Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finis Block One on HRH CM & Birthday Wishes

I love getting up early when the light is just breaking on the horizon and having that first cup of coffee, listening to the birds morning chattering and cooing.

I am off today, taking sweet Chewie in for her spaying surgery. So once I drop her off this morning, I will put some stitches to block two.

And here he is, THE PEACOCK!! I finished this cocky bird Monday night.

I am licking my chops to get started on block two. It reminds me of the Governer's Palace, Williamsburg, Virginia. I grew up in Virginia, we visited many of the colonial and historical sites during our life there. My mother actually worked at the Governer's Palace in the formal gardens at one point in her horticultural/groundskeeper career. The majority of that period in her career she worked at Gunston Hall, Lorton, Virginia. I spent several summers as a volunteer and earned a paycheck my last summer. Block four makes me think of Gunston Hall. I think that is why I was so drawn to this piece, it brings many memories to mind. I will share some of my associations for other blocks as I get there.

Today is my baby, now Navy Girl's birthday. It is her golden birthday, she is turning 23 on the 23rd. My wish for her is to continue to be the strong and funny woman she has grown to be. She amazes me in all that she does and the things she knows. We are so very proud of her. Tonight I will be curled up with the photo album looking at all those cherished baby photos to celebrate this special day. A lot of memories surrounding this day in 1989. Two days before her arrival I was doing one of those historical site seeing trips....My mother and I were giving my first husband the perfect President's day tour. First stop Mount Vernon, President Geoge Washington's home on the Potomac. Then into D.C. we went to visit the museums and the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and we got to see a rare exhibit of a full body sculpture of George Washington, in just a drape. G was a physically fit man, mm, mm. Wow, I got carried away. Any who, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Seaman Recruit, Sydney Lynn!!!!

I need to share an update on my girlfriends progress on her HRH Autumn. She had started on block five, beginning in the center. She had quite a bit of the lettering done when We visited her in mid January for a little get together for the Navy Girl. We are planning a stitch weekend soon, so I will try to get some pics of her progress. This has been an exciting challenge between great friends. Kind of like having a work out buddy. :-) Keeps us motivated.

Hope you have a happy day.

Keep on stitching.   P.J.


North Country Stitcher said...

What pretty stitching on your HRH. Thanks for sharing.

Ranae said...

I love this block, your stitching is perfect.
Happy 23rd Birthday!to your Navy baby