Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wicked COLD!

The new year is starting off with a cold snap vs a bang! In the negative teens and twenties up this way. We got over a foot of snow the Monday before New Year's so we needed to rake the roof for the second time in front of the storm that was headed in on Thursday. Luckily it did not make it this far, we only got 3 inches this round.

The husband raking the roof.

 I did help the first round....hung out the bedroom window (where I took this shot from) to break up the ice from the peak on the garage.  Very grateful the main house is a Gambrel roof, no raking needed.

The Christmas ice storm was not so kind.... Many folks were without power for over a week. We were fortunate to not have lost power.  A few shots of the beauty created by Mother Nature.

The snow is up to the bottom of the top rail!! 

I am so excited to share this next piece. It is my first finished piece with the sewing machine. I mentioned it in my previous post but did had forgotten to take pictures before I gifted it. My friend was very sweet to take a few pictures and a fine job she did.

I love the antlers...
She  used antlers in her wedding decor....

This is the centerpiece she created.
 Very creative girl!

Then I stitched up this little freebie from Sampler Girl for my Winterport Rug Hookers exchange.
It also filled with balsam.

Due to the ice storm our December meeting was canceled; we will have our exchange in January.  I am currently stitching one up for sure is cute. :)  Then I hope to plunge my needle into The Spanish Mystery Sample for a bit today and tomorrow as I sit cozy by the fire.

In closing I wanted to share a couple of non-stitchy pieces I had finished by my framers. I love how they turned out; especially the Moosehead Lake piece for my husband.

Polly and I have such a good time picking out framing; should have heard us squeal a little squeal of delight when we found the perfect combination.

No profound insight to what I hope for in the new year... Simple peace and happiness to all. Hope everyone has a delightful and warm weekend.

Take care and keep on stitching.


Chris said...

I have been thinking of all of my friends in Maine. It has been a brutal couple of weeks. Glad to hear that you had power. One of my friends was out for the week of Christmas..ugh.
Your ornament finishes are lovely. Great framed pieces too!
Happy New Year!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Love your post - great pictures! Hope you stay cozy and lighted!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Wicked cold here. Have never had to clear the snow off the roof!

Your finishes are awesome! Looking forward to 2014 with needle in hand and bottom in chair

Margaret said...

It seems this is going to be a harsh winter. Such a bummer. I'm so glad you didn't lose power! Love seeing all the stitching and the lovely framed pieces. Stay warm!

Barb said...

Your pictures are so pretty, the frames are just right. Stay warm and take care. I loved seeing your pictures. I was in Maine one Feb. what an ice storm we had!

Penny said...

Maine is a beautiful state, but I really don't think I could deal with all that snow. :) Thank goodness you kept your power! You did a lovely job on the ornaments! Happy New Year, and stay warm!

Mii Stitch said...

So much snow!!! In UK people would have been stuck indoors and everything would have come to a halt!!!! I love your finishes, especially the snowman you gifted to your friend... it looks so cute! Well done.

Anonymous said...

You captured the beauty of the winter storms perfectly! I hope our roof never needs raking - I am one of those people best not allowed too high. Last time I tried to get up on the roof, I fell off. Ouch. Best wishes for the new year!!

Annette-California said...

I was shivering reading your post. Photos of the snow are beautiful and glad to hear you had power. All your 2 finishes are wonderful. WOW raking the roof of snow. Stay cozy.
love Annette

Suzanne said...

Great photos of the snow. I can't even imagine that much snow and the associated cold. Our weather has been so relentlessly hot since October.

Pretty stitching!