Friday, January 31, 2014

Meeting a sister blogger

My creative Sundays continue. This past Sunday I was invited by Patti of Stitching in Lobster Land to join her and Barbara of Mainely Stitching at the Co-Op in Belfast for some stitching fellowship. Barbara was not able to make this visit; but I do look forward to the chance to meet her in person in the near future.

It was a snowy, sunny drive over to Belfast. The rolling hills provided beautiful wintery vistas. As I crossed Plymouth pond I had to stop in the middle of the bridge to take a picture of the ice fishing shanties; as I was struck immediately with an idea for rug hooking design.

 I will sketch it out with water colors; but I can see a very narrow wall hanging for this one. The sun was in my face for the morning shot...on my way back I pulled off in the turn out to take a few more pics.
 The wind was plowing across the pond; you can see the snow being kicked up.

 Now I will need to start collecting winter whites, grays and blues for all that snow.

I had such a terrific time visiting and stitching with Patti. Funny thing... We are stitching the same project, have same first name, same type of job just different industries and we've both been in Maine for the same length of time. Oh and we both have hound dogs. Hahaha. I truly enjoyed our conversations while we stitched by the window soaking up some good sunshine. Well the sun chased me around the table, but I was grateful for the rays to brighten these gray winter days. We have a couple more months before we feel the sweetness of spring.
We both made some nice progress on our Christmas at HRH; 
she's working hers over two and I am working mine over one. 

It was fun to see them together and the size difference. 
I hope to be much further along at our next visit...I have some catching up to do.

I've been working on it during a few lunch breaks this week; progress is progress. I put a few loops in my whale last night. I am playing with my sky. First I had defined clouds but I pulled those out. I was perusing the hooked rug images on the web for inspiration and I found a sky that I really like. We will see how it goes. Hope to share some updates this weekend. It's taken me all week to post this one. :)

Keep on Stitching and Hooking.


Chris said...

How great to meet up with a sister stitcher! You have so much in common. Your projects are looking lovely.
Lovely winter pics. I love Belfast :)
Have a great weekend!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Over one - wow! You are my hero! Lovely pictures. What a fun Sunday - funday - hA hA!

Margaret said...

So great that you got to visit with Patti! You're doing HRH over one? Wow!

Peggy Lee said...

Love that you are doing that design over one!
Good to see someone is actually enjoying this Winter weather a bit and all the sights it offers. While I'll admit it provides a lovely landscape, I am happy to live here in KY where we don't see much of that stuff. It had been brutally cold though!

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

How fun to meet and stitch with a fellow stitcher! And all your "in common" coincidences too! Love your projects!

Barb said...

How nice to meet a fellow blogger, stitcher! I am such a coward about over one stitching!

Saundra said...

Nice pictures. The stitchery you two gals are doing look beautiful. It is fun to see how different people stitch or hook using different colors.


Brigitte said...

Such great scenery you show here. No wonder that it gives you ideas for your needlework.
It's always so nice to get together with a fellow stitcher. Both your HRH pieces look so gorgeous.

Catherine said...

Such pretty winter photos! Can't wait to see what your idea is! How fun meeting a new friend. I will have to pop over to her blog. Those HRH pieces are stunning ~ what count are you using for your over one piece?

Suzanne said...

It's always great to catch up with fellow bloggers. I can't believe that you are stitching CaHRH over one!