousin's koi pond

My Aunt crocheting and I stitched. ♡♡
This truly was a gift to be doing handwork together.

Finally got started!!

Field trip to The Stitching Post in MD.

Picked up several of the patterns and ordered the rest for this patriotic project. ☆♡☆

Wanted to get the patterns for the sea creatures but they were out of stock. Will place order later

It was nice to visit a stitch store once again.

Atlantic Beach NC

Our place for rest, rejuvenation...serenity by the sea

Crystal Coast 

Honoring Maine's Fallen Heroes 
Cpl Andrew L Hutchins 


Rhubarb upside down cake 

Rhubarb pecan bread

Jeep rides

Sunsets and campfires

Took a short break from stitching to post. Back to my needle and thread with drapes drawn and fans full on... gonna be a steamy one up here in Maine. 

Keep on stitchin' ××♡××


Friday, June 7, 2019

Time flies when you....

...are dealing with extended winter, dreary spring and all kinds of life things in general, work, 5k races, getting back to the gym twice a week, cooking, cleaning trying to keep from losing my mind.... you know.

What brought me to post was the purchase of floss with a special gift project on the To Do list. For a baby on the way.... a co-worker new Momma To Be. ♡

Like candy!

It's been a long while since have had the stitching needle in hand. I've been feeling the pull back towards it. Especially after seeing some of Annette's -California Stitcher- work on Instagram. 

But I'm bound  to finish my Libby Rug before I pull out any of my UFOs!!

I really am getting there. Just need to keep at it.

Fires in May to take off the chill

My sweet old Libby and Chewie soaking it up.

And celebrating the season opening of Sawyers Dairy Bar!

Dont worry she only gets a couple of licks, then patiently waits for the bottom tip of my cone. I share.♡

Occasionally she gets her teeph in it!!!!

Haven't been much for treasure hunting either. Downsize, reorg, declutter has been my mood lately.  But I couldn't pass on this sweet mold reproduction and little stork scissors a couple weeks ago.

This past Saturday we experienced this strange phenomenon......


It's felt like, if it wasn't, nearly 48 days since we had a dry sunny day. Loving the shadow play!

And sunshine in my Dirty Chai ;)

It is finally feeling like spring! 

Enjoy your weekend!!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Blue skies smiling at me...

 "Nothing but blue skies do I see.
Blue birds singing a song,
Nothing but blue birds all day long."

Cutting blue sky today! Hope to get some loops pulled on the Sunday afternoon. 

Turkies in the yard distracted Chewie from her wool worm scrap. 

This one is really her favorite from my Winter's Day project. When she gets to playing with this worm she makes it dance in the air. It's a hoot to watch!

Winter's Day hooked last winter

The distraction... the woodland neighborhoods stopping by for Sunday Brunch.

Off to pull some loops while watching Doctor Zhivago before Restorative Yoga at Three O'clock.

May you have joy, comfort and peace this fine Winter's day.

Stay warm and keep on hooking and stitching. ♡

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Stacking wood and wool...

We have a monster of a Maine winter storm headed our way. I'm still not feeling a hundred percent, so I skipped going to our Winterport Rug Hookers gathering today.

Here are a few snapshots from our last two gatherings.

I believe I had  a  snapshot of Cynthia's beginnings of this rug, so that would be just about three years to complete her Sunflower Rug. 


As I was scrolling through my pics I came across this one below... I saw this newly hooked rug at an Antique Mall in Wichita while we were visiting friends. It was priced reasonably for the handwork. I was tempted! 

Getting back into the blog of things has reminded me how much I've missed this form of creative writing and a form of journaling. It was so good for my soul and spirit to share and challenge me to focus on all of the positivity around me.

Being knocked down by this nasty bug has been frustrating as I've been getting back into my yoga, workout, crafting groove. I guess I can look at this as a reset and be excited about craving to get back into these things that are good for me. ;)

Trying to get some extra energy this morning...finding my Gusto with some Italian caffe we picked up during our trip to Sicily.  With a side of cinnamon toast. :)

Motta Castle in Sicily; our Navy Girl's town

Just a few of the caffe s we enjoyed

A toast as we were leaving 
Naples back to Sicily...


But back to my title.... as we are expecting between 10 to 24 inches of snow, depending on which weather report you watch. So after getting the regular Saturday chores done, the hubby stacked the wood crib in the garage, I put a nice stack in the house to warm up; we will get a fire going this evening to burn right through Monday. Comfy cozy be the fire.

I got busy stacking my wool worms to finish the ground on the Libby Rug. I had hoped to hook on it last weekend but I really was down and out with this sinus cold.

The bright sun is deceiving to the eye as winter's bite is in the air.  The calm before the storm. Filled up the bird, squirrel, turkey feeders... hahaha.

Off to get some hooking in now that my belly is full from a bowl of hot soup.

 Ready for it to snow, snow, snow!!!
 Be safe, be warm, keep on hooking.