Thursday, November 24, 2011

Be Ye Thankful

Wishing everyone a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving. This is one of my favorite family holidays. I really get into the prepping and cooking for Thanksgiving. I do miss being close to my family and all the hustle & bustle, conversations and sounds in the house when we are all together. The three of us carry on the traditions, just on a smaller scale.

In keeping with the reason for my blog, here is a project I stitched in 2001. I need to put this in my wrought by me link. So much to do on this blog. Slowly but surely I will get all my handwork and that wrought by others updated so that my followers can have some "play purties" to look at.

Thank you mom for these beautiful pin cushions!

Made with scraps from quilts she has made for us. Can I tell y'all how talented my mother is, she is amazing! I am thankful for the great things she has shared with me and taught me. I wish I was half as creative she is. One of these is going to my girlfriend!

She also quilted the table runner the pin cushions are sitting on.

A great example of some of the simple things she comes up with... Many moons ago we visited Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, we both bought these really neat vases made from split rail fences; we call them weed pots (wildflowers/weeds to some). They have test tube style glass inserts to hold water if you want to use as a vase.

Here is what I have done with mine....

and here is what mom has done recently with hers.

She is using hers as a diffuser and I love the whole arrangement! How tranquil and calming. Makes me think of the outdoors and the woods where this rail may have been used to divide someone's property.

Thank you for sharing your gifts with me mom, wish we were closer (she is in Wyoming) so we could do these kinds of things together. I miss having that with you!


Penny said...

Be Ye Thankful is so pretty! I love the pin cushions your mom made and the table runner too! Your mom sounds like my grandmother ~ she was always making lovely things for people and taught me most everything I know about stitching/sewing.
Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving! :)

Siobhan said...

I love your Be Ye Thankful! I need to do more seasonal stitching. I hope that you had a good Thanksgiving!

Your mom's pincushions and the table runner are so pretty. Obviously talent with needle and thread run in the family!

Anonymous said...

Hey PJ! Just checkin' in on your musings. Blog is looking fabulous. Is it time to plan another SNB? I'm ready! Love you, Karri

Donna said...

BeYe Thankful is one of my favorite. I have mine not framed but I finished the edges and I put it up every year. Nice to see some one elses up too. Good luck on your new blog.