Saturday, September 24, 2011


I recently won my very first blog give-a-away from Lizzie*Kate Blog at! I was so eek-cited to find the congratulatory email in my inbox. When I returned from our trip to Maryland to see family and attend my cousin's wedding (# 3 of 4 for the summer) there was a package waiting for me. I was just tickled about getting a lime green calculator; so I was even more eek-cited when I found a pattern tucked inside. Linda had also included the Sampling Halloween Quick It pattern. It is just the cutest little pattern; I am not much of a charm person, but the little brass ghost charm is adorable.

My cousin Eric and his wife Lauren loved the wedding spot sampler. Funny story about that pattern. I was showing my Aunt the finished piece the night before I gave it to them during the family dinner she had planned for all of us. As soon as she saw it she started to laugh, apparently she did the same pattern for her other son, my cousin Andy, for his wedding four years ago. My aunt thought it was funny because she does not do that many projects and we ended up doing the same one for two of her three sons. I also gave the baby book to my cousin Andy and his wife, which they absolutely loved. I asked Eric and Lauren if they would like one, as they are expecting baby boy,Paxton, in November. To keep the tradition, all three of my cousins' sons will each have the Down On The Farm baby book. I best get started now! For now I am going to work some more on the Not-so-Mystery, mystery stitch. Hope to get the border finished soon, can't wait to get started on the letters.

Keep on stitching! +++XXxxXX+++



Ranae said...

How fun to win Lizzie*Kate.
Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, so I could find you. Now to go browse your blog
I'll be back

P.J. said...

Just getting started in the blog world, hope I don't disappoint.

Siobhan said...

Welcome to the blog world! I'm glad to have found you when you left a comment for me--thanks! :)

Congratulations on the win! Congrats, too, on your stitching being appreciated. It's always nice when people realize the amount of time and love that goes into the stitching that they're gifted with!