Saturday, June 30, 2012

June - heading into July... My, how time flies

Well hello there! I've been keeping up with the blogs, but obviously not posting much myself. Sometimes I like to let things build up, but mostly just didn't have much to say. Now for those who know me well, you can pick yourself up off the floor....I know, I know... I AlWaYs have SOMEthing to say.

All kinds of fun and busy things going on; DIY projects, yard and garden work, business dinner for the husband's work, S-n-B weekend with my GF, my birthday, talking and FB with the family,chatting to the Navy Girl and Olympic trials.


On to stitching news and happenings. I have received a boat load of inquiries on the Goddess of the Dead needle minder (I think they liked it). Many folks have asked if my GF was selling or willing to sell these; at this time she wants to keep these limited, which makes them all the more special. She is not making these to sell but has offered to share one again for a future give away.'ll have a chance to receive one via a give-a-away at Porcupine Needle in the future. Thank you again Karri for providing that little goodie!


I have done a smidge of stitching on my PS Village and HRH Christmas, nothing worth showing yet. My GF is kicking my behind in our stitch-a-long. I took a couple of pictures of her progress while visiting for our S-n-B weekend.

I did not even touch HRH while I was there. First off, we had a Bucket 'O Frozen Margaritas for our beverage of choice, another reason I love my GF. Just what I needed after an interesting and eventful week at work. Did NOT, I repeat did not want to even think about stitching over one under the influence of that slushy goodness; two has me cross-eyed.

So instead I worked on a simple piece to send to the Navy Girl. This is a complimentary chart from Plum Street Samplers. Sums it up! I MISS YOU....Punky! I plan on adding a little heart done over one, just below YOU.


I will share a snapshot of my finish, as I attempt to make this a little pillow. I am on the hunt for balsam, to fill it. I want to find a green,black and white plaid or a green or black check for the backing. I really like the chenille trim I see a lot of folks using on their finishes. I can see it in my minds eye and know it won't come out near as NEAT. See mom, another reason you should live close by, you can be my finisher; I'd pay you!!!!


While on our S-n-B weekend my GF took me to the local Rug Hooking shop, Wool-n-Ewe so I could try to match up wool for my found ship project. Allen was of great help and entertainment. We enjoy a good sense of humor, we LOVE a saucy sense of humor. As I have been identified as a virgin hooker, I received some great suggestions and good advice during our visit. I only consider myself having made it to first base with the framed blueberries project. I am jumping into some serious hooking with #2 fine cut wool on an almost completed project, worked by "OS". I joked and said wonder if this was worked by Olympia Snowe(OS), U.S. Senator for Maine. I can picture her working on a hooked rug to clear her mind or mull over in deep thought an important issue. YOU NEVER KNOW!

Wool for Ship project

Well rug hooking stash is just like stitching stash, as a lot of you know.... yep I picked up two new patterns and some wool to start my collection. My GF found the first pattern and said you gotta do this one. Well I love it! It is called Moose by Moonlight. I could have spent another two hours picking my wool, but limited to getting a good start on a variety of blues and grey for the midnight sky. I can see little dots of silver grey for stars, may need to get creative with how those stay in. Picked up a few more scraps of browns for the antlers and the cattails.

My GF's favorite part of this piece is the dead tree. The designer did a great job capturing the feel of a moose bog. She has ordered one for herself, it will be fascinating to see how different our projects will turn out. On my way home I stopped by to look for a thinner hook, as I have an awl shaped hook and want to try something different. Did not have what I was looking for but I did pick up the snowman pattern, JACK, that I had been admiring the day before. So I have two new patterns and a rescue project that should keep me a happy hooker for a while. Now the fun part, picking out the rest of the wool! We said we will never look at wool clothes at Goodwill the same. Most of the scraps I picked up were from blazers, skirts or pants; which I think is awesome. We were advised to wash anything we pick up from the thrift stores so we don't get bugs and who knows what else......

Got up at 5:30 watched the day wake up, enjoying my coffee. It's almost 7:30 now. I want to head out to the flower beds to do some weeding in the cool of the morning, as I have a sneaking suspicion it is gonna be MUGGY today. After all the rain we've had and now the heat it feels like a sauna by mid day. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

Keep on stitching!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Dad's are an important person in our lives. I won't go into all the mushy details, they just are. When I married my hubby, my daughter was 10 yrs old. We had challenges and even more wonderful memories. He has been a great father to our girl. She knows he will always be there for her and has her best interest at heart, even if it is sometimes hard to see at first. Parenting is tough enough, then to join the game halfway through. Hehehe. He became a wonderful father, I could not have wished for better. I love hearing the pride in his voice when he talks about her.makes my heart swell.

