Sunday, February 12, 2012

Letters to the Navy Girl,Two Birds and Peacock Progress

I meant to post something last weekend, but it got away from me. I've been busy writting letters to our girl at Navy bootcamp.  The first letter we received about a week ago was the standard typed official notice from the Navy with fill in the blanks for the recruits. Of course our girl has still got her sense of humor, it was addressed to the dog; Dear Libby. Thursday we got four letters all at once!! She loves the food and the swimming complex is amazing. She finished first out of 84 females for her first Physical Training (PT) test. She is hoping the compartment will start to come together soon, into their 3rd week and most of them still cannot march. She was hoping for a better bonding experience in bootcamp; but there is still time, 5 weeks left.

This is her BooBoo Bear. Libby misses her girl.

And cute little Chewie at 7 months old. The kitten our daughter brought home for me back in August. She is growing into the most gorgeous cat. She keeps me and the hubby entertained; she plays fetch with her mouse and will bring her mouse on a stick right up in our laps for us to play with her. Still miss my girl, but these two keep us smiling and laughing.


Anyway on to stitch talk. I have been slowly gaining ground on this project and still loving every stitch of it. Here are a few progress pictures. I generally work on this during my lunch break at work; saving the weekend stitching for my HRH CM over one project on 32ct.

Leaves, leaves and more leaves. I was getting tired of the leaves....

 Then the tree was done!

Two birds in the tree with some ABCs. I have been anticipating stitching birds. I just love, love the color combination. Do you ever get tingly when you get to stitch that one thing on the project you've been waiting for, that you just absolutely lust over the colors. I am sure you know what I am talking about. I could not wait to stitch these two guys. And then I looked at part two and found there was a THIRD BIRD! Triple the pleasure!
I am excited to get to Part III, I have decided to add the initials for my husband, my daughter and myself in the grass in place of the flowers. I thought of it when I realized there were three birds. The three of us! Can't wait to get started on that section.

HRH CM - Peacock Progress

After frogging the RED words and restitching the BROWN words, as well as correcting some green issues here is what I've accomplished before today. I am still working on it today. I just love over one work,  my favorite!! But since this is such a big project I am only working on it on the weekends. As you can see above I am trying to get my BoaF MS finished.

Have I touched any of my other WIPS, NOPE! But hope to get some stitch time on those once I finish BoaF MS. It is only February, I've got all year. Speaking of February....a block a month on HRH CM is not happening yet. We will see if I can make up some time on the more solid blocks, lots of counting with all these tail feathers.

Back to some quality stitch time in front of the blazing fire while watching the Grammy Awards.
Uh oh, the fire is dying guess we need to fix that.
Until next posting, stay warm (it's 1* out tonight) and keep on stitching. P.J.


Siobhán said...

Nice progress on your stitching! I'm glad that you've heard from your daughter--it must warm your heart to hear from her! Love the pics of the fur babies. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Hey! Your HRH is looking' good, Gal! Can't believe you actually did all that frogging. You know me, I'd have said too bad and moved on - I'm getting way too old for perfection so my new 2012 mantra is "PDE", Personal Design Elements. Frogging, Be Gone!!!! Love you, Karri