Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Labor of love

I am preparing for a stitching weekend with my girlfriend over this long, Labor Day, weekend. I have several show and tells to share and I am looking forward to seeing what she has been working on or finished since we last got together. She surprised me today, making my week, when she emailed me that low tide will be at 9:15AM on Saturday for a beach glass hunting excursion in Bar Harbor. Then we can scoot back to her place and get some serious stitching done.

I will be bringing my Santa project, 11 year WIP, to add a few stitches. I am really ALMOST done.

 And I hope to get some serious progress made on my BOAF mystery stitch along. Although there is no longer a mystery I am enjoying this project.

I picked up Wedding Spots from FrameWright on Saturday; Polly did such a wonderful job. I cannot wait to give this to my cousin and his wife.


Love Doves

I will be posting a tribute post to commerate the 10 year anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Check back next week.

Keep on stitching. ==><==><==


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Picture pages, picture pages, picture pages

Well posting pictures has turned out NOT to be so simple. My very first two pictures of the Wedding Spots were taken with my cellphone, not bad if I do say so myself. And they posted nice and large. As you can see in some of the previous posts, which I added some pics to, not so much! SMALL, too small to see the details. Funny they are beautiful on my IPad photo gallary and on the phone, but when I emailed them to my home email, save to my photo files they are getting lost in translation. Will continue to perfect the picture posting.

Thank you Wendy111 for my very first comment on my blog! I would love to send you something special just for being the first to post a comment. As you can see I am slowly learning the ropes and soon hope to be able to maintain as nice a blog as my stitching contemparies.

Somewhere within this space I will also post pictures of my work in progress on the Jenny B pin cushion. I ended up using scrap and stitching it over one. It will be a little smaller than expected for the holder I got for it, but I do like the way it is turning out.

If anyone has suggestions on how to go about the best way to save and post pictures, I am not apposed to advise on the subject. How incredibly frustrating for something that should be quite simple.

Keep on stitching. xXxXxXxXx

P.S. I am starting feel a bit Prickley over all this.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Three's a crowd!

Just popped in for a brief look at the blogs I am following and to my surprise Karri has joined my blog. I know there are folks out there who've been doing this for years, but every one started with none. Glad you found me.

I really do need to get on the laptop tomorrow, I have several new pics to share of my projects. I am really pleased with my mystery SAL; even with the DMC subs it is coming together nicely. Got my final section, Part III in the mail today from The Silver Needle.

The pattern was wrapped in the cutest ice cream cone printed tissue paper. They must be doing just about anything to think COOL down there in Oklahoma! Even pictures of ice cream cones.

The ladies there always do a nice job of making you feel special when your purchase arrives. Even though I was expecting it, it felt like a little surprise all wrapped up. They usually include a freebie and they did not disappoint; they included a Prairie Schooler complimentary pattern card. This one is a 2011 winter scene and mentions the latest PS winter designs. My girl friend and I each have a nice little collection going. Nice, quick gift.

Will post pics tomorrow, darn IPad!

Keep on stitching! ===XXXXX===


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Stitching Along

I am getting ready to head over to FrameWright to get Wedding Spots all dolled up. I do enjoy the adventure of choosing framing.

I have started the Birds of a Feather stitch along yesterday. I absolutely, love, love the fabric this piece is worked on; Weeks Dye Works (WDW) 35 count Confederate Gray linen. It has the softest feel yet rugged tension. A good linen. I only had a few of the WDW over dyed floss; I have substituted only a few DMC and using Gentle Art for the rest. It will be uniquely mine. I am really pleased with the DMC 3052 sub for WDW Kudzu. Hope to get a good bit put to it this weekend. Although I am helping the hubby split and stack wood this morning.          

As I am learning since moving to Maine, there are two seasons in Maine, winter and getting ready for winter. When we went out to dinner with friends last weekend we talked about that. They are originally from Ohio and Illinois. It really requires a lot of work to live up here; mowing turns to plowing, maintenance on the house over the seasons, cutting/stacking wood and keeping the fire going through the winter. But I have found that life has become much simpler up here and we can't complain about the cooler climate vs. the heat in the mid-west, having lived in Texas and Kansas for almost 15 years.

Well the man has returned with log splitter, need to serve up breakfast and get to work.

Keep on stitching. ++//xx\\++


Monday, August 1, 2011

Moving up in the blog world

I now have two, count them TWO followers! I was so excited when I checked my blog, hoping for a comment on one of my postings. Imagine my surprise when I saw a little brown bird sitting next to Daffy Cat's dancing cow. Welcome Wendy111 :-) You made my Monday. Now off to ironing my material to get started on Birds of a Feather's mystery stitch along. Granted there is not much mystery left, but I loved what I was seeing on the posts at With Thy Needle and Thread Mystery SAL blog. You can find the link under the blogs I am following.

Keep on stitching.