Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend in Wiscasett

It may have taken me two weeks to get this posted, be we could not have picked a nicer weekend to have a three day stitching get-a-way. Karri and I headed out Friday afternoon and made a couple of stops at a junk store and antique mall in Brunswick. I found a couple of ORT jars for $1 for both! Little treasures found among lots of stuff! I also found a couple of sets of the old wire basket style flower window baskets. Excited about getting those up next year, maybe I can get the hubby to mount before winter so I can put holiday greenery in them. Hmmmmm.

I found two more jars at the Flea Market we stopped at on Sunday.

Saturday we made our way to Stitcher's Corner. It was good to see Janet again, we were a little worried about her, but she is doing well. I picked up ten new patterns to add to my stash, two of which were from Primative Needle. I had been eyeing the Retro Halloween for awhile, I just love the old style designs especially the angry green pepper! They remind me of the decorations we had when I was a kid. And the other was Cape Cod Girls; "Cape Cod girls they have no combs, they comb their hair with codfish bones." Hehehe

Also Picked up: three from La-D-Da - Eve, Psalm 103 (for my hubby),
and Bushel & a Peck;
Twisted Thread - Gingham Girlfriends (I need to order the gingham, gonna to do two simultaneously);
ByGone Stitches - One Nation (love this one!);
Imagination Inc - Ol Harvest Moon, "Ol harvest moon so big and bright, watch over us this Hallow's Eve Night.";
Bittersweet House- The Addison Adam and Eve Sampler (will be making some changes);
and from Plum Street Samplers - Give.

As always can't wait to stitch em. Like I needed any more patterns.

Here is a peak at some of my stash

Saturday night we enjoyed a Haunted History Tour guided by the Red Cloak Lady. It was the perfect evening, mild tempature and a bright moon. When she came slowly up the drive along side the big white church swinging her candle lit lantern, wearing that red cloak over a long black skirt and black boots it really cast the spell for the evening.

So let me wrap this up with a few pics of my progress.

Check out the little owl my GF surprised me with in a little care package on our weekend.
It's reversable!

And my October posting would not be complete with out a little black cat. Here is a couple of pictures of our new kitten, Chewy. My daughter brought her home in August, knowing I was looking for a cat/kitten. She is just the cutest thing; a clown, fly catcher, snuggler, shadow and Basset tail swatter.

Chewy. Ain't She Tute?

Okay, I think that is enough for now.
Hope you enjoyed my pictures and musings.
 Keep on Stitching!


Siobhan said...

Chewy is too cute!! What a sweetie. It sounds like you had a fantastic trip. Loved all of your finds, especially the stash! Nice progress on your WIPs, too.

Anonymous said...

BEEutiful stitching, PJ :)
I look forward to following your CaHRH progress next year. I have that in my pile too :)
I am having to post as anonymous as blogger will not allow my google acct. to post to your blog-not sure why.

Catherine said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Love your Ort jars and new stash!
Thanks for popping in on my blog - I an looking forward to learning more about you! Oh, and what a sweet kitty!

Penny said...

I love the new charts you picked up. Your stitching is lovely and what a sweet little owl!
Chewy is the cutest ~ they are so entertaining when they are kittens. :)