Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pushing the Needle or pin

A few posts back I had posted picks of the pin cushions my mother had made for me and my girlfriend. This gave me an idea to gather ALL the pin cushions I have been given or accumulated. I can only take credit for actually making one of them.

Just a little off the beaten path, but still relevant to our hobby. I would not consider this a "collection", just that I have a bunch of pin cushions.

The little silohette needle keep was found in an antique store in New Hampshire five years or so ago, during a soccer trip for the daughter. The woven basket pin cushion is Passamaquoddy dated 1990, found in Calias, ME.
The red velvet, jelly jar lid cushion was found at a JUNK store in Pittsfield, ME. The orange pin cushion/compact Niagra Falls souvenir was found in Pineville, NC, last year.

Bees & Strawberries, I picked this one up at The Stitchworks in Tulsa, OK during one of our S-N-B getaways, many moons ago.

We've all seen or had one of these. This is my daughters pin cushion from Home Ec class; she completed her project but never took to sewing or cross stitch. And that's alright.

I made this one!! Quaker Motif Sewing Box pattern by Samplers and Such. I have completed the sewing box pattern also, I just have not completed the finish. I was so excited when I was able to purchase the Shaker cushion and sewing box. Guess I should add that to my finish list. Good idea.

Some of my mother's handy work. Mom made me the red pin cushion years ago. It fits perfectly in a Plano tackle box; she is so clever. My dear old cat, Pokey used to steal mine from the coffee table when I was not looking, so Mom made him one of his own; sans pins & needles. He loved to roll with it on the floor. The brown one is what gave me the idea for this post.

A cherry pie! My mother can finish like nobody's business. I still can't find the begining/end of the crust. And you can see another glimps of my favorite pin cushion.

Saving the BEST for last. Porcupine pin cushion!
Some may say hedgehog, but I have always called this a porcupine. My mother made this over 30 years ago and I used this for my Home Ec class . And this in the inspiration for the name of my blog. Ain't he cute!

Funny too, one of my favorite childhood books was Little Richard and Prickles, about a rabbit and his porcupine friend. Hmmmm.

Not a riveting post that would keep you on pins and needles, but fun just the same.

Keep on stitching! P.J.


Ranae said...

Very cool pincushions, my favorite is the porcupine, he's adorable.

Peggy Lee said...

Thanks for sharing your collection. I tried to pick a favorite but couldn't pick just one. The one you made is beautiful....the one your mother made looks so yummy....and the porcupine, well he's just cute!

dixiesamplar said...

Very interesting pieces...love the "collection," especially Mr Porcupine.

And yes, your mother CAN finish like nobody's business...amazingjob!

Siobhan said...

What a sweet collection! I love that little porcupine!