Monday, April 30, 2012

Cinco de Mayo in San Antonio

Counting down to our trip to see our Navy Girl. This is going to be a great trip. I have been wrapped up in planning, packing and preparing for this trip that I have not stitched a lick or licked a stitch!

You can bet your bippy I have stitching packed for the plane trip and layovers. Only bringing my BoaF mystery stitch. Hoping my next post will include pictures of some stitching.

Keeping it short as I have a few last minute things to wrap up.

Keep on stitching.

P.S. Don't worry I will be back in time for my Blogaversay!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life is challenging enough, BLOGGER, really!

I am usually accepting of change when I've been given notice it is going to happen, what's changing and how to work with the new changes. Thanks Blogger for sneaking right up on me with the dashboard changes. I can't even find my followers list back here. I am throwing wrenches and parts all over the place trying to find my way back here. IGNORE THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN........ Why fix it if it Ain't broke? For those of us who are not the techno geeks(experts) Keep It Simple Stupid. So I ask my guests and fans to please bare with me as I learn how to, all over again. Thought I did well enough getting this puppy up and running by trial and error and some advice from Daffy Cat and a few other early followers. JANE, stop this crazy thing!!! Rut row George! Damn it JIM, I am doctor Stitcher not a lawyer programer. Hehehe. Please stand by.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm in the snow now!

Hello Mint Frost from Threadgatherer. Glad you finally made your way to Maine. My hubby ordered this floss as part of my Christmas gift, BACK IN DECEMBER. It has been on back order, just arriving the middle of this week. I was getting a little worried; it is the only specialty thread I ordered for my Christmas HRH. I really love the green/white that gives it a snowy look. Gues I don't have any excuses to not get my blocks down now. :-)

I will post some pictures tomorrow of my BoaF mystery stitch progress. Still trying to pull myself out of my slump, just so much going on. I did manage to get about an hour or so in last Sunday. I've been trying to get out in the sunshiny weather as much as possible, playing in my flower beds and garden. It is supposed to really rain tomorrow, I feel a good stitching session coming on.

Today I have worked in the yard, cleaned house and busy packing for our trip to see the Navy Girl in San Antonio. Oh yeah and I scheduled that trip(not even aware)over Cinco De Mayo weekend. Can you say, SUPER DUPER FUN with the familia!! It will be a family packed weekend too. My brother and his family are come over from Lousiana for the weekend, hubby's Uncle and Aunt will in SA that same weekend and we hope to visit his Aunt in Austin for a day. Big time family time. Who would of thought! We are so stoked about this get-a-way trip.

Well break time is over need to get back to the chores. I love putting the TV on the music channel for Singers & Swing; it just puts me in such a delightful mood and i enjoy getting things done. Simple and smooth. This genre of music reminds me of my grandfather who always knew the words to these happy tunes. And the man could whistle a tune! Missing you Grandpa.

Enjoy your weekend.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Anniversaries and stash

Yesterday was our 13th wedding anniversary and was thrilled it landed on Friday the 13th. My husband and I met on Friday the 13th at a honky tonk joint in Kansas; InCahoots! When we were setting a date I told him I wanted it to be on the 13th. How crazy the luck that our 13th anniversary would land on a Friday the 13th! It is my LUCKY number.

Not long ago, when I was couch bound with that nasty cold I was creeping the Internet, Etsyshop to be exact, and found this.

I think this would be the perfect token for this occasion. Guess I should have shared that with hubby sooner. :-) oh well, it's still cool.

Today marks 30 days until my blogaversay!
 I feel like I just got here, hard to believe it's going to be a year already.
I was so excited to get my parcel from Stitch and Frame. I used the GC I received from my in-laws for Christmas. I am itching to start a few of these already, but need to keep my stitches towards my currents WIPs.

I've added to my Adam & Eve collection, keeping it simple and fun. Totally think it is a scream to add Plum Street Sampler's Garden Eerie during the fall and Notforgotten Farms Christmas Adam & Eve in the winter.

