Sunday, April 5, 2020

Be well and stitch

Keeping busy with stitching, cooking, walks and workouts. I've been working from home since St Patrick's Day. I was struggling at the end of this week. But sunshine, a three mile walk, yard work, stitching and baking gave me a boost.

Just Gail asked about the kittens on my shelf from my last post. This was a gift from our friends visit to Italy; it's a lace piece.
We cat sit for each other.

 Last nights progress on Christmas at Hawk Run Hallow. The night sky has fallen as the skaters stay warm by the fire. Finished the sleigh last night.

I've been trying to post more stitch pictures on my Instagram - Crabapple
I just found Cricket Bug Corner today, but have been following a few others for sometime.

Definitely quicker to post. But I am still enjoying  blog posts too. :)

Finding strength in strong coffee

 Put a bear in the window, although we live on a country lane, we get a few walkers pass by from up the road.

Finished a quick freebie stitch from Jeannette Douglas Designs - 
Be Well Mini Bouquet

A temporary finish in a tuck pillow. I'm not as creative and clever with finished as so many of you are. I will eventually frame it.

 We had canceled our big snowmobile trip up north, planned for the weekend after St Patrick's. We went on a controlled, very social distanced Jeep ride to the windmills.

It was a much needed escape!

Then we traipse through the orchard on Sunday.
So glad we picked this place when we moved to Maine. The Rail Trail is a short walk from the house, gives us miles of woodsy walking/jogging and lake views.

Made a pistachio cake the week before.

Last night a baked Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies from a Mason jar recipe gift that was in the pantry. Yum!

The cats have adjusted to me working from home.

Everyone is enjoying the sunshine!

Yesterday on 4/4/20 the Hubby and I participated in a virtual memorial walk. Since the current circumstances prevented the event from being in person, everyone participated at home.

Honoring Spc Dustin J Harris who was killed on 4/6/06 in Afghanistan. 
Remember. Honor. Not Forgotten.

Stay strong, be well, keep stitching. 

Sunday, March 1, 2020

From the Deep.... depths of my unfinisheds

One foggy, frosty morning; 
the orchard out back

Bird watching before...

Stitch watching

Pull it again mom!!!

Saturday morning stitching, kittens, coffee and sunshine.

She is a cute squirt!

Ran out of DMC 154 with three letters left in Siren....

Had to do some work from this morning...
My Supervisor 

And the loafer

Working hard at being CUTE!

Just a little more left of the Deep.

Playing... organizing a bit in my stitching room


Off to pick up more 154 tomorrow! Let's finish this seductive Siren!

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Love Bears All Things - From The Deep

Very pleased to have another unfinished finish! Seriously had a start on this in 2014. I seriously have had a stitching slump. But my needle has been moving and grooving of late. 

My deer is doing it's own thing, and really looks like a moose. Someone had asked if Adam and Eve were in Maine - Pine Tree State and a "moose". I'd say... they are. ;)

Saturday I picked up Adventure Awaits!

I wish the white mountain top showed up better, but letting it go. I am pleased with it all around and it was what got me back on the needle. ♡

Hubby went snowmobiling on Saturday without me. It was in the single digits and teens; too cold for me!!! On Sunday the temps rose to the 20s and 30s, so he took me for a short 3 hour ride to a covered bridge.

The original built in 1830, dedicated in 1970 as a historical landmark. And appears to have been rebuilt in 1990.

Low's Bridge

Oh he's a handsome devil. Hope to get a few more rides in this season. Its been on and off for the trail conditions this year.

Monday I enjoyed my day off with soup, gingerbread tea, honey, a stroopwafel and some stitching on a sun drenched winter's day.  Sinking into the cocoon of the ebb and flow of needle and thread, the depths of my tea and warmth of a kitten or two... on my lap. Let this be a long, long day. ♡

A blue glow, the hush of newly fallen snow, wintery Wednesday.

And seeing the silver lining.

And From The Deep.... the depths of my stitching stash. Another unfinished under my needle. I so love this piece. Not much left, just a handful of words and filling in the Deep.

Happy stitching. Finding joy with my needle and thread.