Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm in the snow now!

Hello Mint Frost from Threadgatherer. Glad you finally made your way to Maine. My hubby ordered this floss as part of my Christmas gift, BACK IN DECEMBER. It has been on back order, just arriving the middle of this week. I was getting a little worried; it is the only specialty thread I ordered for my Christmas HRH. I really love the green/white that gives it a snowy look. Gues I don't have any excuses to not get my blocks down now. :-)

I will post some pictures tomorrow of my BoaF mystery stitch progress. Still trying to pull myself out of my slump, just so much going on. I did manage to get about an hour or so in last Sunday. I've been trying to get out in the sunshiny weather as much as possible, playing in my flower beds and garden. It is supposed to really rain tomorrow, I feel a good stitching session coming on.

Today I have worked in the yard, cleaned house and busy packing for our trip to see the Navy Girl in San Antonio. Oh yeah and I scheduled that trip(not even aware)over Cinco De Mayo weekend. Can you say, SUPER DUPER FUN with the familia!! It will be a family packed weekend too. My brother and his family are come over from Lousiana for the weekend, hubby's Uncle and Aunt will in SA that same weekend and we hope to visit his Aunt in Austin for a day. Big time family time. Who would of thought! We are so stoked about this get-a-way trip.

Well break time is over need to get back to the chores. I love putting the TV on the music channel for Singers & Swing; it just puts me in such a delightful mood and i enjoy getting things done. Simple and smooth. This genre of music reminds me of my grandfather who always knew the words to these happy tunes. And the man could whistle a tune! Missing you Grandpa.

Enjoy your weekend.


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

WOW! The missing fiber must have been shipped via ship which sailed around the world. Glad it has finally made its way into your stitching bag.

Safe travels!

Penny said...

I'm glad you finally received your thread! It can be frustrating when you don't know where your order is.
Your trip does sound like a lot of fun! A little family reunion. :)

Natalia said...

Hello PJ !! I have been admiring your blog and your stitching since I became a follower recently. That's why I am passing along the Liebster Blog award that was given to me by a fellow blogger. Know that there are some rules to follow after receiving the award :-) I hope you like rules. LOL ! You can review them in my blog Enjoy !!

Catherine said...

Glad your thread arrived! Being that I help out at my LNS, I know sometimes it takes forever to get certain colors back in from the suppliers!
Oohhhh....your trip plans sound like fun and perfectly timed!