Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And my Mommy makes NINE

Welcome to my blog, Mom! As soon as I saw the stitched Humbug I knew it was you! I am so excited you've joined my blog. I hope to work on some more Wrought by Others pics (by my mother)over my long weekend. I am taking tomorrow off and Friday is Veterans Day so I will have a four day weekend, hope to get some quality stitch time in.

On another note not about cross stitch, but relates to the name of my blog. I got to see the resident porcupine yesterday morning. I had Libby out for her morning rounds (fenced yard) when I noticed something dark moving across the back yard, coming out of the orchard. I went over to the fence to get a closer look and sure enough it was Gus Gus! Our daughter named him Gus Gus our first year here. I think they are so darn cute, at a distance. :-) When Libby barked once, he stood up on his hind legs and then he turned and hussled back to the orchard for cover. He lives in the big barn next door. There has been a family of foxes, many chimpmunks and a pretty healthy looking groundhog in residence.

Off to reading some of your blogs and getting my stitching organized for the weekend.

Keep on stitching. P.J.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the welcome. I try to keep up with you. I like the new background better than the fishy thing. More crosses need to put on the Teresa Wentzler carosel horse.
Sue a.k.a. Mom