Sunday, January 12, 2014

Art imitates Life

I spent the majority of Saturday working on the icicle draped bridge on Block Six of my HRH Christmas as an ice storm was upon us outside. Keeping the fire going we found a few good movies to watch while we puttered around the house and I got some good stitching in.

 I am very happy with this progress.


                                              and progress                                                    

Thankfully this one did not generate the power outage as the Christmas ice storm did. BUT the roads were very, very treacherous.  We never left the house. It was amazing watching the icicles form on everything as the freezing rain layered the bushes, tree branches, fence posts, etc. The critters were not deterred; the birds, squirrels and turkeys feasted.

I stitched just a smidge this morning while watching Marly and  Me. I got the little tree done. I had read the book years ago and could never bring myself to watch the movie.... I knew it was going to be a mini cry-fest but it was this or Behind Enemy Lines (also an Owen Wilson flick - not one of my favorite actors). I had not had a good cry in a while and I knew would be crying later in the day as we were heading to funeral service.


Today we honored  William Franklin Knight(91), Retired Navy (32 yrs), the original Maine Troop Greeter. He is the guy that started it all. He was an honorable American Hero. Th service was simple, emotional and with full honors. It was a privilege and a honor to have met and worked with him as a Troop Greeter on several occasions. Rest in peace dear sir! Thank you for your service.



Jackie said...

You made significant progress on HRH piece.

Your friend sounds like a wonderful patriotic person. He served admirably.

Margaret said...

Beautiful HRH! I'm so glad the weather didn't make you or others lose power up there this time. I hate freezing rain and ice. Your friend sounds like a real hero. What a privilege to have known him.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Have only experienced one ice storm and that was enough for me. Nice progress on HRH Christmas. Your dear sweet friend will be forever in your heart

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Your HRH Christmas block is coming along! And the photos of your yard...beautiful! :) those turkeys always make me laugh...they are little piggies!
Your friend enjoyed a long life, may he enjoy the rewards of his efforts in heaven!

Mary said...

Thanks for popping in to my blog and leaving a message. Loved seeing all your photos of the snow - made me feel a bit cooler tonight. Wow you are moving on with your CHRH up to block six already. I am just starting five but want to get it finished this year, along with a few other things.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

sorry about your friend - 91 is an impressive age to get to! Your stitching looks great. It rained here this weekend and most of the snow is gone - this state is wack a doo!

Annette-California said...

Love your HRH sampler. What a great piece to stitch on while staying warm inside and seeing all the snow. What beautiful photos PJ. Loved seeing the turkeys. How remarkable that you got to work with such a legend and happy to hear he was well honored. Sorry for your loss.
love Annette

Barb said...

What a special person to have in your life.

Casa Pearl said...

Glad you stayed safe and comfy. We got off easy. Your progress is great so keep going!

Penny said...

You've made some nice progress on a very fitting block for this time of year. :) Love the pictures of your wintry scenes! It would truly be an honor to know someone like your friend.

acorn hollow said...

thank you for following me. I have followed me right back I grew up in southern Maine my grandparents were in boothbay Harbor and all the way up the coast near Canada.
love your blog so glad to follow.

Suzanne said...

Lovely work on your CaHRH, I still haven't finished the first square. I really should get back to it this year.