Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cozy stitching

When we returned home from An Evening With Molly Ringwald jazz concert we were without heat. That dang furnace is acting up again. We usually have an issue the first of every season... That already happened. The furnace guy will be here first thing tomorrow morning. We've had the fire place going since last night so we are all cozy in spite of the bitter, howling wind.

We did lose power for about two hours this afternoon.

We boiled pots of water to have our warm baths tonight so we are clean too. :)

If you didn't know, because I didn't...Molly Ringwald of the Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink fame sings jazz. She along with her quartet were amazing. Truly smooth jazz!! She really brought it home with that classic, smooth voice; pulled out a Billie Holiday song like nobody's business. If you get a chance to see her in concert so worth it. Check her album, Except Sometimes, out! Sorry didn't mean to run a mini promo there, but dang she is good.

So today was spent in my flannel PJs stitching by the fire.
I am working on a quick freebie stitch, for an exchange, from Sampler Girl, Christmas Eve.

Quick for me is not quick...I really do believe I have an attention span issue. That is for another time... I did get over half done so far; plan on finishing the last star before bed.

I'm not the only one enjoying the fire.

Missed a photo op of the hound in similar position earlier...they take turns.

Keep warm and stitch on.


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Wow! It is a chilly 28 degrees in Nashville and I am so thankful for a working furnace, warm soft pjs and hot cocoa! What everyone else calls a quick stitch takes me an eternity!

Margaret said...

I don't know how you are keeping warm in this weather! Hope that furnace guy shows up bright and early. Why don't they come on weekend days? Glad you enjoyed the concert. Love your stitching. Love the view of the furry one enjoying the fire too. :D

Chris said...

I hope that the furnace issue is straightened out soon! Your cat looks so happy. My fluffy black one lays up on the bed just like that.
Love your freebie stitching. It also sounds like you had a great evening out!
Have a great week!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Lovely stitching! Fire looks so warm and wonderful!

Catherine said...

So lucky to have your fire! Looks so comfy and cozy too!! Hope your furnace is back on track today. Such a cute freebie ~ have that one in my stash! said...

Love the little freebie...our furnace is down low as in a 2 story, the heat always rises where we sleep. I like sleeping in a cooler room. Hard to get it just right. I am with you, hard to stay with it. Mind goes too much!

Brigitte said...

Sounds like a really great concerts. But what a bad thing to return to a cold house. Good for you that you have a fireplace and enough wood to keep the fire going.

Kimmie said...

Yeah. "Quick" is an issue with me too. Books to read.....laundry to do.....books to read.....LOL