Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympics 2012 London

I am stoked about the opening ceremonies tonight. Although I have never been very athletic I have been watching sports competitions since I was a kid, thanks to my mother.Watching Wide World of Sports winter and summer events building up to the Olympic competitions was some what of a tradition, it would not be normal to not watch.



We are the proud parents of an athlete. We have enjoyed watching her perform and compete in field and track, basketball, softball, swimming and soccer. And now training for her first marathon. Did I forget anything kiddo??? I hope someone takes pictures of her at the marathon, wish I could be there to watch and support.
Going to miss having her here during the games, but we will be watching together in spirit. She is my sportscaster, keeping me up on the history and records of the athletes. She actually had a friend from high school compete in the Olympic trials for swim competition. That was too cool!

I will be getting some good stitch time in while I watch the games.

Go Team USA!!!

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