Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blueberries from blah land

I finished the blueberry hooked rug. Yeah.
Not much for words today, so let the picture speak the thousand I usually write. Hahaha.

Snuggle Puss and the Hound

Libby the Basset Hound & Chewie

What a way to spend the afternoon.

Keep well all!


Annette-California said...

Your rug looks so Pretty. That was fast!

P.J. said...

Thanks, I only had to fill in the background from last post.

Nancy said...

Your rug is very pretty! The animals all look so comfy!

Catherine said...

Very sweet finish!

dixiesamplar said...

Yummy finish!! Those two look VERY comfortable, LOL!

Margaret said...

Congrats on the finish -- it's pretty! Love your lazy furry ones. So cute! Chewie looks like about to fall off the couch!

Jules said...

Lovely finish!

Love the look on the hounds face in the 2nd pic. He looks a wee bit annoyed, lol! Your cat reminds me of my Emerald. Beautiful! I love black cats!!