Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Frolics

I just love this time of year! The smell of apples, cider and fallen leaves in piles bring back wonderful childhood memories growing up in West Virginia. The simplest things bring such comfort in a crazy, hectic world.

My girlfriend and I are making our annual trip to Wiscasett, Maine and hit The Stitcher's Corner for some stitching stash. We are making this one a four day weekend, yippee. I can't wait to spend easy, quality time with one of my best friends. When you grow up it is hard to find those special friends that will be with you through thick and thin. I have to say that I feel fortunate to have a handful of very special friends in our lives. Getting off the stitching subject, sorry.

Anyway I want to throw a pitch out there for The Stitch and Frame Shop in Rockhill, SC! Thank you for your recent posting of what's new on your blog; I really like the new Drawn Thread's monthly calendar series. Check it out.

I will be working on my BOAF mystery stitch, Prairie Schooler's Season's Greetings and a needle point glasses (Itouch) case in leopard print. This matches the scissor case I completed several years ago. It can be seen in my post with my progress on the Jenny Bean (Patty J) pincushion. Need to post the finish of that one.

Enjoy this fabulous fall weekend, I know I will!

Keep on stitching. XxXxXxXx


P.S. Looks like I have a new follower! Thank you Siobhan of Notes from Blue Hen Hollow blog, for joining.


Siobhan said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out! I miss autumn in the US. Here it tends to be gray and dreary. I miss the crisp, clear days full of piles of leaves, crunchy leaves under my feet, going apple picking, etc. I hope you have a great time with your friend! Safe home!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog.....a fellow Mainer!!We were in Wiscasett last month while staying for a few days in that town! Hope you enjoyed your time there...I am not familiar with The Stitchers Corner...will have to look for it next time. Hunker down for the rain and wind coming tomorrow.....
Cindy in ME