Thursday, July 28, 2011


I have made an appointment with Paulette at her shop, FrameWright, to drop off Wedding Spots. I was so excited when I discovered her shop about two years ago, now. She has a frame shop and gift boutique at her home in Detroit, Maine. When I lived in Derby, KS I always had my framing done at Heart's Desire in Wichita. They are great at what they do and always make you feel at home. I really missed that when we moved to Maine.

The first time I visited FrameWright it was like coming home. Paulette and I chatted for over an hour like we had always known each other. She is a very talented and charismatic person. She gets just as excited as I do about the process of choosing the "Wright" framing for my projects. She knows I am picky and I value her suggestions and opinion. I've had the chance to take my mom and my girlfriend to her shop. They both have had projects framed by her.

I am looking forward to seeing her next weekend and visiting with her. Will post pics of the final framed piece. I have a few other pics to post as well, just need to get on the laptop. The IPad is most convenient for blogging, just not for posting.

Keep on stitching. =///XXxXX\\\=


Friday, July 22, 2011

Heat wave hits Maine

We moved from Kansas 7 years ago; we have not had heat like this since then. It is truly hot up here. Too hot to stitch, so I guess I will cruise the blogs again tonight. Looking to get the birds of a feather mystery SAL.

Keep on stitching!

Hotter than a hoochie coochie!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Have passport will travel

My passport arrived in the mail yesterday. Now I just need a destination. Hubby may have a business trip in September to Prince Edward Island, I may get to tag along.

Guess who was on the porch last night, eating to the bottom of the bowl and drank just about all the water in the dish. None other than that cute little bw cat, Oakley. There is still hope yet. Little bugger. When I sign on the laptop I will post a picture of him sitting on the back of the couch looking out the picture window. He's still tugging on my heart strings.

Speaking of heart; just need to finish the single line border on the Wedding Spots and add the silver heart charm! Since we are driving down to Maryland in September I am going hold off mailing the farm book. I would just die if that got lost in the mail, insurance can't replace the time put into that project.

Spent tonight adding a few more blogs and links to Porcupine Needle. I got my newsletter from Heart's Desire today in the mail. Always enjoy reading about new designs and other projects.

I am very grateful to my number one follower, DaffyCat. I was so daggone excited when she showed up as a follower. Then I got a little heady when that status changed to member. Hehehe. I am a mess I know, but am having a blast posting and following other stitchers and designers.

Keep on stitching! xxXX//\\XXxx


Sunday, July 17, 2011

The cat that got away

Always something going on other than stitching. I've actually had a hard time focusing on my stitching since Oakley (we finally settled on a name) got out on the 4th of July. He's been on the lamb since. And of course my luck ran out when I tried to trap him again and again caught a pole cat instead of a stray cat. This time I got sprayed! It has been sad and stinky around here. I canceled the vet appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning and will be putting all the cat stuff away today.

Longing for the Barn
 I do miss that little purry fellow, I was getting quite attached. We saw him last at midnight last Saturday on the front porch and Derek saw OJ during the day last Saturday. I am still keeping food out only during the day. We will see if it is meant to be.

So the latest on my stitching; just need to add the last bell on the Wedding Spots and off it goes for framing. Need to go through my WIP stash and find something to finish, before I can start something new.

Keep on stitching.