Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympics 2012 London

I am stoked about the opening ceremonies tonight. Although I have never been very athletic I have been watching sports competitions since I was a kid, thanks to my mother.Watching Wide World of Sports winter and summer events building up to the Olympic competitions was some what of a tradition, it would not be normal to not watch.



We are the proud parents of an athlete. We have enjoyed watching her perform and compete in field and track, basketball, softball, swimming and soccer. And now training for her first marathon. Did I forget anything kiddo??? I hope someone takes pictures of her at the marathon, wish I could be there to watch and support.
Going to miss having her here during the games, but we will be watching together in spirit. She is my sportscaster, keeping me up on the history and records of the athletes. She actually had a friend from high school compete in the Olympic trials for swim competition. That was too cool!

I will be getting some good stitch time in while I watch the games.

Go Team USA!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Home Coming Queen, Prairie Fairies & Bday gift from Navy Girl

Before the big reveal I thought I would share a scrumptious picture of our first pick of raspberries last Sunday. They were terrific over homemade, from scratch, waffles, oh yea.

Only had one cup of coffee before I set out for FrameWright to pick up BoaF Mystery stitch and my two PS fairies. I am pleased as punch with how they turned out. I just love the frame for the mystery sampler; rustic, subtle gold edges with specs of burgundy. The texture is perfect!!!!

The Dust Bunny is just the cutest design idea; I picked a hunter green for the bunny. But I have to say the Prairie Fairy really pops with the red frame around the golds and browns.

Well after that parade of goodness it may a bit of a let down to see my measly progress, but here is the "Governor's Palace". At least the roof is on and the chimneys are up.

Closing with a sweet surprise for my birthday from our Navy Girl. She knows her momma well...This is the cutest little pattern of Old Cape Henry Light in Virginia. I will be making one for me and one for her. :)

Here is a snap of Lady Liberty Bell (Libby) on our way back from picking those raspberries.
She's my sweet pea.

Off to help hubby put the typar wrap on his garage so he can start installing the siding. Hey babe, you picked one of the hottest weekends.... I mowed the yards this morning before it got too hot and did some pruning in the wooded area before lunch. After helping with the wrap I will be retreating to the dark, cool house.

Well in the time it took to load the pictures and write, there was a nasty clap of thunder and an lightening strike nearby. Guess we won't be working on the wrap for now. THAT was close....

Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's on it's way home

I just got word from my framer that my BoaF Mystery piece is easy for pick up! Yeah!! I will be picking it up on Saturday. I promis to post pictures. I wii be picking up the two Prairie Schooler fairies.

I will be sure to include progress picture of HRH Christmas. I have a few garden pictures to share.

Just been too hot, too busy and too beat to do too much lately.

Ta ta for now.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hot stitchin'

Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday.I am trying to be productive in this heat and humidity. Granted we are not having triple digits and we have power. Well that just puts it in perpesctive....hmmmm.

We keep the house closed up during the day with the blinds and curtains pulled tight, this helps keep it some what cooler. We do have a window unit in the bedroom, keeps the dog and cat cool in the heat of the day and allows us to sleep without going crazy.

I cannot stitch in the heat or concentrate on much of anything for that matter. Last night I retreated to the bedroom in the AC and set up to do some stitching in my sitting area. I was pleased to get the roof on the "Governor's Palace" in block two of my HRH Christmas. Hope to work on it again tonight.

Will post a few pictures soon. I also finished the stitching on my I MISS YOU for the Navy Girl. I am very pleased with the over-one heart I added. I found a place in Milbridge, ME that sells the balsam filler, so I am going to make a balsam pillow out of it for her. Oh how we love that smell.

Plan to stop by the local quilt store to check out fabric for the back. I have a swatch saved online from Jo-Ann's but want to shop local first.

It's only 5:45 AM, so I guess I'll get my coffee. We plan to pick a BUNCH of raspberries from our bushes this morning. One good thing about the heat, they are starting to bust out with fruit. The veggies in the garden are getting closer to baring.

Have a wonderful day and hope everyone finds a bit of relief from the heat.

P.S. Still too hot to hook!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Let Freedom RING!

Happy 4th of July - Independence Day!

Hope everyone enjoys this day of celebration of our freedom with friends and family. I am looking forward to the homemade icecream I made last night. Should be good and ready by this evening!

Be SAFE and keep COOL!

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I was on the hunt for a slim handled hook, my GF has a beautiful multi-colored wood hook that feels so good in your hand. She has let me borrow another one her slim handled hooks. I went roaming eBay and Etsy to see what I could find. I came across Miss Lucy P's rug hooking supplies. They have sterling silver hooks made from old button hook or vanity set handles. I could not resist this little gem.


Molly put such care in putting the package together. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Ain't she perty!?