Saturday, July 14, 2012

Home Coming Queen, Prairie Fairies & Bday gift from Navy Girl

Before the big reveal I thought I would share a scrumptious picture of our first pick of raspberries last Sunday. They were terrific over homemade, from scratch, waffles, oh yea.

Only had one cup of coffee before I set out for FrameWright to pick up BoaF Mystery stitch and my two PS fairies. I am pleased as punch with how they turned out. I just love the frame for the mystery sampler; rustic, subtle gold edges with specs of burgundy. The texture is perfect!!!!

The Dust Bunny is just the cutest design idea; I picked a hunter green for the bunny. But I have to say the Prairie Fairy really pops with the red frame around the golds and browns.

Well after that parade of goodness it may a bit of a let down to see my measly progress, but here is the "Governor's Palace". At least the roof is on and the chimneys are up.

Closing with a sweet surprise for my birthday from our Navy Girl. She knows her momma well...This is the cutest little pattern of Old Cape Henry Light in Virginia. I will be making one for me and one for her. :)

Here is a snap of Lady Liberty Bell (Libby) on our way back from picking those raspberries.
She's my sweet pea.

Off to help hubby put the typar wrap on his garage so he can start installing the siding. Hey babe, you picked one of the hottest weekends.... I mowed the yards this morning before it got too hot and did some pruning in the wooded area before lunch. After helping with the wrap I will be retreating to the dark, cool house.

Well in the time it took to load the pictures and write, there was a nasty clap of thunder and an lightening strike nearby. Guess we won't be working on the wrap for now. THAT was close....


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Wow! Your framed pieces are gorgeous. Chou picked perfect frames. Your WIP is coming along nicely -it's such a beautiful project. We spent many a summer at Cape Henry and I know the lighthouse well. Cape Henry is one of the best places to dolphin watch.
Libby is adorable!

Deborah said...

Great finishes and the framing does set them off perfectly! Libby is darling.

Peggy Lee said...

Did you say home made waffles? I'll be right there. Mmm..and the raspberries, YUM!!

Beautiful finishes and love the frame.

Did I miss your birthday? Well I hope it was a good one!


Catherine said...

Yummy! There is nothing better than fresh fruit from your own gardens.
Love all of the frames ~ they compliment your pieces perfectly!!
Hope your birthday was a good one!!

Penny said...

I love the finishes and the frames highlight them perfectly! Love that bunny in The Dust Bunny! :) Libby is sweet! I'm sorry I missed your birthday - hope you don't mind a late happy birthday wish.

Carol said...

Such beautifully framed finishes!! And wonderful progress on Christmas at HRH. I remember stitching that palace back in 2010--it does take a long, like time, but is worth the effort in the end :)

Love little Libby--what a sweet helper she must be!

Isobel -Argante- said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comments! You have a really wonderful blog, I love these pieces!

Have a lovely week!
The Primitive Hare

Dona said...

Your framed pieces look great! There's something really satisfying about seeing your worked framed.

Libby does look sweet!

Suzanne said...

Such beautiful framing on all your pieces. So jealous of the raspberries, a long while before we see them here.