Sunday, November 16, 2014

Retreat - Part II

On Saturday morning after breakfast we went on a little walk down cemetery lane. It was quiet BRISK out; almost bitter cold but it was a nice walk. Along the path were the stations of the cross as you make your way towards the Brother's cemetery and the Shaker's cemetery.

After lunch we stopped in over at the Shaker Museum and over to The Bakery for some goodies.

Fun facts:

In 1875, the Alfred Shaker Community (“Holy Land”) built the Shaker Wood, Lumber Storage, and Carriage House. This building, moved from its original site and refurbished, now houses the Alfred Shaker Museum. (“Holy Land” was one of the longest lasting Shaker communities: 1793-1931.)
In 1931, the Brothers of Christian Instruction purchased the property from the Shakers, and are still in residence. Today, eight original Shaker buildings and a beautifully maintained Shaker cemetery remain on Shaker Hill.

It was really neat to think about how long this village has been here and that I got to be among the buildings and grounds. 

On to what you really stopped by to see MORE rugs. Here are quite a few of the works in progress that the ladies and gentleman were so graciously willing to share.

We were have a funny moment with a headlamp.. isn't her laughing face just delightful!

Next post will include stitchy things, my goodies from retreat and 


Saundra said...

Very interesting. Thanks for the rug show, always a pleasure to see what others are hooking. My roomie has one of those head lamps and it is funny.


barbara said...

Wow PJ I had forgotten how stunning your rugs are!! :D And the cemetary is spectacular.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Wow those rugs are incredible! I would love to visit that community - looks fabulous!

Margaret said...

I love seeing all the beautiful rugs! Love anything Shaker. Love visiting the villages!

Barb said...

This was a fascinating post. I have been to Shaker Villages in both New York and Kentucky. I didn't even realize there was one in Maine. Great rug photos, very pretty.