Thank you darlin'.

Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

In Honor of a HERO **Edited**

On Memorial Day an Apache helicopter crashed in Kabul, Afghanistan, and killed Army Capt. John “Jay” R. Brainard III, 26, and another member of the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, Chief Warrant Officer Five John C. Pratt, 51, of Springfield, Va.

Today, on Flag Day, we stood in tribute along the road outside of work to honor this fallen soldier as Captain Brainard's body was escorted from the Bangor International Airport to Newport. My heart was heavy as the motorcade passed by, thinking of this young man's family and friends. We honor you Captain Brainard and shall not forget the ultimate sacrifice you have made in the fight for peace and your service to your country. May you rest in peace.

**Today (6/15) we learned from one of our employees that she is a family member of Capt. Brainard's. She and her family were overwhelmed by the many who were along the road to pay their respects. She shared a heartfelt thank you from the family to all the employees who stood along the roadside to honor this fallen soldier.

They fight for peace and freedom. Please remember and support our TROOPS.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Around A Stone's Throw and progress on PS & HRH

It has been a glorious weekend thus far! The sun has been shining, the breeze has been cool and the birds are singing high praises! A break from the rain, although the garden is growing.

Speaking of gardens growing, check out our bounty of rhubarb. I made rhubarb crisp last Sunday night for desert and shared fresh rhubarb with folks at work. Plenty to go around.

Yesterday when I was done mowing our happy little acre (not quite an acre) I thought isn't she looking just fabulous! So I thought I would post some pictures from around A Stone's Throw. I am always saying and so does the daughter this place is so cute and looks happy. It certainly has grown on us and feels like home. It took a bit as she needed some work to bring her into this cuteness.

We made our own little nature path
 in the small section of woodsiness next to the house;
between us and that beautiful barn,

Hope you enjoyed the quick tour.
On to the stitching subject.... So I promised a few snaps from my PS Village frogging expedition and the rebuilding of the church has begun.

This was progress...

That turned into frogging. Two rows too tall.

Frogging done, rebuilding the church.
A quick snap of the little progress I made on HRH Christmas.
Actually started nodding off when I began working this yesterday afternoon.
I guess all that sunshine and fresh air ticketed me out. So I had a cat nap.

Hope and plan to get some stitches in today, outside in the sun.
The breeze is less aggressive today. Going to work in a flower bed or two before hand.
Ms. Peggy Lee over at Kentucky Sampler was too kind in her words about my giveaway package, but so thrilled that she is enjoying the goodies.
Going to have to give my GF a ring, I am getting inquiries about her needle minder!! I was tickled when she offered to make one for the giveaway; looks like that was a HIT. Awesome!

Off to enjoy this fantastic day, hope yours is just as well.

Keep on stitching. P.J.

P.S. A big thank you to all my followers, new and established!! Looks like I hit the 50 mark today. That is an exciting milestone. I do appreciate everyone's comments.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Leaping Frogs.....

Although I should be working on my HRH Christmas, I pulled out a WIP to take to work with me; work one at lunch, HRH at home. So anyway I have The Praire Schooler's Village Sampler(1986) in progress, about half way done. I will take a picture now, before I start frogging the church. I made it taller by two rows!!!! Dagnabbit!

And it is not like I can just take two rows downs, the windows and door are too tall. Well shucks! If the weather is foul again today I may get some frogging done at lunch. If the weather is good we go for a 30 minute walk. Almost hope it is nice today, I'd rather go for a walk.

Have a terrific Tuesday.

Keep on stitching. P.J.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Look who went to the framer

I am so excited! I FINISHED my BoaF Mystery sampler. It was dropped off at Framewright this morning. I am very happy with this cheery piece. It has been a while since I finished something for myself and sent off to be framed. Lots of gifts for family and friends. I can't wait to share the framed finish!

I also took these two little gems that I completed in 2009 and 2010. I had a great time with Paulette picking out the frames for all three. I feel so lucky to have found her shop, she is such a joy to visit and her work is fabulous!
PS Prairie Fairy

PS Dust Bunny

More stitching stash from my fiber run. Look what I found in the $1 bucket! Aren't these sweet!

I also picked up Around the Robin's Nest by By The Bay. I know it is an older design, but just loved the rich colors!

Now I need to get my STASH in gear and get stitching. Need to get needling on my HRH Christmas.

A home improvement update, check out the garage door. Hubby painted the faux hinges and the handles to match our shutters and out lights. I could not wait to take a picture.

The last lilac from my bush and some sunny yellow irises from the front flower bed. Happy flowers.

In closing, hey Peggy Lee it's on the way. FINALLY. :-) Enjoy!

Keep on Stitching!