Saturday, August 6, 2011

Stitching Along

I am getting ready to head over to FrameWright to get Wedding Spots all dolled up. I do enjoy the adventure of choosing framing.

I have started the Birds of a Feather stitch along yesterday. I absolutely, love, love the fabric this piece is worked on; Weeks Dye Works (WDW) 35 count Confederate Gray linen. It has the softest feel yet rugged tension. A good linen. I only had a few of the WDW over dyed floss; I have substituted only a few DMC and using Gentle Art for the rest. It will be uniquely mine. I am really pleased with the DMC 3052 sub for WDW Kudzu. Hope to get a good bit put to it this weekend. Although I am helping the hubby split and stack wood this morning.          

As I am learning since moving to Maine, there are two seasons in Maine, winter and getting ready for winter. When we went out to dinner with friends last weekend we talked about that. They are originally from Ohio and Illinois. It really requires a lot of work to live up here; mowing turns to plowing, maintenance on the house over the seasons, cutting/stacking wood and keeping the fire going through the winter. But I have found that life has become much simpler up here and we can't complain about the cooler climate vs. the heat in the mid-west, having lived in Texas and Kansas for almost 15 years.

Well the man has returned with log splitter, need to serve up breakfast and get to work.

Keep on stitching. ++//xx\\++


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