Monday, September 17, 2012

Bitten by the Rug Bug

So a while back, I believe When I returned from SA in May, I caught a nasty virus and was couch bound for 4-5 days. I was in no shape to work on my HRH Christmas over one ( the beginning of my stitching slump) so I remembered my mini rug project my GF got me started on when I first moved to Maine. Yes, over 7 yrs ago, it did not bite me then. I've posted about my finish of the blueberries. And I posted about picking up two new patterns and the ship I rescued and am currently hooking, little by little. That calls for a pic, doesn't it.

I moved the ship to a smaller frame, borrowed from my GF. Honey, Christmas idea. W*nk, w*nk.

Well I have been anxious to get some more wool for the moose and snowman projects, so after dropping off the in-laws ( after a terrific visit) at the jetport I asked hubby if we could stop at the Portland Goodwill. I wanted to check out the wool garments. I bought one man's jacket in tan herring bone and a woman's black and white houndstooth jacket. Holly cow that was a lot of work, lesson learned for a novice hooker, no more jackets. I will stick to pants and skirts. :)

Still itching to get some wool for these projects I bee bopped right back over to Wool & Ewe in Ellsworth to rummage through Chris's scrap bins. I found me some great pieces and even salvaged a pocket to use to hold my hooks. I added a Girl Scout button from my button jar and viola! I also picked up a couple if 1/4 yd pieces on sale.

I was getting in the Jeep to leave when I remembered that Chris had a cutter on sale, so I flitted back in to inquire about it, but it was gone. He recommended I check out eBay, I might be able to snag one on the cheap. So the challenge was on; eBay and Etsy here I come.

There is a cute little second had store on the way out from Ellsworth that I pop into every time I leave my GF after our S-n-B weekends. I riffled through the clothes and found two pair of pants (learned my lesson) that I could not wait to get home to wash so I could cut down for hooking. So I got ALLLLLL this wool and no way to cut them. Talk about feeling like a caged animal.

My GF and I talked about going halves-ies on a cutter, cuz day ain't cheap ya KNOW. Well by Saturday (I started Friday night) I had found the bargain of the year. A Fraser cutter with three cutter heads, plus shipping for just a smidge under $200. I was thrilled and hoped I was not going to be disappointed in the quality of the cutter. It was inside the door when we got home Friday night. I need to get some strip cutting under my belt, but it cuts well for a used one and I can't shake a stick at that price!

So like I have all this crafty time on my hands of late, I am now adding wool cutting to the mix. My GF tried to bargain with me to cut her wool for her... I said she could cut mine to work off the difference, she said she'll send a check. Hehehe. I feel so lucky to have a GF to do this kind of thing together. If she recalls this is all her fault to begin with. OOOXXX KB! let the cutting begin! I am sure there will be some cussing among the cutting I as get the hang of it.

I may need to see about these bugs....

Keep on stitching & hooking!


Margaret said...

Wow! Wow wow wow! I think you are truly bitten for sure! All that lovely wool, and now you have the cutter to cut it with too. The rug is amazing! What size cut is that you're using? Looks tiny! Beautiful work so far. I've always thought about trying rug hooking, but it hasn't bitten me hard enough yet. lol! Maybe someday.

Suzanne said...

Beautiful work on your rug hooking. Great looking pieces of wool, they would make lovely pieces for finishing ornaments as well.

Carol said...

Oh, such lovely new wool pieces--can't wait to see what projects you make with them! And I love your little rug--so detailed and delicate looking...

Annette-California said...

Love your ship. You are doing a incredible job of its coloring, beautiful. Your collection of wools are so pretty. I would have never of known how you have collecting You are so smart. Isn't it fun to take on a new craft and get bitten by the its bug? Can't wait to see what you create. Good luck with your new toy - the CUTTER!
love Annette