Thursday, June 14, 2012

In Honor of a HERO **Edited**

On Memorial Day an Apache helicopter crashed in Kabul, Afghanistan, and killed Army Capt. John “Jay” R. Brainard III, 26, and another member of the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, Chief Warrant Officer Five John C. Pratt, 51, of Springfield, Va.

Today, on Flag Day, we stood in tribute along the road outside of work to honor this fallen soldier as Captain Brainard's body was escorted from the Bangor International Airport to Newport. My heart was heavy as the motorcade passed by, thinking of this young man's family and friends. We honor you Captain Brainard and shall not forget the ultimate sacrifice you have made in the fight for peace and your service to your country. May you rest in peace.

**Today (6/15) we learned from one of our employees that she is a family member of Capt. Brainard's. She and her family were overwhelmed by the many who were along the road to pay their respects. She shared a heartfelt thank you from the family to all the employees who stood along the roadside to honor this fallen soldier.

They fight for peace and freedom. Please remember and support our TROOPS.


Peggy Lee said...

Oh my
*lump in my throat*

Thank you for posting this. We can never do enough to honor and thank those who fight for our freedoms.

Thank you Captain Brainard!

Catherine said...

I think Peggy Lee summed it up perfectly...