Saturday, April 14, 2012

Anniversaries and stash

Yesterday was our 13th wedding anniversary and was thrilled it landed on Friday the 13th. My husband and I met on Friday the 13th at a honky tonk joint in Kansas; InCahoots! When we were setting a date I told him I wanted it to be on the 13th. How crazy the luck that our 13th anniversary would land on a Friday the 13th! It is my LUCKY number.

Not long ago, when I was couch bound with that nasty cold I was creeping the Internet, Etsyshop to be exact, and found this.

I think this would be the perfect token for this occasion. Guess I should have shared that with hubby sooner. :-) oh well, it's still cool.

Today marks 30 days until my blogaversay!
 I feel like I just got here, hard to believe it's going to be a year already.
I was so excited to get my parcel from Stitch and Frame. I used the GC I received from my in-laws for Christmas. I am itching to start a few of these already, but need to keep my stitches towards my currents WIPs.

I've added to my Adam & Eve collection, keeping it simple and fun. Totally think it is a scream to add Plum Street Sampler's Garden Eerie during the fall and Notforgotten Farms Christmas Adam & Eve in the winter.

My daughter is a big Wizard of Oz fan and I know I will be stitching up the Wicked Witch twice, once for her and then for me. I think she will really enjoy having this piece to begin her holiday decor.

I picked up a couple of Little House ornaments, the Raggedy Ann and Soldier for my brother for his kids to add to their tree. But I have to say I want to stitch Lizzie Kate's Be Naughty, RIGHT NOW.

With that said, I think I will go work on some grass on the hill before we head outside today. Looks like it's going to be a sunny, crisp spring day. I've had the stitching blahs and hope to get a few stitches added this weekend.

Keep on Stitching! P.J.


Annette-California said...

Love your necklace. Happy Anniversary! Wow all your new patterns look thrilling:) Stitching blahs? You just take your needle and pop away those blah bubbles.
You have a wonderful day.

dulcinella said...

Too bad you had a cold. I hope it is better now. on the other hand: having a cold is a great excuse to shop over the internet:-)
The necklace is indeed very nice! and you have some lovely new charts! Enjoy your stitching time and happy anniversary (albeit a bit late)

Penny said...

Happy anniversary! Love the necklace and isn't it fun to get stitchy mail? :)

Melissa said...

Hi PJ, I found your blog through Penney :)

Congrats on your 13th wedding anniversary!

Anonymous said...


I'm a new follwer to your lovely blog.

happ 13th wedding Anniversary. I love the necklace.

Lovely stash, the L*K Be Naughty is really sweet.

Hope you did manage a few stitches!

Siobhán said...

Happy anniversary! Love the new stash--great choices!

Catherine said...

Hop you had a wonderful anniversary! My birthday is the 13th ~ and I always love when it falls on Friday!
Great new goodies!