Sunday, January 19, 2014

Noodles, thrums, gizzards, worms...

Wool worms, noodles, thrums or gizzards; such interesting names for those lovely strips of wool to be hooked into rugs.

Well my wool worms runneth over.... Although I like the name gizzards...appeals to my south of the Mason-Dixon Line frame of mind. :)

One of the talented and generous Winterport Hookers brought in her "leftovers" as she is thinning out her stash. Her gizzard pile covered an entire utility table. I only took a fistful at first but she encourage us too REALLY take as much as we wanted...I did not want to be greedy. She grabbed a kitchen trash bag and told me to go to town. She said she had just as much if not more at home; all leftovers from completed projects. One of the other ladies said that just goes to show you the body of her work. For someone who is just getting started I cannot imagine. I thanked her for her generosity;  the work of cutting the strips is a gift in its own, much less ALL THAT WOOL!

I had my antique hit and miss rug in mind that I want to replicate so I can hang the original. I even grabbed a handful to add to the caddy I had bought my GF. How fun to fill one of the sections with a stash of wool worms/gizzards.

Here is my booty of gizzards!! 

 Aren't the colors so rich and beautiful.

Here is a progress snap of my Whale... almost done with my water. 
Which, by the way, I am loving the way it is turning out. 

We had our holiday exchange as well. We had to bring something made by hand. There were lovely hooked pieces, punch needle, crocheted washcloths and home canned goodies.

 I crossed stitched my exchange gift.

Here is the beautiful hand stitched wool mitten I received in the exchange. 
It is just lovely. 

We discussed and agreed to do a mug mat for a spring exchange. Since I am still learning I did a bit of research last night and I have come up with something different and special. AND I am going to use the gifted gizzards. Stay tuned.

Speaking of canned goodies my crafty, creative co-worker brought in a bounty of jarred foods from their garden this year. She had more than they would eat. I picked up a few jars; dilly beans, chunky applesauce, blueberry & raspberry jellies and tomato rhubarb chutney.

I used a jar of the chutney Friday night; simmer pork chops in the chutney with a side of cheesy gnocchi. Lands...was that a scrumptious meal, simple but delicious. Such goodness!

My GF gave me the coolest little Rug Hooking book; "Full of tidbits of Information for beginning rug hookers and experienced hookers alike. Can't resist sharing these two definitions:

HOOKER -The jokes are endless, and you've probably heard them all. User your imagination. See stripper.

STRIPPER - Of course it means the machine that cuts the wool into strips. However, when combined with hooker, it takes on a new meaning.

*****Funny Stuff*****

As we reflect on Dr. M.L. King's message, hopes and dream, may we each in our daily actions bring a bit more peace in this world.

A warm welcome to my newest follower; Cathy from Acorn Hollow. 
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Keep on stitching and hooking.

P.S. Can't help but share a few snowy pics as it is coming down again.

 It is just such a peaceful beauty.

P.S.S. I couldn't resist these adorable kitty lips!!
Too sweet!!


Cricket-bug Corner said...

Such pretty gizzards! Love the pictures - lovely kitty!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Rug hooker words are just the best--hooker, stripper, worms, noodles and gizzards! And hookers are just the best with generous sharing hearts!

Beautiful snow photos and kitty lips--just doesn't get any better!

Margaret said...

Love seeing your strips for that rug you want to reproduce. So pretty! Love your whale too. We had to drive through the snow on the way up Boston yesterday. Thank goodness it wasn't snowing today on the way home!

Barb said...

The wool colors are so pretty as are the little ornaments! What a cute kitty photo and the snow scenes are lovely!

Kim said...

I've never heard them called gizzards. Lol. I bet I have 2 full size garbage bags of leftover strips. I keep "trying" to use them but they multiply like rabbits!

Catherine said...

Catching up on your last few posts! Glad you are staying safe and warm ~ what a winter we have been having! Are you ready for spring? I can't imagine having to rake your roof ~ and hanging out of windows in that cold ~ yikes! Beautiful stitches and gifts ~ I am loving your whale!!