Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Picture pages, picture pages, picture pages

Well posting pictures has turned out NOT to be so simple. My very first two pictures of the Wedding Spots were taken with my cellphone, not bad if I do say so myself. And they posted nice and large. As you can see in some of the previous posts, which I added some pics to, not so much! SMALL, too small to see the details. Funny they are beautiful on my IPad photo gallary and on the phone, but when I emailed them to my home email, save to my photo files they are getting lost in translation. Will continue to perfect the picture posting.

Thank you Wendy111 for my very first comment on my blog! I would love to send you something special just for being the first to post a comment. As you can see I am slowly learning the ropes and soon hope to be able to maintain as nice a blog as my stitching contemparies.

Somewhere within this space I will also post pictures of my work in progress on the Jenny B pin cushion. I ended up using scrap and stitching it over one. It will be a little smaller than expected for the holder I got for it, but I do like the way it is turning out.

If anyone has suggestions on how to go about the best way to save and post pictures, I am not apposed to advise on the subject. How incredibly frustrating for something that should be quite simple.

Keep on stitching. xXxXxXxXx

P.S. I am starting feel a bit Prickley over all this.


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wendy111 said...


I like getting comments, so I am very happy to comment on your posts.

In regards to the photos are you only using your phone as your camera? If so, can you download your photos from your phone directly to your computer?

If not - are you using an IPhone (i see you have an Ipad)? if so you could download an webphoto album - I have photobucket mobile on my phone and you can take photos using your phone which go directly into this. You can then upload photos to your posts as a URL from your photobucket account using your computer.

I think the problem with e-mails are the file are made a lot smaller.

If this does not make sense please e-mail me and I will try to sort it out with you as I would love for you to be able to get your photos into your posts.

I love how you have set up your blog, and I love the pretty background.

My email is wendyhodge111@yahoo.com

I spent a few days in Maine a few years ago and thought it was lovely. One day I would like to come back and spend more time there.