My daughter is a big Wizard of Oz fan and I know I will be stitching up the Wicked Witch twice, once for her and then for me. I think she will really enjoy having this piece to begin her holiday decor.

I picked up a couple of Little House ornaments, the Raggedy Ann and Soldier for my brother for his kids to add to their tree. But I have to say I want to stitch Lizzie Kate's Be Naughty, RIGHT NOW.

With that said, I think I will go work on some grass on the hill before we head outside today. Looks like it's going to be a sunny, crisp spring day. I've had the stitching blahs and hope to get a few stitches added this weekend.

Keep on Stitching! P.J.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blueberries from blah land

I finished the blueberry hooked rug. Yeah.
Not much for words today, so let the picture speak the thousand I usually write. Hahaha.

Snuggle Puss and the Hound

Libby the Basset Hound & Chewie

What a way to spend the afternoon.

Keep well all!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

No April Foolin' - progress and peculars

Hello Spring!

This cough is wicked! I had to get out in the sun and fresh air today, so I tended to a couple of my garden chores; dumped my compost, trimmed the raspberry bushes and my very, very old lilac bush of all the dead branches. Whew, I am wore out already. This thang saps ya of all your energy, could hardly catch my breath after gathing all the branches. Only have two windows open to air out the house of my sickness, still a bit of a cool breeze, but refreshing.
So yesterday morning when I had some energy, I organized my pics, just didnt have it in me to pull out the laptop and type. This will be the most productive I will be today, can feel a nap coming on shortly.

Ta DA!! Here is the grand finish on My Winter House. Please excuse the hoop rings, it has not been visited by the iron yet.

Had fun stitching those teenie, tiny smyrna crosses along the bottom row.

I have been waiting to post my purchases from Carolina Stitcher. I order a set of project pouches for my GF's birthday gift and a set for myself. We LOVE them.

For my GF

For myself

Here is the bottom of the hill on my Boaf not-so-mystery stitch. I did get our initials done. I did not put one stitch in at all yesterday.

And here is a couple of shots of my progress on the Governor's Palace in block 2 of HRH, form our S-n-B weekend.

Here is a closer look. I do enjoy building the house. I need to call Heart's Desire this week, Thread Gather's Mint Frost has been on back order since December. Not Heart's Desire's fault, but a little disappointed in TG; four months, REALLY??
It is for the snow and there is a lot of snow in this project.

If I get a pic from Karri on her Autum at HRH I will post it here. I forgot to take a snap shot.

After seeing Lori's bee chair pad of Notforgotten Farms, loved the colors, I remembered I had a very small rug hook project I picked up several years ago while shopping with my GF. So I pulled my blueberries out of the dark corner of my closet. It did not take long to get back in the loop of things.  I filled in the leaves, curly vine accent and the background this past week.  Karri is working on several designs to be used on the risers of her stairs.  I've asked her if we could plan a hookin' excursion when I come to her place for our next S-n-B weekend. I had picked up a rug hook book by Susie Stephenson. I don't know much about rug hooking and did not know who she was, but loved her book. I came across a tutorial by Susie on the Rug Hooking Magazine website. Who KNEW!  I would love to plan a project of my own design and I am interested in working with yarns. Like I got time for that..... but it is something I can do. I have already sketched out a few designs.

And this is my meager start in the world of HOOKING. :-)

 (Psst yes I did latch hooking when I was a kid, I think there is still bits of yarn in the house on Armstead St.)

Some Peculars...

Here is some stash gifts from my GF. She remembers everything... I have a small collect of Adam & Eve patterns, I know it's a fad but I am liking it. She found the cutest SMALL, the size of a luggage tag. It may be my first start of the collection.

I can't wait to try out the Thread Savers. Thank you Karri!

I have been on an ORT jar obsession lately and found a great jar during our outing last weekend. But I am giving this one to my Mother. Is that not the sassiest ORT jar.

We think it is an old mustard jar, sans lid. The perfect ORT jar.

Speaking of ORTs here is the latest pick of the Candle Stick ORT jar.
 Just a random posting, I can't keep up with the moon.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon, hopefully with some stitching time involved.

Take care and keep on stitching.