Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hot stitchin'

Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday.I am trying to be productive in this heat and humidity. Granted we are not having triple digits and we have power. Well that just puts it in perpesctive....hmmmm.

We keep the house closed up during the day with the blinds and curtains pulled tight, this helps keep it some what cooler. We do have a window unit in the bedroom, keeps the dog and cat cool in the heat of the day and allows us to sleep without going crazy.

I cannot stitch in the heat or concentrate on much of anything for that matter. Last night I retreated to the bedroom in the AC and set up to do some stitching in my sitting area. I was pleased to get the roof on the "Governor's Palace" in block two of my HRH Christmas. Hope to work on it again tonight.

Will post a few pictures soon. I also finished the stitching on my I MISS YOU for the Navy Girl. I am very pleased with the over-one heart I added. I found a place in Milbridge, ME that sells the balsam filler, so I am going to make a balsam pillow out of it for her. Oh how we love that smell.

Plan to stop by the local quilt store to check out fabric for the back. I have a swatch saved online from Jo-Ann's but want to shop local first.

It's only 5:45 AM, so I guess I'll get my coffee. We plan to pick a BUNCH of raspberries from our bushes this morning. One good thing about the heat, they are starting to bust out with fruit. The veggies in the garden are getting closer to baring.

Have a wonderful day and hope everyone finds a bit of relief from the heat.

P.S. Still too hot to hook!


Peggy Lee said...

I too have been held captive to the AC. I usually don't mind the heat but this is extreme! The only thing about keeping the house closed up is that it smells like bacon ALL DAY LONG!!!
Can't wait to see pictures of your progress. What a sweet stitch for your Navy girl! Something to remind her of home. Be sure to take a pic of that too!

Stay cool

Faye said...

We have been crazy hot here too... Hang in there!!!!!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Triple digits for Music City for the eighth day! The forecast for Monday is high of 89 which is twenty degrees cooler than we have been having! We also keep the blinds, shutters closed to keep out some of the heat.

As one of my friends said "just slap me if I ever complain about being cold again."

Looking forward to seeing your Miss you piece for your navy Girl.

Catherine said...

This heat has been horrible! And it definitely makes it not so much fun to watch my boys play ball!
Hope you are staying cool!

Penny said...

Glad you have a little spot to retreat to! :) How fun that you have your own raspberry bushes. I would probably eat them as fast as I picked them. :)