Sunday, July 26, 2020

Stitch therapy continues...

Feeling good having found and still in my stitching groove. Took a quick Coffee break from Christmas At Hawk Run Hallow. It was fun stitching up this perk-fect little project. May need to do another; one for the office, one for home. ;)

Coffee Time #183

Making great progress on Block Four... but got distracted working on the snowflakes. Was having issues with my vision and white on the linen was hard to stitch.

T H E N.....
I saw Barabara Ana Designs - Light on an Instagram post. Another appropriate for the times design. Squirrel!!!!! I guess more like FOX!
SHE is sweet.

Started with her stole

Really enjoying this one.
Loving her foxy schnappy schnout! 

I haven't needed to buy floss for a long time. When I went to grab what I needed for Light I discovered DMC now has colors in single and double digit numbers now! Whoa!!

A stitchers palet....

Hope everyone is finding joy and relief in the flows of your needle and threads.

Keep on stitching!

Friday, May 15, 2020


Two new needle minders; one for fun to remember this wacky time in history.

The other a little Siren.

Today is another gray day; perfect for stitching.

Finished Block Five

Started on Block Four last week

Made great progress on the cold days

The windows have been a "pane". Taking longer than the light bricks.

Kept the fire going for several days.... in MAY!! Might need to light another tonight. :/

A nice sunny but brisk day; let the cats come out and play.

Saturday before Mother's Day went on a snowy Jeep ride. It was a much needed escape from these four walls. It was day 54 of WFH (work from home).

Ordered Kringles by Little House Needleworks and Campfire for the brickwork. 

A few Saturdays ago I had to break out my dancing shoes! Set up my event up lights and a string of changing café lights, add a fire, turned on the tunes! Cooped up COVID backyard party! 

Put in a few plants in the boxes and pots. Trying to brighten theses dreary days!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and encouragement. Keep on stitching, keep on keeping on!

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Windy Day and Vapo-Cresolene

Look what the Mail Lady dropped in the box today!! 

I think I may do this in a mono-tone of grays, tans and creams. We will see.

I had seen Saundra of Woodland Junction blog post, her work on Windy Day. Chewie approves! A very fitting piece for this time of year. But first... I must finish my Libby rug. 

So grateful we did not lose power during this last big wet snow and then high winds. On a side note the sump pump could keep up and our basement flooded while I was upstairs on the second floor busy working from home!! Zoiks! But minimal damage, just a lot of work, bailing and cleaning up. Luckily hubby could reset the sump pump, it still worked - took two hours for it to pump out the several inches of water. It had crest at the top of the bottom step when he discovered it was flooded.

Process on Block Six (since this draft - completed and on to Block Five!)

Mother Earth sending up the Bat Signal

I had found this bottle in the ditch along the dirt road just down from the house, when we first moved here 15 years ago.

I usually have it on the window ledge in the summer time, along with a couple of colorful small bitters bottles. It makes me think of my Grandpa Percy and The Farm in WV. He was a collector of bottles, door knobs, Western novels by Louis L'Amour and I'm sure many other things I didn't know about. And where I think several of us in the family got the bug from....But it takes me to my fond memories of him, The Farm and our family.

Anyhoo... my point I was going to make and this has been a draft post, because honestly I forgot I started it... was about Vapo- Creselene. Side note considering current events in the world, hope we don't resort back to this crazy kind of medicines!!!

Research from the internet:

Cresolene is a dark liquid with a pungent smell made from coal tar used in the 19th and early 20th century as a disinfectant and to treat various ailments such as colds and measles. There was also a special 'Vapo-Cresolene' lamp used to heat the substance so that the fumes could be inhaled.   

Vapo-Cresolene was marketed as a cure-all for a large number of respiratory ailments including whooping cough, pneumonia, asthma, and diphtheria among others. It was intended to be inhaled as a vapor and the black liquid was heated over a flame using a small “lamp”. Consumers were directed to use the product at night in a closed up bedroom. The company claimed that the vapor was not harmful even to young children, though the product was considered poisonous if ingested (Munsey, 2010).  In fact, the hobnails on the bottle’s exterior were a well-known symbol at the time used to denote poisonous contents.

The lamps were pretty.....

HELLO!!! Inhaling toxic fumes to kill the germs! No political agenda, innuendo or any kind of commentary implied... as I said this has been a draft from over a week ago.

Medical science.... i guess it is really trial and error, before success.

Wishing everyone wellness and happiness.

Now to go work on the draft I started yesterday!!

Keep on stitching!