Monday, January 21, 2013

Hook-In and The Governor

Where to start and trying not to over load you. So here is what I will do; I will cover the Hook-In over two posts. Keeping you in suspense by showing you the absolutely gorgeous rugs made by talented, I tell you talented, ladies in the second post. My GF and I went to our first Hook-In held by the Downeast Chapter Two in Ellsworth, ME. This was their 5th Annual event and it was super. They were at a new location in the elementary school cafeteria and it was perfect. Roughly around 75 ladies were expected from across the State; with a snowy start to the day less than a dozen did not show. There were six vendors with all kinds of wares, one of which I purchased a granite handled hook from. Everyone was generous in bringing food, as this event included a breakfast and lunch meal. The food was amazing, we ate well.

Hooking with my BFF - she is working on a rabbit stair tread.

I am working on a snowman.
All the ladies were so pleasant and delightful to visit with. Everyone was willing to share tips, stories and encouragement. We even met a lady who works with my GF who is nothing less than an artist. Her piece received Best in Show! Neither knew the other hooked rugs. You learn something new everyday.

I met and chatted with Kathleen who offered an invitation to sit with their group in Winterport during their once a month gathering. I look forward to the chance to meet more talented ladies and learn more tips and techniques. It was a pleasure meeting her.
She is in the vest, looking out the window at the snowfall.

My GF and I intend on taking a class from Toni at The Keeping Room, in Hampden. Again another delightful lady; she has a bit of spunk to her. We picked up the cutest little snippet bags she made from wool scraps. We can't wait to visit her shop in the spring.

Cheryl from Hooked Treasures, out of Brunswick,
had this design she hooked on display. Beautiful work...
I picked up this pattern for myself.

As you can see she had some gorgeous wools; I picked up several small pieces for my Moose By Moonlight project. I will not be working that until I have a few classes and some more experience under my hook.
Cheryl has done it all, hooked, designed, instructed and runs a shop.
 If we are ever in her neck of the woods we will surely stop in.

This day will be going into my Jar O' Cheer. I always enjoy my visits with my GF; we both had a very, very enjoyable day with this group and got some good hooking in as well.

  And I am pleased and proud to show the Governor's Palace, as I have come to refer to Block Two of C@HRH is COMPLETE! FINIS! DONE! Yipee, Hurray and all that jazz.
Block Three should go a lot quicker, one it is less stitching and two, I feel like I am really in the groove right now. We shall see.

Keep on stitching.

P.S. I won't make you wait too long for the Hook-In part two. I already have it built and waiting. Here is a peak at one of the swap gifts... Isn't she cute.


Dani - tkdchick said...

Block two is great!!!!

Mii Stitch said...

Great progress on the Governor's Palace! Looks like you had a great time.. Can't wait to read more!!!

Peggy Lee said...

I was thinking of you over the weekend. I'm glad to see you had such a good time. Too bad about those who couldn't make it.
The Governor's Palace is looking good!
Looking forward to the next post.

Margaret said...

The hook in looks soooo fun! And the wool -- scrumptious! Love your Governor's Palace block too!

Casa Pearl said...

Sounds like you had a great time and found some additional places to visit. Congratulations on your block finish - it's gorgeous!

Annette-California said...

Fabulous!!! I read every word and clicked on photos to see them larger. OH MY! I'm now going on to read part 2. I love that you got to meet new friends and loved your shopping. SO Cool. love Annette
ps Governors Palace is Beautiful

Catherine said...

Love that whale!!
Great stitches too!

Suzanne said...

Looks like a great time! Love the whale project and great work on getting the second block finished!