Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hellooo Stella!

Let me introduce you to our new secretary Stella. She is stunning and sexy. We went back to the Roller Rink and just could not leave her there. I wiped her down and polished her up, she is a beaut!

 I love the serpetine drawers.

She is a curvy girl. Nothing wrong with curves.

Stella showing a little leg.......

This next photo is X-rated, as Stella drops her top!!!

XTREMELY awesome!!


Gotta love those slots and drawers,
psst she even has a secret compartment... may be calling her up for a spot in their next ad.


Back to stitching stuff.... here is an update on my progress on HRH CM. Had fun putting up the fence at the Governor's Palace, but glad that is done. Just about done with the West Wing, hope to start on the main house tonight.

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures. I have been using my IPad camera since I ruined our digital camera (the card survived) during our trip to Prince Edward Isle in October, trying to capture this shot....

 My hubby catching his first fish (Codfish) - EVER! I got the money shot darlin!

Navy Girl Update: She earned her Marksmanship Medal this past week!! Oh we are so proud of our girl. I got to talk to her for 30 minutes Thursday night. She did not tell me if it was for 9mm or rifle or both. Details I am sure are in her letter. Just so glad to get to hear her voice.


We have family and friends in Alabama, Kansas and Kentucky; we are grateful everyone is safe. Having lived Tornado Alley for over 12 years and experienced a major tornado, our hearts go out to those who are dealing with loss and destruction from these devistating storms.

May March go out like a lamb!


Debby said...

Wow! I love those tiny stitches!!

Greetings from Debby,

Penny said...

Stella is gorgeous! Love the legs. :) A secret compartment sounds interesting.
Beautiful stitching!
Congratulations to your daughter! I know you must be very proud of her. :)

marly said...

Gotta love a girl that can hit her mark. The cabinet is wonderful! Beautifully made too.

barbara said...

Followed you over from a comment on Paisley's blog - hello, fellow Mainer and cross stitcher!

Suzanne said...

The cabinet is beautiful! Nice work on syour stitching. Congratulations to your daughter.

Catherine said...

Another great cabinet! Love the pic of your husband! You must be so proud of your daughter. How old is she and how long has she been in the Navy?