Sunday, March 24, 2013

More Hookers

Yesterday I spent the day with more hookers. Kathleen had invited me to sit with the hooking group that meets once a month in Winterport. What a delightful group of ladies! They were so welcoming and encouraging. This being only my second piece I was excited to see what the others were working on and get some good tips. There is sooooo much talent in this group.

Two of the ladies were working on beading. The intricate work they had completed on the necklaces they brought was amazing. A few of the ladies I remember talking to at the Hook-In. One of them was adding the finish binding to her gorgeous autumn colored rug. I was goo-goo over it at the Hook-In and I was just as enamored by it seeing it yesterday. The colors were so rich. I saw some background techniques that I liked and was impressed by how NEAT everyone's hooking was. I need to work on that. Another lady's hooking was so neat and tight that the bird house, done with a plaid wool, looked like an appliqué of plaid. You could see the plaid pattern across the surface. Very cool!

I did not take any pictures as this was my first visit and wanted to get to know the ladies and vice versa; I was a guest.

There was one other new lady there who sat across from me. She recently moved from Pennsylvania to Maine. She is having to down size her wool collection and brought some pieces to buy and some giveaways. I picked up a couple of each.

Browns and oranges for the BIG MOOSE project...still putting colors together. I would like to get a few odd colors too; not sure I want to go all life like, need some funky in there. We will see.

It looks like Kathleen has taken me under her wing... She gave me a little starter package with cording, a binding needle and red dot paper with a sharpie pen to help get me started with the supplies to finish and design, So thoughtful.
She also bought several magazines and books for me to read. I am thrilled with the bounty of information to browse through.


Here is my progress on my snowman. I was hoping to have his body done yesterday, but it won't take me long now. I am looking forwad to working the ground with a hit or miss look.

Enjoy your Sunday...Keep on stitching and hooking. P.J.


Margaret said...

Sounds like a lovely day with lots of new friends and stash and hooking! Nice to have friends who can show you the ropes.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Great start on the snowman--you are a natural!

Dona said...

What a fun it sounds like you had. Your snowman is so cute! I can't wait to see him finished.

Annette-California said...

You are doing a beautiful job. It's lovely of your new friends to share their knowledge of hooking with you.
Glad you had a great time.
love Annette