Friday, September 6, 2013

Crabby Apples

This Labor Day weekend was relaxing, eventful and productive. I picked up my framing Saturday as you saw in my last post; thank you, thank you for all the gracious comments. Then later in the afternoon we headed to our friends family camp on Lake Wassookeag. It was a very relaxing time just chilling on the deck, taking a spin around the lake, grilling and a good old fashion sit and talk into the evening.

Their 13 year old son!!

Sunday was spent in the garden, gathering veggies, picking crabby apples and a little stitching.

Sunday evening I had a tangle with my kitty....the neighbors little ass'ol of a cat jumped onto the screen trying to get to my Chewie. I heard the ruckus and went running to the dinning room where the little ass'ol was hanging from the screen (now shredded) and Chew-Chew was just boxing away at him. So I hollered and touched Chewie who jumped and hissed at me. I knew not to touch her as she was in demon cat mood like I had never seen....sooooo I reached up to close the window between them and she LIT right into me, biting the top of my hand and rabbit punching me but good. I let out a blood curdling scream that brought the hubby running from the garage. I was too scared to look at my hand because it felt like she tore it right open.
Thankfully she didn't.

 Our sweet little peanut can hold her own; now we can add guard cat to her resume. :)

After about an hour I got to thinking and googling and decided after reading the cat bite horror stories that we should head on over to the ER to get the antibiotic regimen started; oh bonus I get a Tetanus shot too, sweet! All is well on my third fourth fifth day of healing, the swelling is just about gone and the tenderness has subsided. I managed some stitching...she bit me on my left hand so I was able to prop my Q-snap without much trouble.

So on Monday with the help of my husband (he chopped the crabby apples) I got to makin' crabapple jelly and spiced crabapple jelly. It poured rain ALL day; it was perfect weather for spending most of the day in the kitchen over four boiling pots. Hahaha.

Using Mom's strainer and canning pot

This was just a tester batch; hope to pick more from our tree again and the ones at the Bank. We have three crabapple trees at work that are just LOADED; so I got permission for me and my co-worker to go a pickin'. They are a different variety from the ones at the house so I am anxious to see how they taste.

Looking forward to getting some stitches in tonight...was planning on having block three complete over the long weekend but hit a bit of a snag-gle tooth, haha. Almost done, almost.

I can't wait to get started on block six! I am dropping down under three so I can stitch the ice skaters on the pond. I emailed Marty at Carriage House Samplings last year cuz I could not figure out what that was on the bridge... I will save that for my progress pics when I get to it. Hehehe.

Thank you again for stopping by and leaving a comment or two. I have been enjoying everyone's blogs as well; with all your lovely projects and summer adventures. As this sultry season comes to a close I am anticipating the soothing coolness of Autumn and the sweet smell of the leaves as they collect on the ground. There is something about the sound of the rustling leaves swirling on the ground that brings an inner peace to me. This is my all-time favorite season. Let the cider flow!!

Keep on stitching.


Chris said...

Wow P.J. I am glad that you went and got your hand taken care of.
It looks like you had a great weekend at the lake.
Your garden haul looks great and the crabapple jelly looks wonderful.
Nice stitching progress.
Have a great weekend!

Margaret said...

Yikes on your hand! Yes, DH got between our Mia and another cat outside by trying to close the window and he got a good scratching. They really do go into guard cat mode, don't they? Good that you got it taken care of -- looks nasty! Your little trip looks wonderful! Your stitching looks amazing too! Crabapple jelly -- wow!

Mii Stitch said...

That lovely place by the lake look so charming!!! What a setting & the view must be fantastic!!! Never heard of crabapple jelly but it sure looks good & yummy :) Lovely progress on the stitching too of course x

Jackie said...

We're new cat owners (adopted by a stray 8 mid ago) so it's good to know how they can react to other cats in their territory. We've never seen Sammy hiss at all. I also wouldn't think of a tetanus shot being needed!

Looking at your HTH project I couldn't help but notice that the outline box is one of the last things you are going to stitch. I'm working on Shores now and the black outline box is always the very first thing I stitch. Funny how we have different habits!

Melissa said...

What a weekend! And ouch that bite looked bad!!! I'm one of those people that will be eternally afraid of cats because they are just too unpredictable for my liking. It's too bad because I just wanna snuggle and pet them when hehe.

Loved hearing about your crabapple jelly making! So cool!

Have a great weekend!


Cricket-bug Corner said...

OMG your hand!! I'm glad you went and got the medicine - even though it sucks!! Your trip does look nice and relaxing!! I'm coming over to try the jelly - looks delicious!!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Ouch! Hope you are on the mend! The jelly is beautiful and I am sure tasty

Penny said...

Your hand looks painful! Glad you had it looked at and hopefully it is feeling much better. The lake looks like a pretty place to spend time! Crabapple jelly sounds delicious! Lovely stitching despite your poor hand!

Brigitte said...

That bite on your hand looks really dangerous (to me but I don't own a cat), so I think it was a good idea to have it examined by a doctor. Good to know that it's been healing so well.
The crabapple jelly looks great - and certainly tastes great as well.
Nice progress on your HRH piece.

Pumpkin said...

Fantastic pictures! TFS :)

DH and I are huge fans of Maine and we used to get down there every year. It's sad that it's been so long :(

Oh yum! Looks good!

Thankfully your swelling looks much better too.

Catherine said...

Fabulous fun and goodies ~ all except your hand ~ ouch! Glad you took care of it and hope it is feeling much better now.