Monday, January 9, 2012

Bells, Santa, Tree and a TUSAL

Well I am off to a decent start on my HRH Christmas. I have to be honest, this will be a daytime stitch, with Daylite and peepers. I so love my overone, but after a long day at work on the computer these eyeballs are tired.

Here was my New Year start....
lots of counting, recounting and counting some more.
 If the first block ain't right. Well you know.


And as of last night, gettin' along....

Here is an update on St. Nick; the cloud is done and more of the night sky starting to fill in.

And then there was a tree! I am working this one on my lunch hour (eat for 15min, stitch for 30min) and in the evenings during the week if I am not tired. I am getting anxious to stitch the birds. Then on to Part III. I am still thrilled with this piece even if the mystery is gone.
Ooo, the lighting not so good. Those Daylites are great to stitch by, taking pictures, not so much. Oh well you get the picture. Hehehe.

And really I never thought I would post a TUSAL on a full moon. But looky here! I found this little baby with it's mate at an antique store in Ellsworth, ME. They had brightly colored shredded paper in them. It took me a minute as I look at them and saying what could I do with those clear, glass candle stick holders. Hmmmmm. Then it HIT ME, what an awesome ort jar. So I bought the pair, one for me and one for my GF.

Keep on stitching. xxxXXxxx


Penny said...

Counting and recounting are definitely important! :D
Great beginning on HRH Christmas and St. Nick is amazing - looks like a lot of stitching. I agree, that is an awesome ort jar! :)

Dona said...

You have great projects in progress! St. Nick looks so real! I love all of the HRH pieces! Great idea to use the glass candlestick!

Anonymous said...


St. Nick is looking good. What will get finished first, St. Nick or my Carousel Horse?
The candle stick is a great idea. I need to think of some way to use all of my orts when I start making some more!


P.J. said...

Thank you mom! I've been working on St Nick so long I bet you pull ahead of me and have the Carousel House done first. I will have to keep an eye for something special for your orts.

BeckySC said...

OH, I LOVE how St. Nick is looking !! WOW!!!!!