Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Super SUR-Prise!!

Did not get any stitches laid or loops pulled this past weekend as I was thrown for a big loop when I walked through the door Thursday night after work and found these lovely people on my couch!!!
Our dear friends all the way from Kansas.

The sneaky Misters have been planning this since February for this weekend get-a-way! He even scheduled me to have Friday off and I had no idea! I was overwhelmed with emotions as it sunk in that they were really sitting in front of me...took me a minute. And then it was like, "OH CRAP!", I need to clean the house...hahaha. Good thing I got most of the big stuff on Sunday.

The weather was perfect for their Maine weekend getaway! I quickly came up with a game plan and our theme was lobster, wine & cheese and they brought the goodies for our popcorn and a movie tradition. I am just giddy that the guys thought and planned this all out. It was such a special

Dragonfly Winery


The Misters
 Morning around A Stone's Throw

Bar Harbor


On our way to Bar Harbor I asked the Hubby to make a surprise side stop on Verona Island at Searsport Rug Hooking; as Mrs B had voiced her interest in this handwork. She used to stitch many, many moons ago and thought this would be fun to try. I knew they would have some nice starter kits to choose from if she wanted to give it a go. She picked up a super cute Snowman kit and tried out a few hooks to find the right fit. Julie was very gracious in giving a quick tutorial and letting her give it a try on one of her works in progress. I am excited for her to get settled in, cozy by the fire, this winter and work this sweet little project.


We are headed out to their place in several weeks for their 35th anniversary celebration! Which has been planned for a few years. So we are making up for the three years past since we last got together. We all agreed three years is too long!

I feel very fortunate to have several very good, dear friends in our lives.
Good friends are a special gift.

Many things were in the back of my mind during their visit as I had learned of the news of Cathey's passing; whom I had met only through blogging. We shared several emails about her past travels to Maine and how she loved the fall in Maine. She has inspired me in such a personal way and I celebrated her privately while I carried on with our Autumn adventure. I have been chosen as the lucky recipient of Casa Pearls giveaway Rose of Hope. This will be sweet piece to stitch as a tribute to Cathey.

May we all cherish the special gifts in our lives.

Keep on stitching.


Chris said...

What a wonderful weekend with friends! Your husband did a great job surprising you!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

What fun!

Margaret said...

Oh how wonderful! It would have been nice if DH had told you to clean the house beforehand, but otherwise. lol! Looks like such fun! Maine is so pretty this time of year. Bar Harbor -- ah, I miss it there. I'd love to go to Searsport Rug Co. someday. I want to learn!

Catherine said...

How fun!! The menfolk did good! Loved seeing your pics ~ makes me miss Maine all the more ~ it has been many years since I visited!