Sunday, July 17, 2011

The cat that got away

Always something going on other than stitching. I've actually had a hard time focusing on my stitching since Oakley (we finally settled on a name) got out on the 4th of July. He's been on the lamb since. And of course my luck ran out when I tried to trap him again and again caught a pole cat instead of a stray cat. This time I got sprayed! It has been sad and stinky around here. I canceled the vet appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning and will be putting all the cat stuff away today.

Longing for the Barn
 I do miss that little purry fellow, I was getting quite attached. We saw him last at midnight last Saturday on the front porch and Derek saw OJ during the day last Saturday. I am still keeping food out only during the day. We will see if it is meant to be.

So the latest on my stitching; just need to add the last bell on the Wedding Spots and off it goes for framing. Need to go through my WIP stash and find something to finish, before I can start something new.

Keep on stitching.

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